Carlisle County, Ky
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New Light Plant Bardwell Ky Dec 19. Bardwell will soon have its electric light plant in operation, contracts for the supplies needed to complete it having been let. E D Waller of Fulton has been chosen superintendent of the plant.

The Paducah Sun-Democrat
(Paducah, Kentucky)
19 Dec 1904, Mon  Page 6
Carlisle County Votes Dry, 1,285 to 678 Bardwell, Ky., April 4 U) Carlisle. County residents voted dry by 1,285 to 678 in a special local option election today.

The Courier-Journal
(Louisville, Kentucky)
05 Apr 1942, Sun  Page 10
Murder. A man named Patrick, wat stabbed bry another named Wm. Child, in Picket's precinct Ballard county, Ky., opposite Cairo, on Tuesday last! A fracas took place at the polls, in the course of which Childs, who is a large and quarrelsome man, thrust a knife between the neck and shoulder of Patrick, giving him a mortal wound. Child was in Cairo the following day before the circumstance was known, and proceeded up the Ohio on the Gondolier. He is being pursued. He was formerly jailor at Blandsville.

The Evening Post
(New York, New York)
28 Aug 1848, Mon  Page 2
SERIOUS CHARGE AGAINST WHITE MAN IN CARLISLE Charles Patrick Arrested for Misconduct Toward Little Girl, Evidence Against Him Not Strong ARREST IN SMITHLAND CASE Arlington Ky Aug 18: An attempted attempted assault was made on the little 8 year old daughter ot Joe Bodkin at Berkley Ky Tuesday morning and Charley Patrick a white man about 30 years old is under arrest accused of the crime. According to the affidavit made by the little girl a man whom she did not know was in Lelon's store at Berkley when she and her brother aged 12 went in to buy some goods. The man caught her and fondled with her in the store. Then he bought some candy and gave it to her. She and her brother started home which is a short distance up the railroad north of Berkley. However the children started along the dirt road but were overtaken by the man who persuaded them to cross on to the railroad with him. After they had followed the railroad a short distance the little girl states that the man caught her and tore a portion of her clothing off. The boy in the meantime threatening to throw rocks and doing all he could to assist his little sister. While her assailant was watching the boy, she managed to break away and ran home and reported to her parents. Efforts were made to apprehend the man. Charley Patrick of this place who is said to have been with a fishing party on tho lakes near Berkley was arrested accused of the crime. He has always borne a good reputation never having been connected with any crime. He to married and his family live here. He was taken to Bardwell for trial. He gave bond and is believed to be innocent.

The Paducah Sun-Democrat,  18 Aug 1910, Thu,  Page 1
Was tn Have Been Married in a Short Time. 19 Years Old. Fulton Ky Feb 20: One of the largest funerals In the history ot Arlington Ky was that of Earl Peck son of Dr. J M Peck at the Baptist church Sunday afternoon. Rev Darker of Little Rock, recent appointed editor of the Baptist Flag, of this city conducted the services. A deplorable accident caused Mr. Peck's death at Arlington. He was crossing the railroad track and not withstanding the warning of friends and the efforts made by them to attract attract his attention to the approaching train, he did not realize his danger until it was too late. Just as he reached the track, a through freight running at a high speed approachcd, and Mr Peck seeing he was in great danger made a desperate effort to plunge across but the full force of the train hit his team and wagon and knocked him high in the air killing him almost instantly. His wagon was splintered and hoth horses killed. The railroad gong signal announcing the approaching train was ringing but this too was not noticed by the unfortunate young man. Mr Peck was 19 years old and was engaged to be married soon to a charming young lady.

The Paducah Sun-Democrat,  20 Feb 1906, Tue,  Page 7