5. William Mathias Keesee was born 1837 in Weakley Co. TN.  On September 13, 1861, William enlisted in Co F, 7th KY Mounted, CSA, as a full Corporal.  He was promoted to Captain before the end of the War.  He returned home to Ballard Co. and married Anna Ritta HALL about 1867.  William and Anna were still in Ballard Co. in July 1874 when Dr. Seay recorded the birth of a daughter to them in his register.  By 1880 William had moved his family to East Las Vegas, San Miguel County, New Mexico Territory.  William had a wagon and carriage making shop and Anna's younger brother, George Hall, was working with him.  William and Anna had five children:  Alta or Alice M. born 1868, Charles Jackson born 1872, Mary Vietta, Minnie L., and Lula Emma born October 1879.
6. Matilda Keesee was born about 1840.  She married J. L. HENDERSON before 1876 in Ballard Co.  By 1880 they had three children:  Charles E. born 1876, Lula M. born 1878, and George born 1880.
7. Nancy Keesee was born 1843.  She is on the 1860 Census of Graves Co. in the household of her father.  I know nothing more about her.
8. James Thomas Keesee was born 1844 in Graves Co., shortly before his mother's death.  He is on the 1860 Census of Graves Co. in the household of his father.  Thomas Keesee (as he was known) fought along side his brother in the Civil War, as a Private in Co. F, 7th KY Mounted Infantry, CSA.  About 1865, he married Nancy Catherine MORGAN, daughter of William Morgan.  They had 2 sons, George born abt 1866 and James born abt 1867.  On the 1870 Census, Thomas has a new wife, Mary Jane Unknown born abt 1858.  They have a daughter Martha A. born Dec 20, 1869.  I know nothing more about James Thomas Keesee.

Children of Charles and his 2nd wife Mary were:
1. Catherine Keesee was born 1846 in Graves Co. and may have died young.
2. John Keesee was born 1849 in Graves Co.  He is on the 1870 Census of Ballard Co. in the household of his father.  I know nothing more about him.
3. Caroline Keesee was born 1857 in Graves Co.  The last record I have of her is on the 1880 Census of Ballard Co. where she is living in the household of her sister Matilda Henderson.  Catherine was shown with a son, George Keesee, born January 1880.  George Keesee grew up and became a painter.  He died young, September 23, 1920, and is buried in Owens Chapel.  His Death Certificate does not name a father.

Research of this family is very difficult because the name Keesee seems to be spelled incorrectly more often than not.  I have submitted this in the hope of connecting with someone allied with this family.  I would love to hear from anyone who had more information or any corrections.  I have a copy of the out of print book, "A History of the Keesee Family", by Dr. Vincent A. Keesee, and would be happy to share information from the book with any Keesee descendants.

Kathleen Hill
2206 Bataan Road
Redondo Beach, CA 90278



Mike and his brother Alfred married sisters, Mary Ann and Jane Perry, respectively, in Tennessee (probably Warren Co.). Both moved their families to Ballard (Carlisle) county about 1866-68, after having served the Confederacy in Company C of the 16 Regiment of the Tennessee Infantry, along with their brother James. Mary Ann (Perry) Blackburn's 1920 death certificate shows her buried in the Blackburn grave yard.

Mike Blackburn (~1835 Warren Co., TN -before 1900)
Alfred Blackburn (~1842 Warren Co., TN - 1889 Carlisle Co., KY)
Father: John Blackburn

1850 District 11, Warren, Tennessee p. 64
John Blackburn 45 Farmer TN
Sarah 41 TN
Jacob 23 Ala
Catherine 20 remainder of ch born TN
Michael  18
Phillip 15
Lucy 14
Jack or Joel 12
Letitia 12
Alfred 8
James 6
George 3
Samuel 1

1860 Warren, Tennessee
Mike Blackburn 30 
Mary Blackburn 26 
Levander Blackburn 6 
Cathrine Blackburn 4 
Martha Blackburn 3 

Military Service, Co. C, 16th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry  CSA
Alfred Blackburn
James Blackburn, killed in Atlanta
Michael Blackburn
For more info, see: http://www.tngennet.org/civilwar/csainf/csain16.htm
and http://www.geocities.com/tennessee16g/CompC.htm

