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Civic Buildings, Activities
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Bardwell in 1907
Aftermath of the Dec. 26, 2007 Courthouse Fire
Above:  2nd Courthouse, burned Oct. 20, 1980
1917 Tornado in Bardwell
1974 Depot
Carlisle County
Graded School
(part of a postcard with the 1st Courthouse)
Photos from The History of Carlisle County, published in 1976 by a group of citizens, and out of print
Submitted by Kathleen
Play and Civic Duty

[ABOVE] - Arlington Baseball Team 1905 (for searching): Vernon Sullenger Willis Ellis, Roy Neville, Jack Patrick, Robert Rowland, Robert P, Hocker, Ollie Bonds, Ernest Owen, Aubrey Mosby & Henry Neville.

[ABOVE] - The Cleaning Club: Minnie Stanley, Nate Tucker, J.B. Wortham, Lizzie Owen, Ed McMichael, R.E. Stanley, Bessie Hatch Barclay, Mary Upshaw, Velma Holt, Lucy Long Stanley, Albert Stanley, Zaidee Glass Neville, Sallie Neville Payne, Mollie McMichael, Dr. W.Z. Jackson, John G. Mitchell, Robert P. Hocker, Sr., Ernest H. Owen, James Henry Payne, Euin C. Neville, Katie Neville, Justa Webb Tucker, David P. Upshaw, Gladys Rowland Hocker, Annie Davis Neville, John C. Neville, Julia Edwards Neville, L.H. Barclay, Helen H. Mitchell, Roy Neville, Joe Kell and Sallie Kell.

[BELOW LEFT] - Milburn Baseball Team. (back row, from left), Unknown, Isaac Jones (pitcher), Unknown, Unknown, Prentice D. George (Manager and Umpire), Jim Summers, Catcher, Unknown and Iva Peebles.
(From row). Ernest Boswell is second from left. The remaining men are unknown.
Jacob Flegle, Sr., J. Flegle & Son, J. Flegle., Sr., E.D. Flegle, J. Flegle., Jr., Flegle Bros.
F.M. Harper Huckster wagon with F.M. Harper & Jim Harper
Roberts Hotel
Milburn Merchants: Chris Cate, George W. Witty, Will Crider, Henry D. Evans, Judge Murray, John Thomas, Sutton, Carl Wilkerson, Ethlan Boswell, Mark Tackett, Dr. Howard, Lacy Payne & Ernest Boswell.
Lize Berry Restaurant, Arlington
George E. Fisher's Drug Store, Bardwell, KY: Robert Anderson
1st Carlisle Co. Courthouse
(part of a postcard with the graded school)
Woodmen of the World:  This appears to have been taken at the old Bardwell Cemetary & I'm guessing that it's taken before 1900. There's no photographer/studio name on it.  I recognize the tallest fella on the right side of the flag - Gus Frech.  This photo belonged to my Grandmother, Lena Martin (nee Horn).  She was born & raised in Bardwell. 
Submitted by Sue at
John Horn's Grocery and Butcher Shop (written on the back by Lena (Horn) Martin), ca late 1920's to early 1930's, located on Front Street in "downtown" Bardwell. 
L to R: John Edward Martin and John Horn
"Kit" of Mackeral is at front on right, next to it is pickle jar, Cracker barrel is in front of John Horn.
John Horn was known as "Uncle Johnny."
I've seen this pix in a book at the Wickliffe library. It has John Martin incorrectly identified as Herman Horn.
From Sue at
From the 1880's, the Independent Order of Odd Fellow Lodge No 179 ribbon (front & back) belonged to my G-G Grandfather, Nick Frech, buried out at Elsey outside of Bardwell. He died in 1888.
Submitted by Sue at

Stationery of the Bardwell Furniture and Undertaking Co., owned by my grandfather, J E "Ed" Martin.  Photo was possibly taken in front of the old courthouse in Bardwell.  He was the town's undertaker until his death in 1934.
From Sue at
Bardwell Hi School Class Play 1933 or 1934 "Laugh Clown"
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Frances Turk
Dorothy Cain
Dorothy Smith
Reid Davis
Tom Patterson
Bourke Mantle
Louise Vallandingham
Margaret Staley
Kelsie Martin
Martha Len Bodkin
Barbara Bodkin
Robert Gooch
Richard Bobo
J.H. Johnson
James Mathis

Genevieve Gardner
Jayne Cain
Frances Turk
Josephine Fisher
Barbara Bodkin
Naomi Turk
Dorothy Cain


Business Manager

  911 mural painted by the submitter on the side of her building in Bardwell. At the time of the 1917 tornado, the bottom of the building housed the telephone company, and the upper story was the law office of Thad Collins. The tornado tore off the top story, and it was built back shortly thereafter. The line of newer brick can be discerned above the mural.
  The Carlisle County Museum and Library has a large collections of photos from the tornado.
Submitted by Kay Presson.

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