Special Someone Sunday

Elizabeth Thomas Dean Rafferty
1877 - 1922
Cloverport Cemetery; Cloverport, Breckinridge County, Kentucky
By Dave Rafferty

Elizabeth Thomas Dean, daughter of John and Mary Ellen Rogers Dean, was born in Cloverport, Kentucky, in 1877. She met and married Dr. Bradley Turner Rafferty, 56, who was a native of Harrison County, Indiana. He was previously married to Susan Enola Miller of Cloverport, which ended in divorce in 1902.  

Legend has it he met Elizabeth (Lizzie) while treating her mother while practicing in Cloverport. Exact details unknown, but something must have happened for them to probably elope to Canada to get married in 1907. She was 20 and he 56.

My father, Bradley D. Rafferty, was born in Cloverport in 1908 and brother's Robert and William during the next few years. The family moved to Louisville after a few years. One other son, Harry, was born in 1922, but died as an infant. She died in 1922 and is buried in Cloverport cemetary.

She has been a special person to me for  several reasons. She contracted tuberculosis early on and was able to persevere to have the children and carry on for as long as possilble, most likely in poverty. My dad an his brothers were place in the Louisville school of Industrial Reform starting in the teens, later Ormsby Village, due to the parents being unable to care for them. They had a fine upbringing and schooling while at the Village. I have learned much in the past decade or so from my mother's genealogical work and my investigaions. I was born 20 yrs after she died and thus never had the chance to know her, or my grandfather who died in 1932. There was some tragedy and bad decisions, but succeeding generations have benefited from their union and keeping their memory alive.

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