1870 District 8, Ballard, Kentucky  p. 513
Post Office: Columbus 
222 225 Alfred Blackburn 25 Farmer 190 TN
  Jane 23 NC
  Ellen 6 TN
  Laura 4 TN
  Carter 3 TN
  Martha 1 KY

1870 District 8, Ballard, Kentucky  p. 513
Post Office: Columbus 
Mike Blackburn 35 Farmer 165 465 TN
Mary A. 29 TN
Levander P. 15 M TN
John 14 TN
Munsob 8 TN
Narcissia 4 TN
Susan 2 KY

1880 Arlington, Ballard, Kentucky p. 493B
161 164 Alfird Blackburn 34 Farmer TN
Linet 17 keeping house TN
Laura 15 TN
Carter 13 TN
Martha 11 KY
Marie 9 KY
Annie 7 KY
Mary 4 KY

154 157 Michel Blackburn 48 Farmer TN
Mary Ann 48 TN
Narcissa 14 TN
Susan 13 TN
George 11 KY
Mary 7 KY
Tennessee 10 F KY

155 158
Lev Blackburn 24 Farmer TN
Elizabeth 27 Wife KY

1900 Arlington, Carlisle, KY p. 19A
Cal Blackburn 46 Farmer TN
Mary Ann 66 Mother TN 10 live births, 7 living TN
Clarence Sams 3 Ward KY
James Blackburn 16 Nephew KY
Narcissa Blackburn 34 Sister TN

Some Carlisle County Blackburn Deaths:
Alfred Blackburn: The WPA Registration of Veterans' Graves (which was a New Deal program of the 1930s) of Carlisle County gives Alfred's date of death as 1889 with burial at Blackburn Cemetery.
Mary Ann (Perry) Blackburn b. 29 Jan 1832, d. 2 Sept 1920 Carlisle Co., KY;  Daughter of John Perry b. TN & Nancy Perry b. NC, Funeral Director: Barclay of Arlington, Burial; Blackburn Family Cem; Informant: Jas. Blackburn, Berkley, Carlisle Co., KY
Henrietty Blackburn, wife of Amos Thomason; b. 27 Aug 1878, d. 8 July 1838 Carlisle Co., KY; Daughter of Alf Blackburn b. TN and Sally Johnson b. KY. Funeral Director Basham of Bardwell, Burial: Burkley; Informant: Mrs. Vester McPherson of Arlington.
Elizabeth Blackburn, wife of Mike Blackburn, Jr., b. 20 Oct 1865, d. 22 Apr 1947 Carlisle Co., KY; Daughter of Alf Blackburn b. TN and Mary Ann Blackburn b. NC. Burial: Rural Carlisle Co; Informant: James Blackburn
Theodochia Blackburn, wife of William C. Brock; b. 2 Feb 1876, d. 12 April 1939 Carlisle Co., KY; Daughter of Michael Blackburn b. TN and Mary Ann Perry b. NC; Burial: Burkley; Informant: Mike Brock
John Calhoun Blackburn, farmer  b. 2 Dec 1850 TN; d. 7 Apr 1935 Carlisle Co., KY; Son of Mike Blackburn b. TN and Mary Ann Perry b. TN;  Burial: Blackburn Cem; Informant: Jim Blackburn
Susan Blackburn, married to Unknown Decus (widowed by 1920); b. 10 Mar 1864 TN; d. 22 Oct 1927 Carlisle Co., KY; Daughter of Mike Blackburn b. TN and Mary Ann Blackburn b. NC; Burial: Burkley Cem.; Informant: Willie Collier


Daniel and Sarah Ashbrook

1850 District 2, Graves, Kentucky
Daniel Ashbrook 36  Farmer Property worth $1600  b. VA  married within the year
Sarah Ashbrook 23 

1860 Milburn, Ballard, Kentucky p. 84
Daniel Ashbrook 48  Real Estate worth $5200 Personal Property worth $3800 b. VA
Sarah Ashbrook 35  b. VA
Nancy M Ashbrook 9  b. KY attended school within the year
James R Ashbrook 3  b. KY
1870 Milburn, Ballard, Kentucky, p. 484
Daniel Ashbrook 56  Farmer. Property worth $4500 b. VA
Sarah Ashbrook 45  Keeping House, b. KY
Nancy Ashbrook 19  Attended school with the year b. KY
Robert Ashbrook 14    Attended school with the year b. KY
Sally Ashbrook 8   Attended school with the year b. KY
Lee Ashbrook 6   Attended school with the year b. KY
Mary Ashbrook 4    Attended school with the year b. KY

