Here you will find links to all things Breckinridge County. Some
will lead you to other websites that may have elusive ancestors
to be found. Others may help you find that hidden document
you've been looking for. Whichever the case, there is much to be
gain and many links still to be added.

If you have any links that might be of help to other Breckinridge
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Pour yourself another cup of coffee and plan to sit awhile as you
gaze through the various gems and jewels of researching for
"Breck. County" ancestors.

Breck. County" families" websites

Colonial Virginia Connections

Genealogy research done by Linda Sparks Starr on various families, including
from Breckinridge County. In her "Kentucky and Missouri Connections"
section, you will find Breckinridge County information, but it also ties in to
VA information she has on her site. The site includes the surnames:
Clark, Moorman, Ball, Withers, Jordan, Dent, Mason,
Miller ("Christley" line), Pate, and others.

The Harneds of North America

Genealogy research compiled by John and Tom Harned for many years and
from other Harned researchers. This site covers not only the Harneds
from Breckinridge County, but from all over the United States.
You'll want to check out the site to see all the allied families/surnames, as
they are too numerous to mention.

Tinius Genealogy:

Genealogy research done by James Tinius on Breck. Co. families. Includes
the surnames: Tinius, Behreck/Behrech, Unser, Ball, Basham,
Hawkins, Balgun, Dick, Dhonau, Dyer, Smith, Cundiff, Sahlie,
Barrick, DeJarnette, Chapin, Pate, Taul, DeHaven, and others.

Tucker Genealogy:

Genealogy research complied by Allen Tucker and various Tucker researchers on the
descendants of John and Martha Bunton Tucker. Tucker lines go through
Breck. County and is a "must see" for those who are looking for "missing" Tucker family members.

Genealogy Aids

Allen County, Indiana Public Library

Breckinridge County Division of Planning
(excellent source for present day maps)

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System
(national database for Civil War)

(massive cemetery database)
(cemetery database)

State of Kentucky Revolutionary War Land Grant Database

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