Carlisle County, Kentucky
Roots in Hickman Co., KY

NOTE:  Many of our Carlisle County families lived for generations on or near the same land in what became Carlisle County. In 1886, Carlisle County was formed from that part of Ballard County that had been taken from Hickman County in 1842. Please let us know as you find such links and we will list them as well, as we find them in our LookUps and other research.  Thanks to Kathleen for the idea for this page.

From the book, "Hickman Co. KY Marriages, 1821-1850", by Researchers Publications
Submitted by Kathleen

1. Milton Helm married Nancy Willingham Oct 19, 1834.
2. William Helm married Alvina (Elvira?) B. Reece Sept 13, 1828.
3. Ann Helm married Merida Willingham Sept 10, 1829.
4. Elvira Helm married James E. Guynn (Gwynn?) July 21, 1836.
    (note - this may be Elvira Reece, widow of William Helm)
5. Hulda Helm married Joseph Butler July 22, 1834.
6. Lucinda Helm married Thomas Scarborough Sept 3, 1835.

1.  John Mott married Anne Willingham July 17, 1836
    (note - this is Ann Helm, widow of Merida Willingham)
2.  Joseph Mott married Mary Ann Alexander Dec 29, 1840
3.  Elizabeth Mott married A. L. Douglass January 29, 1838
4.  Martha Mott married Alexander Dunn April 23, 1842
5.  Sarah Mott married William Scott June 26, 1838