1880 Milburn, Ballard, Kentucky p. 13
Sarah Ashbrook 55  Widow, keeping house,  b. VA, father born VA, mother born VA
Robert Ashbrook 23  Working on farm b. KY, father born VA, mother born VA
Sallie Ashbrook 18  at school, b. KY, father born VA, mother born VA
Lee Ashbrook 16  at school, b. KY, father born VA, mother born VA
Marey Ashbrook 14  at school, b. KY, father born VA, mother born VA

13 July 1887    Carlisle Deed Bk A, pps. 439 to 449
Ashbrook, Sarah A, Robt., Sallie, and H.L., and Nannie Jones and Wm. Jones her husband, and May Asbrook, being the widow and the children of Daniel Ashbrook Dec'd    
Deeds among themselves to divide the land of Daniel Ashbrook, dec'd    
SE quarter of Sec 15 and the NW quarter of Sec 23 T4 R2West


This branch of the Garnett family descends from the Essex County, Virginia, Garnetts through James Garnett who married Ann Shipp in Virginia and settled in Woodford Co., KY, before 1800.

Anthony Ware GARNETT (17 June 1869-10 Aug 1943)
Father: Charles Washington Garnett, Sr., b. 7 Dec 1825 Trigg Co., KY
Mother: Nancy W. Shelton, b. 28 Feb 1828 AR
1880 Hayne & Pottsville, Graves Co., KY
(Jones & Nance Connections; Ancestry.com)
Wife: Minnie Mae
Ch: Elmer b. Mar 21, 1894,
Buried Owens Chapel Cem, Carlisle Co., KY

1900 US Census  Cunningham Dist. #2, Carlisle Co., KY: Sheet 17, ED. 23, SD 1, June 30
331 332 Garnett, Anthony W. Head MW June 1869 31 M 8  KY KY KY Farmer Owns Farm Free
Mag N. Wife FW Oct 1877 22 2 2 KY KY KY
Elmer A. Son MW July 1895 4 S KY KY KY
John G. Son MW Sept 1897 2 S KY KY KY

1920 Kansas, Graves, Kentucky
fm 98 99 Anthony W Garnett Head O M MW 50  M KY KY KY Farmer gen'l farm
Minnie Garnett wife FW 42 M KY KY KY
Adell Garnett 11  daughter FW 11 S KY KY KY
Marton Jones 19  step-son MW 19 S KY KY KY Farm gen'l farm
Jewell Jones 16  step-daughter FW 16 S KY KY KY
Ona Jones 11  step-daughter FW 11 S KY KY KY
Robert Whitla 54  cropper MW 54 S KY KY KY Farm work out


Compiled by Kathleen Hill

From the book, "Family Bible Records, Ballard and Carlisle Counties, KY",
Volume 2, pages 11 and 12, published by Ballard-Carlisle Historical and
Genealogical Society and available for purchase.

Note - the comments and question marks noted below in the Bible records were
written by the person who transcribed the Bible


Robert Henderson and Nancy Jones were married January 2, 1845
Warren M. Brower and Sarah Katherine Henderson was married November 14, 1867
James O. Maxey and Julia A. Henderson was married January 26, 1871
James Holmes and Mary E. Henderson was married January 11, 1870
Jones Henderson and Mollie Burgess was married March 6, 1874
Wilson Henderson and Ella Boswell was married March 12, 1878
Warren M. Brower and Susan F. Henderson was married Feb 15, 1883
Robert H. Henderson and Mattie B. Sanders was married March 10, 1883

(Note - Warren M. Brower married 2 of the Henderson daughters - Sarah 1st
and then Susan)

