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"Baptist Education in Kentucky's Jackson Purchase" By R. Charles Blair

Have you ever noticed that there is a "North Ballard Church" just outside of Wickliffe and that there is a "South Ballard Church" in the northern portion of Carlisle County?  There once was only one Church which was just outside of Wickliffe.  During the winters, the members who lived on the south side of Mayfield Creek couldn't travel to church, so, finally, they built a church on that side of Mayfield Creek and named it South Ballard.  When Carlisle split off, it then contained the "South Ballard Church" in the north portion of the county.
Holder, Owens, King, Bobo, & George
County formation to 1950's
Atherton, Moss & Cain

Carroll, Donaldson, Goulder Jones, McCuistion & Milner

Helfer, Springer
From Milburn

Terry, Fisher
Terry from Ireland 1839-40
In the County since 1860's
Researched by
Carlisle County, Kentucky

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