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Cemeteries & Burials of
Carlisle County
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Carlisle County Archives cemetery transcriptions


Submitted by Carolyn Milner

ALLCOCK-(Black Cemetery)-From intersection 62-51 (Bardwell) south on 51 2.2 miles, turn left onto gravel road, .9 mile to right hand road (through a field) cemetery on right

ALLRED-Located 1 ½ miles west of Arlington

ALMSHOUSE FARM-F. P. Leath was overseer.  Located  approximately ½ mile down CR 1015 in a wooded area on the George Remy farm, (no markers)

ANDERSON-Located on the Ed Mantle farm east of Bardwell, highway 62

ARLINGTON CEMETERY-Off highway 51 in Arlington, KY, exit onto highway 80 approximately ¼ mile turn onto a right hand street…travel a short distance, cemetery on right.        

ARLINGTON (BLACK) CEMETERY-opposite side of the street from Arlington (City) Cemetery    

BARDWELL Cemetery-From intersection 62-51 (Bardwell) south on 51 1.1 miles, cemetery on left

BAPTIST-Located behind the Dorothy Williams house in Milburn…down from the Methodist Church

BEECH GROVE-From Bardwell (Highway 51-123), turn onto 123, 3.4 miles to right hand road (first road after passing Mississippi Baptist Church)-turn onto said road, 2.4 miles to the cemetery on right (upon a hill)

BERKELEY-From Bardwell (highway 51-123), Take 123 7.2 miles to Berkley Cemetery on left. (This is really confusing:  the little village marker states Burkley, but the cemetery sign states Berkley)

BETHLEHEM-From intersection 307-62: East 1 6/10 miles, turn left onto blacktop road 1/10 mile to cemetery.    

BISHOP-Located on highway 80 approximately 3 ½ miles east of Arlington

BLACKBURN-Located on the Robert Blackburn heirs farm    

BODKIN-Formerly known as the Vallandingham Graveyard, located on the Thomas M. Bodkin farm approximately 2 miles north of Bardwell    

BOSWELL-1-This was a family plot located on the Edward Nichols farm approximately 2 ½ miles north of Milburn

BOSWELL-2-This was a family plot located approximately 2 miles southwest of Fancy Farm on the county line road…Dick Barclay recorded this Apr. 13, 1971

BRINEY-This was a family plot located on the Floyd Tankersley farm, Antiock Church community

BUCKLER-Located in the Mississippi Church vicinity on the Wilson farms.

BURROW-Located on the Herbert Hays farm northeast of Cunningham…California Hills community    

CAMPBELL-This is a plot located on the T. J. Wilson farm, Laketon Road    

CAMPBELL-1-Located on the Robert Campbell farm on Laketon hill

CAMPBELL-2-Located on the Robert Campbell farm on Laketon hill    

CAMPBELL-3-Located 1 mile west of Bardwell on highway 123    

CARTER-1-Located ½ mile east of Carter-2 on same road (road turns to north) southeast in a clump of trees, approximately 300 yds. from road, no stones

CARTER-2-Located from Wilson Creek bridge (Rudd corner east) 1 mile north to top of hill on old road left, on late George Carter farm-later owned by Frayne Burgess

CUNNINGHAM MEMORIAL GARDEN-Turn south at caution light (62 highway) in Cunningham, cemetery on left approximately ¼ mile

DENTON-Located on the William L. Berry farm southwest of Bardwell

DEWEESE-1-Located approximately 2 miles northwest of Cunningham on the late R. L. Petrie farm

DEWEESE-2-Located McGee Springs Rd. farm formerly owned by the late Walter Lynn now owned by Dan Bowles…Dick Barclay recorded this Aug. 7, 1969.  Recorded again in 1991    

DODSON-Located on the late James Wilson farm 1 ¼ miles southeast of Milburn    

DYCUS-Located off highway 123, Walter Beshers farm

ELSEY-From intersection 51-62 (Bardwell) take 51 South 1.2 miles, turn left onto 1181001.4 miles, cemetery on right or from intersection 51-62 (Bardwell), take 62 east, 2.9 miles turn right onto 1181-1.7 miles cemetery on left. Stone photos on West Ky Genealogy

EMMAUS-From intersection 121-307: South on 307, 3 ½ miles, turn left onto Emmaus Church Road, ½ mile turn right onto blacktop road ½ mile cemetery on left.

FULLER-Located southeast of Zoar Baptist Church on the Luther Morrow farm

GEORGE-Located 2 miles northeast of Milburn.  Recorded Oct. 8, 1973

GLENN-This was a family plot located on the J. C. Carter farm west of Arlington

GRANGER-Located on the John B. Dodson farm approximately 2 ½ miles east of Milburn

GUPTON-Located on the late V. M. Fleming farm, Cunningham vicinity

HALL-Located northwest of intersection 307/121 in front of T. C. Edwards approximately ½ mile back into a wooded area

HARPER-Located on the late Arnie Brown farm (Dean Guntharp) approximately ½ mile from intersection 121/62

HOLT-Located on the Julian Thomas farm approximately 3 miles northwest of Fancy Farm

HOLDER-1-Located ½ mile north of Antioch Baptist Church

HOLDER-2-Located on the Lee Webb farm

HENDERSON-Located northwest of Beulah on the Jim Dodson farm

JENNINGS-Located approximately 1 ¼ miles north of Bardwell on the late George Watwood farm

JOHNSON-Located on the late Everett Reeves farm

JONES-Located approximately 2 miles northeast of Cunningham on the Burnett Willingham farm

KILGORE-Located on the George Watwood farm, highway 62 east of Bardwell…recorded Mar. 18, 1969

KIRBY-Located on the late E. J. Hays farm, Cherry Rd

KIRBYTON-From intersection 121-307: South on 307 1 ½ miles, turn left onto Highway 548, ¼ mile cemetery on left

MAYFIELD CREEK CEMETERIES: From intersection 62-121: West on 62, 1 mile, turn onto 408 go 1 mile turn onto first blacktop left hand road go 1 ¼ miles to cemeteries, (new Mayfield Creek Church located on Highway 62, but cemeteries are by the old church)

MAGRUDER-Located on Albert Pearson farm

MASON-Located on the Billy King farm

METHODIST-Located behind the Milburn Methodist Church

MCDANIEL-Located approximately 2 miles northwest of Arlington on the old Bill Groves farm