Robert Henderson was born June 23, 1822
Nancy Jones, his wife, was born Sept 22, 1824
Sarah Katherine Henderson was born Oct 20, 1845
Julia Ann Henderson was born January 3, 1847
Mary E. Henderson was born April 2, 1849
Jones Henderson was born June 9, 1850
Wilson Henderson was born Dec 5, 1852
Susan Francis Henderson was born July 7 1855 or 1859?
Robert N. Henderson was born March 18, 1861
W_____(faded) Tyson Brower was born Oct 5, 1868
Osce Ella Brower was born Aug 23, ____(faded)
Robert Adair Brower was borned May 21, 1873
Cora Ann Maxey was born Nov 4, 1871
Alice Green Jones was born March 25, 1871
Ollie Penn Jones was born Monday July 21, 187? (ink blot)
Robert Henry Henderson was born Friday January 1, 1875
Sallie Ann Jones was born Monday November 26?, 1876
Robert Hermon Jones was born April 7, 1880
Roy Newton Henderson was born April 30, 1879
William Bunion Henderson born December 22, 1880?
(Two more entries copy so faded could not read other than the following:)
___________ Henderson born Wednesday, September 10, 1834
__________ Belle Brower born Tuesday, July 8, 18??

Julia Ann Moxey died Nov 16, 1871
William Bunion Henderson died March 15, 1889?
(faded but looks like) Sarah Henderson Brower* died January (too faded to
Susan Brower (blackened area) 1896
Warren M. Brower died Dec 15, 1896
Robert Henderson died February 1, 1898, age 75 years, 7 months, 20 days
Susan Jones died June 8, 1899

Additional comments submitted by Kathleen Hill:
1.  *  See MAXEY Cemetery posted this site - Sarah Henderson Brower Oct 20,
1845 - January 9, 1882

2.  Warren M. Brower and Sarah Henderson's daughter, Ocie/Osie Brower
married Dudley O'Neal Dec 24, 1890 in Carlisle
(see marriage record posted this site)

3.  The 2nd marriage of Warren M. Brower to Susan Henderson produced the
following known children:
Leslye Clarance Brower, born Oct. 6, 1891, married Eunice Clark in Carlisle
April 23, 1916
(see marriage record posted this site)
Alva F. Brower born Oct. 1886
Nettie M. Brower born Feb. 1889


From the book, ""Graveyards in Carlisle and Hickman Counties, KY", compiled
by Dick Barclay in the 1960s and 1970s
Revised, Retyped and Indexed by Bob and Carolyn Milner 1992 (available for

Located northwest of Beulah on the Jim Dodson farm

Several related graves listed.

COMMENTS submitted by Kathleen Hill:
Mary Henderson Dodson was the daughter of James and Catherine Henderson
Robert Henderson was the son of James and Catherine Henderson
James Henderson died between the 1870 and 1880 census
Catherine Henderson died after the 1880 census
John P. Dodson was a widower on the 1880 census
Zimma Alma Wiley Hobbs Death Certificate states she was divorced from Ronnie
Death Certificate of Edith M. Smith states husband was Bruce L. Smith,
father Joshua Page born NH, mother unknown)


From the book, ""Graveyards in Carlisle and Hickman Counties, KY", compiled
by Dick Barclay in the 1960s and 1970s
Revised, Retyped and Indexed by Bob and Carolyn Milner 1992 (available for

MAXEY GRAVEYARD south of Fancy Farms in GRAVES Co. KY, surveyed 1970

3 related graves found


From the book, "Carlisle Co. KY Marriages, 1886-1892"

Osie E. Brower married Dudley O'Neal Dec 24, 1890 at the County Clerk's
Surety:  B. D. Hobbs
Witnesses:  C. T. Dudley, J. E. Kane, Thos. P. Hays
Groom:  resident of Carlisle, age 27, 1st marriage, farmer, born Ballard,
parents born Ballard
Bride:  resident of Carlisle, age 20, 1st marriage, born Hickman Co., father
born TN, mother born Ballard

This is the only Brower marriage in the Carlisle marriage books for the
years 1886-1900
No Brower marriages are in the Ballard Co. marriage books for 1878 - 1910


From the book, "Ballard Co. KY Marriages, 1852-1878, 1881-1884"

C. W. Dodson (Charles) married M. C. Tatum (Mollie) Dec. 19, 1880 near
Surety:  D. F. Tatum
Witnesses:  Bob and Isaac Dodson





submitted by Bob

The James Leonard Cherry family and some descendants have been in the county since the 1860's.  James L died in 1866 and is buried in Stewart Graveyard in Arlington.  Wife Mary Melinda and children Nelson J, Marion A, and Martha (Mattie) moved to Reyno Ar and son James Levan moved to Fulton Co Ar sometime after 1880.  Sons William Francis and Thomas Jefferson and 2 daughters stayed in Ky.
Carlisle County, Kentucky
Family Data
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Graves, Ballard, Carlisle Counties

John Samuel PEEBLES was born March 29, 1834, probably in Harrison Co., KY, (but Civil War sources state he claimed it was Lexington, Fayette Co., KY).  He came to the Jackson Purchase area the same year or, according to another source, in 1839.  His Death Certificate states that his parents were John Peebles and Mary FRAZIER, both born VA. 


Regarding the parents of John Samuel Peebles:

They were married March 26, 1824, in Harrison Co., KY.

John Jefferson Peebles, the father, was born November 18, 1781 in VA, the son of James Peebles and Ann McCANDLESS.
He died December 18, 1859 in Ballard County. 
He was a Soldier of the War of 1812*.
The Ballard Co. KY Death Index, 1852-1859, lists:

John Peebles, age 77, died Dec 18, 1859, born Green Co. VA, father was James Peebles
(comment re Green Co. VA - this may actually have been Greenbrier Co. VA, which became Greenbrier Co., West VA when that state was formed.)

Mary Wilson Frazier Peebles, the mother, was born November 29, 1792 , and died September 6, 1887.
All census records note her birthplace as KY. She is buried in the Milburn Cemetery, Carlisle County, near her sons John Samuel and James David.

There are households for John Peebles in both Hickman and Graves counties on the 1840 census, but the Hickman Co. household profile best fits the parents of John Samuel. 
On the 1850 census, the household of J. Peebles, age 68, wife M., is shown in Ballard with only initials for the children. 
By the 1860 Ballard Co. census, Mary was a widow, with children Joel 38, Rebecca F. 24, and William 22 in her household. 
There is no record that they ever owned Slaves.
See below for more info about the other children of John Jefferson Peebles and Mary Wilson Frazier.


John Samuel Peebles, a Confederate soldier during the Civil War, enlisted in Co. B, 3rd Regiment, Mounted Infantry, July 5, 1861.  He was Promoted to 4th Corporal. This Regiment fought in the battles of, among others, Shiloh, TN, Baton Rouge, LA, Jackson in MS, and the Siege of Vicksburg, MS.
The men in this Unit were never paid for their services and most provided their own horses.

John Samuel Peebles married Sarah (Sallie) Summers FERGUSON between 1860 to 1864.  He was not listed as a Slave owner on the 1860 Slave Schedule.  He lived in the Milburn area.  They are on the 1870 census of Ballard County, with Sarah shown as Sallie, and with children John J. age 5, Mary J. age 3, Henry T. age 2, and Fanney S. 9 months old.  Also in their household was Sarah's father Thomas FERGUSON, age 72, born KY. 

Sarah (Sallie) Summers Ferguson Peebles was born December 17, 1838 in Harrison Co., KY, to Thomas A. Ferguson and Jemima PEAKE.
Thomas A. Ferguson married Jemima Peake August 20, 1825 in Washington Co. KY.

By the 1840 census, Thomas A. Ferguson was in Hickman Co. KY.  Deed records shows Thomas A. Ferguson purchased 160 acres.
Thomas died 1871 in Milburn and Jemima died 1860 in Milburn.
Jemima Ferguson is buried in Milburn Cemetery, Carlisle Co.  Her tombstone reads born Feb 26, 1806, died Aug 25, 1860. 
See below for other children of Thomas and Jemima Ferguson. 
Sarah died in 1877 in Ballard County.  Her death may have been associated with the birth of her son William in September 1877.  She is buried next to her husband in the Milburn Cemetery, Carlisle County.  Her tombstone reads Sarah Peebles 1838 - 1877.

