1860 Carroll County Federal Census

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Carrollton Precinct

Some of the handwriting is very difficult to make out so if any spelling mistakes are found, please feel free to contact me so they can be corrected...Suzanne

                                                          Surname Index - Head of Household Only
Page 1
Thornton, Simon
Sanders, Jacob
Mitchell, Sophia
Brown, Franklin
Hanes, Jesse
Can not read
Whitehead, Jos.
Tompkins, Jos.
Page 8
Tandy, Scott
Price, Silas
Coin, Patrick
Earley, Thomas
Hamrick, John
Ogburn, Thos. J.
Page 15
Wyatt, Geo. W.
O Neal, Geo. W.
Smith, Mary
Johnston, Jas. J.
Wainscott, Wm.
Wilkinson, Jas.
Mitchel, Wid?
Page 22
Duval, John C.
Ramsey, Rheuben
Montgomery, Cal?
Montgomery, John
Hanlin, Wm.
Davis, Napoleon
Montgomery, Cyrus
Page 2
Troutman, John C.
Nelson, Bolivar
Brown, Wm. F.
Cox, Chas. H.
Heath, Robt. D.
Page 9
Mitchel, Jos.
Jones, Joseph L.
Carson, Chas. H.
Cox, Ellen
Stringfellow, Jas. T.
Vance, Thos.
Page 16
Metchel, Jos.
Bonds, John C.
Boggs, John S.
Searcy, Will T.
Craiel, Silas
Craig, Lewis
Page 23
Hoagland, Mary J. A.
Dunaway, