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Geo Washington Smith, 24,  of Bardwell, Carlisle Co., KY
Birth. Oct 20, 1892  Blandville, KY
Employment: Laborer on section of R.R. in Carlisle Co., KY
Dependents: Wife & one child
Prior service: None

James Alfred Smith, 42, of Arlington, Carlisle Co., KY
Birth: Jan 9, 1875
Employment: Farmer, self-employed
Nearest Relative: Raymond Smith of Arlington, Carlisle Co., KY

Walter Smith, 41, of Bardwell, Carlisle Co., KY
Birth: Aug 22, 1877
Employment: Milling, W. H. Harlan, Bardwell, Carlisle Co., KY
Nearest Relative: Katie Smith of Bardwell, Carlisle Co., KY

Cecil Franklin Snow, 21, of Bardwell, Carlisle Co., KY
Birth: Sep 6 1895 Wingo, KY
Employment: Farmer, Employed by J.F. Snow, Bardwell
Marital status: Single, no dependents
Height/Build: Medium/Medium
Color Eyes/Hair:  Blue/Brown
Precinct: Burkley, Carlisle, KY
Registrar: N. J. Parsons
Date: June 5, 1917

William Auburn Snow, 19,  of Bardwell, Carlisle Co., KY
Birth: Apr 18th, 1899
Employment: Farming, Father employer, of Bardwell
Nearest Relative: Father of Bardwell
Height/Build: Tall/Slender
Color Eyes/Hair:  Blue/Black
Registrar: J.E. Sams
Date: Sept 12, 1918

Carl Moore Sparks, 21, of of Bardwell, Carlisle Co., KY
Birth: Apr 8, 1896  Bardwell
Father Born: Bardwell, Carlisle Co., KY
Employer: E. St. Louis RR Company, E. St. Louis, Ill
Nearest Relative: Meda Sparks, Mother, Bardwell
Height/Build: Medium/Slender
Color Eyes/Hair:  Brown/Brown
Registrar: Irene Molokes, Chief Clerk
Date: 6-5-1918

Kelly Spaulding, 22, of Bardwell
Birth: Dec 30, 1894 Lebtion, KY
Employment: Farmer, by father on farm
Dependents: Wife
Height/Build: Short/Medium
Color Eyes/Hair:  Brown/Brown
Precinct: Cunningham
Registrar: Carroll Humber
Date: June 6, 1917

Clifford Hardin Stohl, 22, of Bardwell
Birth: Apr 21, 1895 Bardwell
Employment: Farming
Dependents: Wife and ___ ___
Height/Build: Tall/Medium
Color Eyes/Hair: Dark Blue/Black
Registrar: H.W. Clayton
Precinct: Rishiptan
Date: June 5

Jimmie B. Stohl, 33, of Bardwell
Born: Sept 1, 1885
Occupation: Cook, Henning Hotel Co., Casper, Wyoming
Nearest Relative: Bessie Stohl of Bardwell
Height/Build: Medium/Slender
Color Eyes/Hair: Brown/Black
Registrar: H.W. Clayton
Date: Sept 12, 1918

Matthew Henry Stohl, 23, of Bardwell
Born: Jan 26, 1894 Bardwell
Occupation: Cook  Employer: None
Marital Status: Single
Height/Build: Medium/Medium
Color Eyes/Hair: Blue/Black
Registrar: R.O. Willingham, Jr., Clerk, Carlisle Co., Ct.
Precinct: Kirbytown, Carlisle Co., KY
Date: June 6, 1917

Weston L. Stohl, 32, of Cunningham, Carlisle Co., KY
Born: Feb 6, 1886,
Occupation: Laborer, Dupont, Jacksonville, Tenn
Nearest Relative: Mrs. Anna Stahl, Cunningham
Height/Build: Medium/Medium
Color Eyes/Hair: Gray/Black
Registrar: Geo. F. Leeman
Registration Place: Nashville, Tenn
Date: Sept 7, 1918

Nathan Jewell Stahl, 19, Bardwell
Born:  Mar or Ma 6, 1899
Occupation: Farming, S.O. Stohl, Bardwell
Height/Build: Medium/Medium
Color Eyes/Hair: Brown/Dark Brown
Registrar: H.W. Clayton
Date: Sept 12, 1918


Roger W. Lovelace Jr., Ensign, USNR, is buried in Cambridge American Cemetery Plot E, Row 2, Grave 30 died 12/28/1943.
Sources indicate that he had a sister, Ruth Lovelace Davenport. Roger Sr., his father, died in 1932 in Argentina of a ruptured appendix and was working for Armour meat packing.
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