By the 1880 Census John had married his second wife, Matilda Amanda (Addie) MASON, who was born July 1836 in TN, the daughter of John MASON and Julia HUTSON.  They are shown on the 1880 census with all of Sarah's children from the 1870 census plus Sarah's children Samuel W., born abt. 1872, daughter Ora, born 1873, and William born 1877, the year Sarah died,

Regarding the parents of Matilda Amanda Mason Peebles
Her father, John D. Mason was born abt. 1810 in North Carolina, and her mother, Julia Ann Hutson was born abt. 1800 in North Carolina. They were in Ballard Co. by the 1850 census.
Among their other children, besides Matilda Amanda, they had a son named Abe H. Mason. 
Abe Mason and John Samuel Peebles both fought for the CSA in the 3rd KY during the Civil War.  Abe H. Mason was born 1839 in TN.  He enlisted in the CSA September 18, 1861 at Camp Trousdale, MO, in Co. M, 3rd Regiment,  He was Paroled from the Prison of War Camp at Demopolis, Alabama July 9, 1863.  Camp Demopolis was established in a pecan orchard, north of the town of Demopolis, Alabama, for prisoners captured after the Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi.  After the notation of his Parole in his Military records, Abe and was never seen or heard of again.

Matilda Amanda (Addie M. on the 1900 census) died in 1903.  She is buried in Milburn Cemetery next to her husband.  Her tombstone reads M. A. Peebles 1836 - 1903.  She had no children.

By the 1920 census, John S. Peebles was living in the household of his daughter Fanny Sue, her husband Jonathan GRAVES, and grandson Lillard born abt. 1902, and granddaughter Dathol born abt. 1908.  He died April 21, 1923.  He is buried in Milburn Cemetery next to his two wives.  His tombstone reads J. S. Peebles 1834 - 1923.


This researcher has only limited information about the children of John Samuel Peebles and Sarah Ferguson.

Children of John Samuel Peebles and Sarah (Sallie) Ferguson, all born Ballard Co. KY:

1.  John Jefferson born about 1865

        He MAY be the following:

        1930 Census of Washington Township, Bradley Co. AR
        John J. Peebles, age 65, KY KY KY, Railroad worker, married age 30
        wife Alpha, age 57, MS MS MS
        son Joseph L. 19,  AR KY MS
        Living next door to Samuel J. (Jefferson) Peebles, age 30, MS KY MS, Railroad fireman

        John Jef Peebles died March 2, 1938 in Bradley Co. AR

        1920 Census of Bradley Co. AR
        John J. Peelle 55, KY KY KY, Railroad Foreman
        wife Alpha 47, MS Ireland MS
        William 24, b. MS, Fireman steam co.
        Jefferson 20, b. MS, Railroad Foreman
        Curtis 16. b. LA
        Lawrence 12, b. AR
        Lamar 9, b. AR

        1910 Census of Gaines Co. AR
        Jeff J. Peebler 45, married 15 years, KY KY KY, section farm hand
        wife Alpha 36, mother of 5/4, MS Ireland Ireland
        sons:  William 14 b. MS, Jeffie 10 b. MS, James C 6 b. LA, and Shelley L 3 b. AR

        1900 Census of Bolivar Co. MS
        John J. Pheobles, born Sept 1865, married 5 years, KY KY KY, Log Cutter
        wife Alpha born January 1874, mother of 3/3, MS Ireland Ireland
        children:  Willie b. Nov 1894, Elvira b. Nov 1896, and Jack born Oct 1899

2.  Mary Jemima born July 26, 1866

        Married John W. (Jack) WILKERSON, born about 1854
        She died April 25, 1930 in McCracken County and is buried in New Hope Cemetery

        Carlisle Co. KY Marriage Record
        Mollie J. Peebles married J. W. Wilkerson Feb 8, 1893 at the home of J. S. Peebles
        Witnesses:  Ora Graves (sister Sarah Ora) and Joe Mason
        Bride:  resides Carlisle, age 26, 1st marriage, born Ballard Co., father John Peebles, mother ________
        Groom:  resides Graves Co. KY, age 39, 2nd marriage, farmer, born Graves Co.,
                    parents John S. and Elizabeth Wilkerson

        Son S. Allen Wilkerson, 1903 - 1922 is buried in Lowes Cemetery, Graves Co., KY

3.  Henry Thomas born about 1868

       Carlisle Co. KY Marriage Record
       H. T. Peebles married Elizabeth GEORGE Oct 3, 1893 at Bardwell
       Witnesses:  Fannie Sue Peebles
       Bride:  resides Carlisle Co., age 19, 1st marriage, born Ballard Co.,
                 father W. H. George, mother Margaret J. VIOLETT
       Groom:  age 25, 1st marriage, farmer, born Ballard Co., father J. S. Peebles, mother Sallie Ferguson