MILBURN-From intersection 80-1371 (in Milburn) Stop.  Go 80 East .3 mile to "Y" bear left (off 80) .3 mile cemetery on left

MISSISSIPPI-From Bardwell-highway 51-123-Turn onto 123, go 3.2 miles.  Mississippi Baptist Church and Cemetery on right

MIX-Located on highway 80 east of Arlington

MOORE/STONER-This is a family plot located on the Steve Dietsch property, California Hills Rd, Cunningham

MORGAN-Located on the late Buck Hayden farm, highway 121

MOSBY-Located approximately 3 miles south of  Bardwell on the Terrell Allen farm

NORRIS-Located on highway 307, approximately 1 ½ miles north of Kirbyton, behind the late Vodra Hobbs house

PICKETT-Located on the late James Galloway farm (Todd farms) off 123 highway

PORTER-Located in downtown Arlington

PUTNEY-The graveyard was listed on a death certificate of an individual---it is believed to be on Laketon Hill

READ-Located ¼ mile southeast of Morris Valley Christian Church (also known as Martin)

REDDICK-Located on the Leon Carrico farm

ROGERS-Located on the Walter Lee Davis farm

ROSELAWN-From intersection 62-51 (Bardwell) south on 51, 1.1 miles cemetery on right

SAMS-Located on the late C. L. Partin (Tony Gill) farm…Cunningham vicinity

St. CHARLES-From intersection 121-307: South on 307 to 408, turn right, go ¼ mile cemetery on left in front of the church

SANFORD-Located on the Clyde Bogle farm

SHARON-Located approximately 1 ½ miles northeast of Kirbyton, CR 1104

SHILOH-From intersection 62-121, go west 1 mile turn left onto 408 2  7/10 miles to 1371 3 miles to 1129 (Hopewell Church Road) 2/2/10 miles; church and cemetery on right

STEWART-Located approximately 1 mile north of Arlington on Highway 51

SLOAN-Located behind Craig Ford house, 1 mile west of intersection 62-121, turn onto 408-this graveyard is also known as: TERRY (William Terry owned the farm for many years), HARPER (many Harpers buried here)

STEARMAN-Located behind Gerald Wilson house Beech Grove Church road…4 unknown graves are here also.

TAYLOR-Located on the late George T. Clark farm

THOMAS-1-Located on the James Coil farm north of Bardwell

THOMAS-2-Located approximately 2 miles north of Milburn

TUCKER-This plot located on the Jack Meshew farm

UNNAMED-1-Located on the Bill Brown farm

UNNAMED-2-Located on the Raymond Pait farm, ridge above Adam trestle…This is the famous graveyard that Ran Graves wrote in HISTORY AND MEMORIES OF CARLISLE COUNTY---of a rumor the first Puntney was buried here standing up so he would have a view of the Mississippi River.  Berry Craig, historian and speaker, has written newspaper articles about this also.

VAUGHN-Located on the Floyd Dodson farm

VIOLETT-Located on highway 51 south of Bardwell

WARD-Located on the late Dewey Pease farm, Cunningham

WHITE-Located south of Mississippi Baptist church on the late F. Roney Terry farm

WILLIAMS CHAPEL-Located 1 mile northwest of Carlisle High School on the Robert Larkin farm

WILLINGHAM-1-Located near the intersection of highways 307-121

WILLINGHAM-2-Located on the Billy R. Berryhill farm…Arlington

WILSON-Plot located on the late Joe Wilson Farm southwest of Bardwell

WILSON-Family plot located on New Laketon Rd….Late Tommy Wilson farm

WOODS-1-Located on highway 51 south of Arlington

WOODS-2-Located on the late Hattie Carter farm near Burkely

WOOLFOLK-Located on the Hubert Wilson farm near Bardwell

YOUNG-Located on the Ollie Webb farm

ZOAR-Highway 307 (between 121-62): Turn east onto 849, 1 ½ miles, church and cemetery on left.


Some of the following cemeteries have never had stones, or have either been devastated by vandalism or fallen into oblivion from neglect:
MAJOR F. FIELDS-Near Arlington
BRIAR ADAMS-Few miles east of Arlington
TRAFFORD/ELLIOTT-Northwest of Arlington
RICHARD BOBO-Southwest of Bardwell
MERCER-North of Bardwell, Highway 51
ASBURY-Near Adams trestle
GLENN FAMILY PLOT-South of Bardwell
PLEASANT G. F. CAREY-Near Bardwell
WILLIAM PUCKETT-Northeast of Kirbyton
SAMS PLOT-Highway 51 north of Bardwell
TURK/TODD FAMILY PLOT-near overhead bridge highway 51 north of Bardwell
UNNAMED-One mile south of Burkley, old Columbus road
COFFEE-Kirbyton vicinity
RICHARDSON-vicinity of Stringtown

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A Few Burials
From Various Sources