4.  Fanny Sue born Feb 15, 1870, died March 6, 1961

        Carlisle Co. Marriage Record
        Married married J. GRAVES December 29, 1896 at Bardwell
        Bride:  resides Carlisle Co., age 27, 1st marriage, born Ballard Co., father John Peebles, mother _________
        Groom:  resides Carlisle Co., age 36, 2nd marriage, farmer, born Ballard Co., no parents names

        Jonathan Hedgeman GRAVES, born October 7, 1860, died July 26, 1942,
        son of Joseph Graves and Elizabeth ELLIS
        Fannie and Jonathan buried Milburn Cemetery, Carlisle County
        Buried near them is their son Howard W. Graves July 14, 1899 - June 8, 1916

        Jonathan was the brother of George F. Graves who married Fanny Sue's sister Sarah Ora.

        The parents of Jonathan and George, Joseph Graves and Elizabeth Ellis, married June 6, 1856
        in Ballard Co., KY

5.  Samuel born abt. 1872

6.  Sarah (Sallie) Ora born November 15, 1873, died August 29, 1935 in Carlisle

        Sallie Peebles married George F. Graves in Illinois [from JLeggett@StrategyBridgeIntl.com

        George F. Graves, born September 8, 1863, in Ballard, to Joseph Graves and Elizabeth Jane ELLIS. 
        He was a carpenter and the brother of Jonathan Hedgeman Graves who married Sarah Ora's sister Fanny Sue.
        George died April 18, 1935 in Christian Co. KY.

        George and Sarah Ora are buried together at the Bardwell Cemetery in Carlisle Co.

7.   William Ferguson born September 13, 1877, died in McCracken Co. September 11, 1936

        He was a Physician.
        Married 1st Effie E. Caldwell May 31, 1908, child Effie Peebles born Dec 15,1909
        Married 2nd Ada Avey March 20, 1912, child Richard born March 16,1913
        His Death Certificate states that his father John S. Peebles was born in Harrison Co. KY
        He is buried at Springhill Baptist Church Cemetery, Hickman Co. KY

8.  Sythey who died an infant


The OTHER children of John Jefferson Peebles and Mary Wilson Frazier:

1.  Ann Margaret born abt.. 1825

2.  Mary Jane born June 1825, died after 1900

            From Ballard Co. KY Marriage records
            M. J. Peebles married Swan KILLOUGH Feb. 15, 1859
            Bride:  age 31, born Harrison Co. KY
            Groom:  (William Swan Killough) age 35, born KY

            This couple lived in Graves Co. KY

            1.  Joseph Ebenezer, born Nov 24, 1859, married Louisa Mildred (Minnie) Stratton  April 20, 1892 in Graves Co. KY
            2.  Jane W., born August 1861, married John F. Sellers abt 1880
            3.  William E., born June 1863
            4.  Willis Coleman, born abt. 1866, married Elnora Ruth Heflin  January 10, 1888 in Graves Co. KY
                    Present at marriage:  Jas.Killough and Leona Heflin
            5.  Robert Swan, born abt. 1867, married 1st Minnie Pearson, married 2nd Ione Jane Woodward in 1904
            6.  Mary Eliza, born abt 1869, married John Caston Campbell Nov 17,1893 in Graves Co. KY
                    Present at marriage:  W. E. Killough, Fanny Sue Peebles, Ben Pease, Ella Page
            (note - some researchers claim other children but none but the above appears in the 1860, 1870 or 1880 census with this couple,
            and on the 1900 census Mary Jane states she was the mother of 6)

            William Swan Killough, a Constable, born September 21, 1819 in Graves, son of Ebenezer Killough, died May 14, 1889
            buried Lowes Cemetery, Graves Co., KY          

3.  James David born October 13, 1827

          Died July 18, 1896, buried Milburn Cemetery near his mother and brother John Samuel

4.  Joel Cartwright born May 1830

        Some records show Joel Peebles, as Joseph C.
        About 1878, he married a Julie E., born April 1836
        They had 2 children

5.  Rebecca Francis born 1831

6.  William born 1838


The OTHER children of Thomas A. Ferguson and Jemima Peake

1.  Elizabeth born abt.. 1827

2.  Joseph born March 16, 1829,  died August 26, 1860 in Milburn, buried next to his mother Milburn Cemetery, Carlisle Co.

3.  Jefferson born abt.. 1834

4.  Robert Milton born abt.. 1837

5.  John W.  born abt.. 1841

6.  Susan M. born abt.. 1844


FYI - County formations in the Jackson Purchase Area.
These folks all lived in the area around the town of Milburn, KY.

Milburn was founded in 1822 and at that time was in the newly formed Hickman Co. KY
In 1842, Ballard Co. KY was formed out of the northern portion of Hickman Co. and the southern portion of McCracken Co., and Milburn was then located in Ballard Co.
In 1886, Carlisle Co. KY was formed out of the southern portion of Ballard Co., and Milburn has been in Carlisle Co. ever since.
The family never moved but the name of the County they lived in changed 3 times.
Depending on the year, records about these families are found in the 3 different counties.

FYI - Loss of records
The Ballard Co. Courthouse burned down in 1880.  Almost all records for the years 1842 to 1880 were destroyed in that fire.   


1.  Out of print book,
     A History of Carlisle Co. KY printed in 1976
     (Photo, *Soldiers of War of 1812)

2.  Out of print book,
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Submitted by Kathleen Hill, June 2008
(NOT a descendant of these families)


Carlisle, Ballard & Graves Counties, KY

       Brother and sister, Charles KEESEE and Adeline Martha Keesee HAYS (wife of Moses Hays), went to Tennessee together from Pittsylvania County, Virginia when they were just in their late teens.  They both married in the early 1820's and began a three-decade journey across Tennessee, which led them to first Graves County and then Ballard County, Kentucky. 

       Charles and Adeline were two of the seven children of John Keesee and his first wife Adeline BRUSCH.  They were the grand nephew and grand niece of General Francis MARION, the South Carolina Swamp Fox of the Revolution.  Adeline Brusch Keesee had died before 1808, when John Keesee married his second wife, Lucy BRIGHTWELL.  John Keesee had one son by his second wife and died in 1810 in Pittsylvania Co. VA.

       Charles Keesee was born between 1799 and 1805 in Henrico County, VA.  He married Sarah McGREW October 25, 1825 in Rutherford Co. TN.  They lived in Davidson Co. and Weakley Co. TN before they arrived in Graves Co. KY in the early 1840s.  Charles and Sarah had eight children, with the youngest born in 1844 in Graves Co. KY.  They lived near Mayfield and Charles was a farmer.  Sarah died between 1844 to 1845. and Charles married his 2nd wife Mary, whose maiden name is unknown to me.  Charles and Mary had three children by 1857 and Mary died before 1860.  Charles did not marry again.  By 1870 Charles was living near Blandville in Ballard Co.  The 1870 Census shows Charles with real estate valued at $1,140 and personal property valued at $385.  In 1880 Charles is back in Graves Co., in the Haynes and Pottsville area, living alone.  Charles died May 15, 1892.  He is buried in Owens Chapel Cemetery.  It is not known where his wives are buried.

Children of Charles and Sarah McGrew Keesee were:
1. Charles L. Keesee was born about 1830 in Davidson Co. TN.  He married Polly BROGDEN September 1854 in Graves Co.
2. Sarah (Sallie) Keesee was born about 1833 in Davidson Co. TN.  She is on the 1860 Census of Graves Co in her father's household.  Nothing more is known about her.
3. Martha Keesee was born about 1834 in Davidson Co. TN.

4. Margaret Emerline "Liddy" Keesee was born May 19, 1836 in Nashville, Davidson Co TN.  She married John Eli "Jeff" MANTLE in 1860 in Graves Co.  Jeff was born October 12, 1835 in Monroe Co. Ohio, the son of William Mantle and Ellen COX.  Jeff established the Bardwell Brick and Tile Company in CARLISLE COUNTY.  Jeff and Liddy had one daughter, Mary Ellen "Mollie" Mantle, 1860-1933.  Mollie married Oscar Turner BLACK.  Jeff died February 3, 1909 and Liddy died May 10, 1918.  They are buried at Bardwell Cemetery.  See photo