These burials are primarily derived from death certificates and obituaries. In some cases only a city is listed and may not mean that the burial was actually in the city cemetery. Also, all burials may not have markers.  List currently sorted by burial location.
Last name Given name Middle Name Yr of Birth Yr of Deth Names of Parents Cemetery Ethnicity
Williams Will [~45 yrs old] 1911 Unknown Albberville, Miss. B
Smith Louise 1903 1919 Smith/Sentas Allcock Cem. B
Holder Allen Lindsay 1910 1931 Holder/Allen Allen Graveyard W
Webb Rafaiel 1918 1918 Webb/Sullenger Allen Graveyard W
Allen Susan Adeline 1883 1944 Webb/Brown Arlington W
Bobo Lena 1871 1930 Shepherd/Roberton Arlington W
Breckinridge Julia Ann 1861 1935 William Rogers/Julia Ann Rogers Arlington W
Brock Hettie Bell 1882 1939 Brock/Bugg Arlington W
Brock Hettie 1883 1939 Brock/Bugg Arlington W
Brock John William 1871 1941 Unknown Arlington W
Curtsinger William D. 1868 1931 Curtsinger/Harp Arlington W
Day S. C. 1852 1919 Halsead/Therp Arlington W
Dowdy Mary Elizabeth 1863 1948 Williams/Tucker Arlington W
Dowdy Ruby 1894 1953 Albert Rogers/Lyda Ann Bone Arlington W
Harris William 1859 1937 Jordan Harris/Unknown Arlington W
Hays Mary Edna 1896 1931 Pyle/Manson Arlington B
Holder Edgar Lindsay 1873 1944 Holder/Jones Arlington W
Holder Sarah Meekie 1866 1941 Patterson/Piper Arlington W
Jackson Emma Catherine 1866 1947 Thomas Ritter/Sallie Secse? Arlington W
Jackson Linnie M. 1886 1950 Samuel A. Jackson/Isobel Ramsay Arlington W
Jackson Samuel Warren 1841 1923 Ephriam Jackson/Wheeler Arlington W
Jackson Thomas Mars 1928 1928 Harry Grayson Jackson/Edith Elizabeth Flagle? Arlington W
Jackson William Z. 1871 1929 Jackson/Taylor Arlington W
Jackson William Z. 1871 1929 William Jackson/Elizabeth Taylor Arlington W
Lamkin May Ella 1901 1940 Gown/Asberry Arlington W
Lester Erma 1881 1944 McGary/McGary Arlington W
McGary Elizabeth Jane 1841 1925 Boswell/Allen Arlington W
McGary James Bevely 1867 1940 McGary/Boswell Arlington W
McGary John H. 1840 1918 McGary/Neil Arlington W
McGary Sylvester Allen 1862 1927 McGary/Boswell Arlington W
McMurry Lucy N. 1878 1919 Bobo/Edwards Arlington W
Murphy David William 1862 1936 R. L. Murphy/Penelope Beck Arlington W
Murphy William Riley 1855 1942 Thomas Murphy/Lewisa? Adams Arlington W
Owen Earnest Holt 1875 1934 Owen/Wray Arlington W
Owen John Reese 1839 1912 Owen/Lam Arlington W
Owen Kate 1868 1941 Flegle Arlington W
Owen Lena Buckner 1868 1925 Owen/Ray Arlington W
Owens Crotie 1874 1947 Todd/Tunk Arlington W
Owens Gladys 1896 1939 King/Unknown Arlington W
Owens Wanda May 1931 1932 Owens/King Arlington W
Page Minnie Webb 1872 1941 Holder/Jones Arlington W
Pierce Lillie Mae 1889 1935 Tibbs/Tibbs Arlington W
Pyle Zelma 1909 1929 Pyle/Manson Arlington B
Shepherd David Ruddie 1866 1936 Shepherd/Roberton Arlington W
Shepherd Houston Avery Dexter 1874 1952 Shepherd/Roberton Arlington W
Shepherd Thomas Roddey 1842 1926 Shepherd/Williams Arlington W
Simmons Cormelius Goodlow 1852 1946 Simmons/Unknown Arlington B
Smith James Raymond? 1903 1918 Smith/Dunn Arlington W
Smith Walter 1869 1944 Unknown/Unknown Arlington W
Sullinger Sarah Carilona 1857 1935 Webb/Moore Arlington W
Thomas Gane 1922 1923 Thomas/Golson Arlington B
Tibbs Henry Marshil 1843 1923 Unknown Arlington W
Tucker Mary Ann Elizabeth 1858 1935 Webb/Halstead Arlington W
Vaughn Nancy 1869 1932 Holder/Adair Arlington W
Webb Benjamin Franklin 1859 1940 Webb/Halstead Arlington W
Webb Bessie 1888 1951 Perdue/Hall Arlington W
Webb Eliza Jane 1842 1933 Wright/Unknown Arlington W
Webb George 1864 1926 Webb/Halstead Arlington W
Webb Hattie 30 yrs old 1924 Webb/Holder Arlington W
Webb James Washington 1879 1946 Webb/Vaughan Arlington W
Webb Jerusah Elizabeth 1858 1930 Thompson/Wright Arlington W
Webb Robert Deen 1918 1919 Webb/Kirby? Arlington W
Williams L. Bernice 1879 1944 Williams/Nealson Arlington W
Wood Alice Flint 1870 1936 Flint/Graham Arlington W
Woodward Edward 1874 1939 Woodward/ -  Arlington W
Jackson Annie T. Subel Ramsy 1851 1924 Elijah Rauchey?/Mary Read Arlington Cem. W
Jackson Artimisea P. 1845 1935 D. R. Todd/Turner Arlington Cem. W
Jackson Billie Joe 1928 1928 Harry Grayson Jackson/Edith Elizabeth Unknown Arlington Cem. W
Jackson Mrs. Minnie 1862 1943 Thomas H. Donekey/Elizabeth Boyd Arlington Cem. W
Jackson Tebor Pearl 1886 1915 John Stonewall Jackson/Pasalle Todd Arlington Cem. W
Jackson Viola Everett 1857 1928 Holcomb Jackson/Sarah Sherfield Arlington Cem. W
McGraw Thomas L. 1837 1922 McGraw/Unknown Arlington Cem. W
Mizell Mrs. A. I. 1844 1932 Smith/Journagen Arlington Cem. W
Murphy Georgia 1861 1915 Jake Flegle/Mary Scott Arlington Cem. W
Nelson Louisa 1871 1911 Smith/Cochran Arlington Cem. W
Rose Bettie 1860 1936 Smith/Imans? Arlington Cem. W
Smith Ella 1878 1916 Dunn/Brent Arlington Cem. W
David Allen 1949 1918 Jonathan Martinie/Lucinda Menart Arlington Cem. W
Jackson Seaborn 1843 1915 Ephriam Jackson/Mary Elizabeth Wheeler Arlington Cemetery W
Simmons James Lewis 1926 1927 Simmons/Crume Arlington Colored Cem. B
Simmons John Albert 1929 1929 Simmons/Crume Arlington Colored Cem. B
Simmons Ollie Catherine 1895 1950 Unknown/Gordon Arlington Colored Cem. B
Thomas Theora 1891 1934 Gholson/Johnson Arlington Colored Cem. B
Ashbrook Luther 1923 1923 James Franklin Ashbrook/Mary Ormon Partow? Ashbrook Cem. W
Ashbrook Alnette Jane 1837 1937 Harry Ashbrook/Lucile Tanksterly Bardwell W
Bobo Sally Ann 1867 1949 Berry/Mosby Bardwell W
Boyd Mary  Stella 1881 1953 Joseph Vallandingham/Beverly Scallbrough Bardwell W
Crouch Ramal Wray 1893 1941 Owen/Todd Bardwell W
Davis Essie Green 1874 1950 Williams/Ellis Bardwell W
Davis Rosa Halder 1880 1939 Holder/Stahl Bardwell W
Edwards Lena R. 1862 1931 Thomas/Weston Bardwell W
Gray Lilly 1904 1943 Smith/Halterman? Bardwell W
Hall William Wallace 1872 1946 Daniel Hall/Ealienn Hall Bardwell W
Hogencamp Elizabeth 1863 1946 Thomas D. Casey/Mary Lee Watson Bardwell W
Holder Blanch Webb 1901 1952 Webb/Moble? Bardwell W
Holder Blanch 1901 1952 Webb/Moore Bardwell W
Holder Calbert 1920 1943 Webb/Holder Bardwell W
Holder Dorotha Christien 1920 1925 Holder/Brown Bardwell W
Holder Earl A. 1922 1932 Holder/Webb Bardwell W
Holder Elmer Ray 1929 1934 Holder/Holder Bardwell W
Holder Tom 1877 1923 Holder/Adair Bardwell W
Lavoy June Boswell 1903 1947 Lavoy/Bodkin Bardwell W
Lemon Sudie B. 39 yrs old 1933 Webb/Moore Bardwell W
Mullican Jessie Ruth 1913 1918 Mullican/Stockton Bardwell W
Mullican Willie 1872 1937 Stockton/Sparkman Bardwell W
Owen Marshall 1911 1911 Owen/Hammons Bardwell W
Owen Nadie 1873 1915 Hammond/Rayburn Bardwell W
Owen W. B. - 1938 Owen/Webb Bardwell W
Owens Ernestine Louise 1935 1935 Owens/Holder Bardwell W
Owens Joe Anna 1926 1926 Owens/Holder Bardwell W
Owens John H. 1875 1953 Owens/Holder Bardwell W
Owens Maranda Holder 1851 1945 Holder/Halala? Bardwell W
Polivick Mamie 1876 1951 Williams/Lamon Bardwell W
Pyle Ferd R. 1885 1933 Christopher/Wilson Bardwell W
Ray Ruby 1888 1918 Williams/Ringo Bardwell W
Shepherd James 1929 1929 Shepherd/Firee? Bardwell W
Smith Dick 1861 1934 Smith/Unknown Bardwell W
Sullivan Emily 1867 1946 Samuel Fields/Unknown Bardwell W
Sullivan William Howard 1869 1946 Franklin Sullivan/Unknown Bardwell W
Thomas George 1874 1936 Thomas/Thomas Bardwell B
Thomas Grandville Lee 1896 1924 Thomas/Hall Bardwell W
Thomas Granville C. 1857 1944 Thomas/Dent? Bardwell W
Thomas Mallie 1858 1920 Wilkerson/Wilkerson Bardwell W
Thomas Sarah 1861 1944 Hall/Redford Bardwell W
Thomas Sarah 1861 1944 Lee O. Hall/Mary Elizabeth Redford Bardwell W
Tibbs Jonnie Louise 1818 1912 Tibbs/Caldwell Bardwell W
Tibbs Susie 1872 1949 Unknown/Salyers? Bardwell W
Tibbs Walter Anderson 1875 1952 Tibbs/Page Bardwell W
Vallandingham George 1856 1941 Richard Vallandingham/Unknown Bardwell W
Vallandingham Richard 1851 1938 Thomas Vallandingham/Mary Thomas Bardwell W
Vallandingham Sallie W. 1856 1939 Enoch Watson/Elizabeth McDaniel Bardwell W
Vallandingham Thomas  Austin 1884 1939 William Vallandingham/Nannie Dalton Bardwell W
Webb Alfred A. 1848 1936 Webb/Moore Bardwell W
Webb Carrie C.S. 1899 1934 Sullenger/Holder Bardwell W
Webb Joseph Pinkus 1872 1951 Webb/Hollsell Bardwell W
Webb Kathryn 1866 1943 Moore/Edmondson Bardwell W
Webb Mary Ann 1859 1925 Kane/Kerby Bardwell W
Webb Virginia E. 1918 1933 Jackson/Underwool Bardwell W
Williams John Harper 1851 1921 Williams/Unknown Bardwell W
Williams John Thomas 1871 1940 Williams/Unknown Bardwell W
Williams Katie L. 2 yrs old 1915 Williams/More Bardwell W
Williams Martha Jane 1923 1923 Williams/Munsell Bardwell W
Williams Mary Brent 1846 1922 Brent/Walker Bardwell W
Williams Rubie Mae 1878 1940 Williams/Williams Bardwell W
Williams Sarah 1826 1916 Tucker/Cook Bardwell W
Williams Susan Mary 1849 1920 Ellis/Porter Bardwell W
Williams Will 1824 1915 Unknown Bardwell W
Williams William J. 1845 1922 Williams/Kendall Bardwell W
Woods Emma 62 yrs old 1935 Unknown/Smith Bardwell B
Ashbrook James Franklin 1868 1939 William Ashbrook/Fannie Ross Bardwell Cem. W
Briggs Hettie Lee 1881 1927 C.C. Rogers/Maggie Saltzyz? Bardwell Cem. W
Harris John R. 1862 1924 Jordan Harris/Annie Moore Bardwell Cem. W
Jackson John 1905 1920 Ezra Jackson/Ella Valandingham? Bardwell Cem. W
Martin Mrs. Fur 1887 1926 R. Vallandingham/Sallie Watson Bardwell Cem. W
Murphy Pauline 1915 1915 Paul Murphy/Louzella Webb Bardwell Cem. W
Rogers Christopher Columbus 1850 1927 Unknown Rogers/Maggie Saltzyz Bardwell Cem. W
Rogers Margaret 1859 1929 Saltze/Holland Bardwell Cem. W
Smith Walter Jr. 1915 1935 Smith/Sentess Bardwell Cem. B
Sullivan Leo Gresham 1893 1919 W.H. Sullivan/Emma J. Fields Bardwell Cem. W
Sullivan Mary Voshti 1861 1940 Thomas J. Mason/Martha McClure Bardwell Cem. W
Sullivan Nobel Hearst 1904 1919 W.H. Sullivan/Emily J. Fields Bardwell Cem. W
Thomas Charlie 1924 Thomas/Unknown Bardwell Col. Cem. B
Reno Bettie Loydd 1868 1948 Pickett/Adair Barlow Cem. W
Hogencamp Dorris Carleen 1930 1832 Phinas Hogencamp/Bertie Morris Beech Grove W
Woods Norbin Vincent 1855 1918 Woods/Lutes Berkeley W
Bell James Harrison 1856 1912 Unknown Berkley W
Bell James Harrison 1856 1912 Unknown Berkley W
Brock Louise 1846 1912 Adams/Unknown Berkley W
Brock Theodosha 1876 1939 Blackburn/Perry Berkley W
Egger Clive/Clemont N. 1866 1918 Egger/Long Berkley W
Harp George W. 1877 1940 Harp/Bridgeman Berkley W
Holder Allen 1870 1940 Holder/Herder? Berkley W
Holder Clara 1906 1918 Holder/Lepchenski Berkley W
Holder Ervin Moten 1874 1948 Holder/Gweden Berkley W
Holder Nora child 1916 Holder/Lepchenski Berkley W
Holder Sarah - 1913 - Berkley W
Holder Sarah Widow 1913 Unknown/Unknown Berkley W
Lepchanske Caroline 1844 1918 Pechinskie/Unknown Berkley W
Lepchanske Peter 1843 1930 Unknown Berkley W
McPherson Alice E. Holder 1866 1940 Holder/Gereden Holder Berkley W
Page Andrew Jack 1858 1921 Unknown Berkley W
Quillen John  Spears 1872 1952 Quillen/Unknown Berkley W
Rials Roberta 1910 1939 Brock/Unknown Berkley W
Thomas Benjamine Franklin 1895 1943 Thomas/Unknown Berkley W
Webb James Denver 1927 1938 Webb/Beshem Berkley W
Vallandingham Emma 1865 1953 William Armstrong/Martha Corbet Bethel Cem. W
Holder Gill 1868 1932 Holder/Jones Bethlehem Cem. W
Wells Dora 1872 1933 Williams/Skelton Bethlehem Cem. W
Pearson Liza 1862 1937 Westbrook/Hutts Beulah, KY W
Sullivan Beatrice 1921 1923 Terrell W. Sullivan/Zula Adell Hamids Blandville W
Thomas Luthur 1903 1917 Thomas/McNeil Blandville (Ballard Co) B
Smith Alice 1916 1916 Smith/McNeal? Blandville Cem. (Col.) B
Simmons Jennie 1851 1913 Brewer/Hill Brewer Graveyard W
Hays Mary 1880 1951 Wood/Bailey Burkley W
Sullivan May Bell 1885 1951 Hansted? Hammonds/Margaret Watson Burkley W
Wood Joe G. 1854 1921 Wood/Unknown Burkley W
Woods Sarah Elizabeth 1856 1945 Thomason/Carter Burkley W
Smith Leslie Cruse 1919 1938 Waston/Hopkins Clinton, KY W
Thomas Martha Edna 1921 1921 Thomas/Summers Col. Graveyard Bardwell? B
McGee Florence 1875 1937 Hopper/Collier Columbus, KY W
Williams Susan E. 1842 1914 Butler/McClure Coridon Cem. W
Webb Sarah Elizabeth 1854 1916 Denton/Canter Denton Cem. W
Harris Bennett 1911 1912 Harris/Deweese Deweese Cem. W
Jackson James Halcomb 1869 1936 James Jackson/Unknown Dublin W
Copeland Bessie M. 1901 1934 Jackson/Myers Dublin Cem. W
Bobo Susie 1843 1924 Bobo/Mosby Elsey Cem. W
Hayworth Udoxia Ann 1842 1917 Smith/Unreadable Elsey Cem. B
Hogencamp Morris Edwin 1950 1950 Edwin Hogencamp/Catherine Halder? Elsey Cem. W
Holder Clan J. 1905 1935 Holder/Moore Elsey Cem. W
Holder Marie Caldwell 1916 1937 Caldwell/Unknown Elsey Cem. W
Kendall Sallie J. 1885 1928 R.A. Jackson/Mary E. Fisher Elsey Cem. W
Reddick Eunice 1899 1933 L.W. Jackson/Minnie Byassee Elsey Cem. W
Riggs Kate 88 yrs old 1933 Webb/Woolfolk Elsey Cem. W
Smith Jim 1880 1915 Smith/Davis Elsey Cem. B
Tegethoff Addie 1875 1928 Thomas/Temple Elsey Cem. W
Thomas Henry Ashley 1861 1945 Thomas/Moore Elsey Cem. W
Thomas Lucy Holder 1863 1949 Holder/Pyle Elsey Cem. W
Thomas Lucy 1863 1949 Holder/Pyle Elsey Cem. W
Thomas Mary  Frances 1846 1930 Strong/Davis Elsey Cem. W
Vaughn Polly 1871 1952 Holder/Balaca? Elsey Cem. W
Webb Mary Lee 1930 1931 Webb/Dodge Elsey Cem. W
Eliston Emma 1847 1911 McGary/Felps Emmaus Cem. W
Mays Olia M. 1896 1925 McGary/Rowland Emmaus Cem. W
McGary Cyrus Mahlon 1870 1941 McGary/Ellison Emmaus Cem. W
McGary Edna 1890 1913 McGary/Colvard Emmaus Cem. W
McGary Hannie F. 1867? 1934 Cones/McGary Emmaus Cem. W
McGary Hardin B. 1869 1952 McGary/Rowland Emmaus Cem. W
McGary Hariett 1934 Jackson/Bridges Emmaus Cem. W
McGary Hester 1843 1928 Boswall/Allen Emmaus Cem. W
McGary Joseph S. 1843 1926 McGary/Felts Emmaus Cem. W
McGary Mack 1843 1923 McGary/Oneal Emmaus Cem. W
McGary Nanie - 1926 Elliston/Augsmire Emmaus Cem. W
McGary Richard Conley 1905 1911 McGary/Pile Emmaus Cem. W
McGary Susan Buckner 1843 1921 Jackson/Bridges Emmaus Cem. W
McGary Thomas 1850 1918 McGary/Oneal Emmaus Cem. W
McGary Ursla Odie 1909 1918 McGary/Rowland Emmaus Cem. W
Riddle Mrs. Rosie 1864 1944 Tackett/Watson Emmaus Cem. W
Tackett Tomy Ray 1936 1938 Tackett/Sampler Emmaus Cem. W
McGary Beuna 1912 1918 McGary/Pile Emmaus Church W
Curtsinger Floyd 1907 1914 Curtsinger/Ryan Fancy Farm W
Curtsinger George Delbert 1912 1914 Curtsinger/Ryan Fancy Farm W
Reasons Joseph Hubert 1913 1914 Reasons/Hamilton Fancy Farm W
Thomas Ana Francis 1904 1921 Thomas/Hayden Fancy Farm W
Thomas Elizabeth 1852 1936 Willett/Carrier Fancy Farm W
Thompson Cordelia 1888 1916 Curtsinger/Curtsinger Fancy Farm W
Thompson Nora 1892 1918 Thomas/Spalding Fancy Farm W
Courtney Arah 33 yrs old 1935 George Hall/Aliee Jennings Frian or Trian Cem. W
Wood Robert 1861 1936 Wood/Unknown Guftron schon W
Phillips Mekey 1857 1927 Holder/Halder? Halder Cem. W
Mabry Betty Elizabeth 1849 1930 Edd Hall/Mary Barker Hebron W
McGary Jesse 1925 1925 McGary/Nichols Hebron W
Smith Thomas Morrill 1896 1918 Smith/Taukersley Hebron W
Barriger Helen 1860 1925 Jackson/Howald Hebron Cem. W
Tibbs Phoebia 1867 1942 Caldwell/Cantor Hematite Cem. W
Smith Edith M. 1879 1935 Page/Unknown Henderson C?? W
Holder Oscar M. 1878 1929 Holder/Jones Holder Burial Ground W
Holder Amanda 83 yr old widow 1833 Adair/Carter Holder Cem. W
Holder Elias 1840 1915 Holder/Holder Holder Cem. W
Holder John 87 yrs old 1933 Holder/Holder Holder Cem. W
Holder Othel 1912 1912 Holder/Reed Holder Cem. W
Holder Spencer 1844 1929 Holder/Holder Holder Cem. W
Holder Mary E. 72 yrs old 1914 Payne/Ryan Holder Graveyard W
Holder Mary Stillborn 1933 Holder/Caldwell Holder Graveyard W
Owens Benj. Dale 1852 1921 Owen/Know Holder Graveyard W
Bullock William 1922 Home W
Sullivan Jinne Lee 1922 1922 Tom Sullivan/Rosa Skidonon I.O.O.F. Cem. W
Reno Calvin 1865 1932 Reno/Pickett IOOF (Carlisle or Ballard?) W
Hall Sarah E. 1855 1917 Rufus Cain/Unknown Johnson Cem. W
Hall Birdell Anderson 1919 1919 Burnett Hall/Ora Sims Kirbyton W
Martin Beula 1893 1915 Bob Hall/Lucy Epperson Kirbyton W
Reasons William 1840 1922 Reasons/Unknown Kirbyton W
Simmons Nola Crider 1917 1917 Simmons/Hobbs Kirbyton W
Webb Elizabeth Margaret 1861 1935 Sullinger/Seiny Kirbyton W
Webb Henry Elbert 1893 1952 Webb/Sullenger Kirbyton W
Williams Martie Joseph 1948 1948 Williams/Hite Kirbyton W
Williams Mattie 1860 1938 Unknown Kirbyton W
McGary Lula Wells 1878 1926 McGary/Lucretia Unknown Kirbyton Cem. W
Reasons Georgia Emma 1858 1940 Moore/King Kirbyton Cem. W
Webb William Sakander 1855 1941 Webb/Moore Kirbyton Cem. W
Pearson 1886 1917 Pearson/Westbrook L.W. Arlington W
Williams Jacop Anderson 1843 1913 Williams/Bondurant LaCenter Cem. W
Smith Varis 1905 1931 Smith/Smith Liberty Church W
Owens Mary M. 1821 1912 Cravins/Unknown M.E.Church BY W
Jackson Nannie Lela 1880 1917 Jay Johnson/Becky Watte Macedonia W
Jackson Tessie May 1902 1916 Luther Jackson/Lelia Johnson Macedonia W
Jackson Susan F. 1910 1914 Luther Jackson/Lila Johnson Macedonia Church W
Martinie Jonathan ca 1817-1820 1880-1903 Martinie/Unknown Martinie Graveyard W
Hall Crit 1859 1942 Unknown/Unknown Mayfield W
Day Everett Eugene 1939 1939 Day/Cope Mayfield  Church W
Gray Aeolia 1885 1948 Williams/Fulgham Mayfield Cem. W
Smith Claralue 1907 1914 Smith/Mass Mayfield Cem. W
Smith Dixie D. 1876 1818 Huey/Bennett Mayfield Cem. W
Smith Louisa  Olivia 1912 1913 Smith/Huey Mayfield Cem. W
Webb Billie Lewis 1941 1941 Webb/Farmet Mayfield Cem. W
Webb Shirly Ann 1940 1940 Webb/Farmer Mayfield Cem. W
Jackson Elizabeth Ann 1858 1933 W.B. Fisher/MacDaniel Mayfield Ch. W
Jackson J. Hallens 1860 1942 Andrew Jackson/Phebie Jane Myers Mayfield Church W
Bullock Eulah May 1903 1922 Gill/Haskins Mayfield Creek W
Carlton Birdie William 1902 1930 Carlton/Day Mayfield Creek W
Jackson Robert Allen 1853 1930 Andrew Jackson/Phebie Myers Mayfield Creek W
Smith William Z. T. 1847 1911 Smith/Johnson Mayfield Creek Cem. W
Smith Rollie Perceval 1914 1915 Smith/Huey Mayfield Creek Church W
Williams Elizabeth [76 yrs old] 1936 Coon/Gorpton McCrenda Cem. W
Anderson Blanche 1889 1921 Thomas/McNamel Milburn B
Boswell Della 1873 1927 Thomas/Boyd Milburn W
Boswell Mary Elizabeth 1853 1926 Thomas/Lynthicum/ Milburn W
Courtney Allice 1848 1931 Thomas/Thomas Milburn B
Crider Caddie B. 1881 1952 Crider/Gorrell Milburn W
Crider Etolia Arline 1917 1918 Crider/Holt Milburn W
Crider Florence - 1855 1926 Farrell/Turner Milburn W
Crider James - 1937 1937 Crider/Nichols Milburn W
Crider James Asbury 1854 1944 Crider/Seibert Milburn W
Cummins Harriett Ann 1836 1929 Pyle/Statten Milburn W
Curtsinger Robert 1872 1933 Curtsinger/Harp Milburn W
Curtsinger Stillborn 1924 Curtsinger/Mix Milburn W
Harp Clarence Homer 1875 1943 Harp/New Milburn W
Harp Ella Briggs 1853 1947 New/Wright Milburn W
Harp J. H. 1857 1929 Harp/Stone Milburn W
Harris Robert Lee 1882 1947 Harris/Unknown Milburn W
Hayden Reba 1915 1952 Williams/Chenault Milburn W
Hays Mary C. 1838 1914 Thomas/Ship Milburn W
Jackson Isabella Shipp Oneil 1836 1919 Edmon Shipp/Mary Thompson Milburn W
Jones Clara 1881 1952 W.W. Jackson/Unknown Milburn W
Ledford Lizzie 1868 1922 Thomas/Bard Milburn W
McGary Andrew B. 1870 1936 McGary/Jackson Milburn W
McGary Francis Marion 1878 1941 McGary/Boswell Milburn W
McGary Thomas Jefferson - 1948 McGary/Evelyene Unknown Milburn W
Mitchell Virgie Irene 1905 1951 Thomas/Derring Milburn W
Murphey Robert Colvert 1884 1951 William Murphey/Sallie Colvert Milburn W
Murphey Walter 1879 1920 Wm. Murphy/Colvert Milburn W
Owen Thomas F. 1856 1917 Owens Milburn W
Pyle Frana 1867 1920 Pyle/Sinclair Milburn B
Pyle John 1870 1946 Unknown Milburn B
Pyle Lawyer 1877 1931 Pyle/Ellison Milburn B
Pyle Mary Ellen 91 yrs old 1916 Pyle/Unknown Milburn B
Robinson Mildred 1859 1933 Tackett/Rice Milburn W
Rogers Charlie 1865 1936 Elijah Rogers/Lucinda Powell Milburn W
Rogers Ella Dora 1870 1948 W. E. Murphy/Sallie Colbert Milburn W
Rogers Lucinda J. 1843 1923 Powers/Spradland Milburn W
Rogers Mandy Emmeline 1872 1948 Tap Pety/Ann Walton Milburn W
Rogers William C. 1861 1928 Carrol Rogers/Marg Mack Milburn W
Smith Nannie B. 1875 1946 Williams/Ellis Milburn W
Stahl Haine 1870 1952 Williams/Brent Milburn W
Tacket George William 1848 1920 Tacket/Rice Milburn W
Tacket J. H. 1872 1925 Tackett/Finnic Milburn W
Tackett Cynthia 1875 1941 Baldwin/Fightmaster Milburn W
Tackett Francis Marion 1859 1931 Tackett/Watson Milburn W
Tackett Pallie 1858 1930 Wiley/Marshall Milburn W
Thomas Abe B. 1883 1929 Thomas/Dodson Milburn B
Thomas Annie 81 yrs old 1942 Unknown/Freeman Milburn B
Thomas Della 1896 1939 Gostney/Klapp Milburn B
Thomas Drucella 1885 1918 Wade/Willingham Milburn B
Thomas George Alexander 1851 1917 Thomas/Thomas Milburn B
Thomas James ~ 65 yrs old 1925 Thomas/Sams? Milburn B
Thomas Luella ~49 yrs old 1932 Davaul/Courtney Milburn W
Thomas Mary Elizabeth 1849 1929 Lodson/Unknown Milburn B
Thomas Mary Louise 1843 1934 Boswell/Doolin Milburn W
Thomas Noah 1895 1940 Thomas/Unknown Milburn W
Thomas Pasty L. 1939 1939 Thomas/Thomas Milburn B
Thomas Press 1860 1941 Thomas/Williams Milburn B
Thomas Press 1836 1915 Unknown/Thomas Milburn B
Thomas Stillborn 1930 Thomas/Bound Milburn W
Thomas Teron 1912 1932 Thomas/Woodfork Milburn B
Thomas Thomas 1913 Grundy/Thomas Milburn B
Thomas Wendel Nile 1930 1935 Thomas/Brown Milburn B
Thomas William W. 1871 1938 Thomas/Wilson Milburn B
Wells Addie 1845 1913 Harp/Stone Milburn W
Williams Elmer Farris 1884 1953 Williams/Nadson Milburn W
Williams Geo. Milan 1882 1934 Williams/Ellis Milburn W
Williams J. E. 1870 1940 Williams/Ellis Milburn W
Williams Mary E. 1893 1914 Williams/Devoll Milburn B
Williams Verna Luella [20 1/2 yrs old} 1930 Williams/Thomas Milburn B
Murphey Sarrah A. 1845 1923 Lee Calvin/Georgia Unknown Milburn Cem. W
Murphey William 1841 1914 William Murphy/Unknown Milburn Cem. W
Smith Mrs. Nannie B. 1875 1946 Williams/Ellis Milburn Cem. W
Stephens Sarah 1869 1942 Sid Rogers/Lucinda Powers Milburn Cem. W
Tackett George Henry 1856 1927 Tackett/Rozzay? Milburn Cem. W
Tackett Herman 1889 1918 Tackett/Summers Milburn Cem. W
Tackett Mary Luiza 1846 1913 Finnic/Shipp Milburn Cem. W
Tackett Rosa 1861 1937 Wiley/Marshall Milburn Cem. W
Reno Ada Elmo 1913 1913 Reno/Reeves Mississippi Church W
Jackson William Louis 1872 1916 Labi Harmon Jackson/Mollie Burgess N. Ballard Cem. W
Jackson John C. 1868 1936 Ryle/Jackson/Adeline Ezell New Bethel W
Reno J. W. 1833 1917 Unknown New Mississippi Church W
Woods Rosa Ann 1887 1940 Sullivan/Adams North Ballard W
Williams Ina 1878 1949 Harned/Crouch? Oak Grove Cem. W
Atherton Nola Eloin 1891 1947 Harris/Teasley Old Mayfield Cem. W
Briney Emme H. 1876 1936 Harris/Shaw Old Mayfield Cem. W
Briney Lula Frances 1893 1941 Harris/Harris Old Mayfield Cem. W
Hite Mary Belle [married] 1912 Williams/Unknown Old Mayfield Cem. W
Milner Mary Elizabeth 1855 1919 Bell/Lewis Old Mississippi W
Adair Ora 1872 1914 Smith/Hogancamp Old Mississippi Cem. W
Ashworth Emma 1874 1914 Williams/Brent Old Mississippi Cem. W
Henderson Hettie May 1882 1921 Reasons/Young Ouce Chapel W
Smith Albert Louis 1879 1930 Smith/Hughes Owens Chapel W
Wilkerson Allie Albertine 1875 1929 J. H. Ashbrook/A.H. Ashbrook Owens Chapel W
Dijournett Mennie A. 1888 1915 Webb/Artil? Palestine W
Payne America 1835 1920 Holder/Holder Payne Graveyard W
Webb Dorthy Oniel 1931 1950 Webb/Griffith Rose/Restlawn? W
Lavoy Ruby 1952 Bodkin/Jemmings Roselawn W
Smith Earl Edwin 1888 1953 Smith/Lylia? Roselawn W
Troy Harriett Rodgers 1855 1951 Rodgers/Moore Roselawn W
Troy Harriett 1855 1951 Rodgers/Moore Roselawn W
Williams Thomas B. 1883 1952 Unknown Roselawn W
Lavoy Laval 1876 1952 Lavoy/Harris Roselawn, Bardwell W
Jackson William Lester 1912 1912 Les Jackson/Edna Allison Rozzell Cem. W
Jackson William P. 1861 1938 Wilbin Jackson/Unknown Rozzell Cem. W
Davis Rodie Melinda 1930 Joe Jackson/Patte Unknown Rozzell Chapel W
Jackson Nadine 1926 1926 Lola Jackson/Bloomer Dunning Rozzell Chapel W
Woods James Earley 48 yrs old 1916 Unknown RR Jennings Cem. B
Lavoy Julia Ann 1854 1933 Grainger/Puckett Sanders Cem. W
Mullican Mattie Riddle 1880 1946 Bailey/Hall Shiloh W
Jackson William Wesley 1857 1939 W.W. Jackson/Kate Woodruff Shiloh Cem. W
Lavoy Clifton 1861 W.P. Lavoy/Unknown Souders & Cull Burying Ground W
Jackson Robert Lee 1869 1946 Holcomb Jackson/Sarah Shearfield Spring Hill W
Jackson William Lealand 1861 1911 Wesley Jackson/Fannie Atwood Spring Hill W
Nichols Lucinda K. 1836 1917 Smith/Journagan Spring Hill W
Rogers Albert 1870 1949 Ryal Rogers/Ann Bone Spring Hill W
Rogers Henry Clayton 1890 1947 Ransom Rogers/Ann Bone Spring Hill W
Vance Mary Eliza 1844 1922 William Jackson/Mary Eliza Jackson Spring Hill Cem. W
Rogers Lide Ann 1867 1952 John Bone/Mary Woods Spring Hilll W
Burse Sallie Jane 1875 1941 Jackson/Unknown Springfield Cem. W
Lee Lela Maud 1894 1946 John Dan Sullivan/Lillie Bell Buckingham St. Charles W
Oconnor Estella 1889 1917 Day/Cash St. Charles W
Thomas Francis Leon 1918 1918 Thomas/Hayden St. Charles W
Thomas Mary Emigine 1924 1926 Thomas/Redford St. Charles W
Thomas Rudy Joseph 1929 1929 Thomas/Redford St. Charles W
Thomas Tillie Frances 1875 1939 Thomas/Rily St. Charles W
Bullock Sarah Allada 1859 1923 Turner/Brown St. Charles Cem. W
Toon Augusta  Ellen 1885 1953 Bullock/Turner St. Charles Cem. W
Williams Clara Cordelia 1888 1924 Crise/Ballard St. Charles Cem. W
Asbury John William 1854 1913 Asbury/Williams Thomas Burial Ground W
Davis Betty Mae 1912 1953 Woods/Murphy Union Springs Hardeman Co., TN B
Allred America 1847 1907 Holder/Unknown Unknown W
Gardner Viola 1892 1920 George Hall/Mollie Beel Unknown W
Hall Lola Pearl 1917 1923 William Albin Hall/Edna E. Mays Unknown W
Harper Mrs. J.  A. 1843 1901 Unknown Unknown W
Harris Margaret 1809 1856 Mappin/Unknown Unknown W
Harris Samantha A. 1857 1916 Holeman/Ferguson Unknown W
Hayden Mollie 1871 1901 Brock/Unknown Unknown W
Holder Mrs. 1885 1907 Elder/Unknown Unknown W
Jackson Dicey S. 1823 1904 Benjamin & Nancy P. Loafmann Unknown W
Kilpatrick Alice 1861 1931 Woods/Nippon Unknown W
McPherson Alice E. 1866 1940 Holder/Gweden Unknown W
Shepherd Thomas L. 1852 1918 Shepherd/Dillard Unknown W
Thomas William Gertry 1878 1911 Thomas/Neeling Unknown W
Webb Bulah 1895 1901 Webb/Unknown Unknown W
Weber M. E. 1839 1894 Howard/Unknown Unknown W
Williams Stillborn 1922 1922 Williams/Morgan Unknown W
Williams Unnamed 1911 1911 Williams/Sheard unknown B
Jackson Lillie M. 1880 1935 Geo. Hayden/Lucy A. Cash Watwood Cem. W
Hall Howard Wayne 1932 1943 Howard L. Hall/LeVean Lewis Wickliffe W
Montgomery Grusila 1882 1919 Smith/Hays Wilburn B
Smith Edward Newton 1872 1950 Smith/Redford Wilburn W
Brent Julia  1864 1936 Williams/Ellis Williams Burial Ground W
Chenault Athelia Ann 1851 1927 Asbury/Williams Williams Chapel W
Collins Lavorcie 1845 1913 Williams/Ragsdale Williams Chapel W
Williams Mary Ann 1849 1913 Dodson/Henderson Williams Chapel W
Williams Stanley Morris 1913 1913 Williams/Morgan Williams Chapel W
Wood Ellen 1859 1911 Wood/Web Wood Burying Ground W
Shepherd Louella 1862 1931 Shepherd/Stayton Zoar Cem W
Hall Sarah Virginia 1861 1934 William Epperson/Unknown Zoar Cem. W
Mays Mittie 1868 1922 H. L. Hall/Mollie Klapp Zoar Cem. W
Riddle Katie 1881 1913 H. L. Hall/Mollie Klapp Zoar Cem. W
Willingham Mary Ann Gela 1858 1947 Smith/Lewis Zoar Cem. W
Maybry Maud 1889 1917 Wood/Gibbs Zoar Ch. Cem. W
Blanks Ardelia Frances 1853 1925 Wiliam I. Hall/Martha Lane Zoar Church W
Reasons James Wesley 1935 1935 Reasons/Hite Zoar Church W
Shepherd John W. 1868 1912 Shepherd/Unknown Zoar Church W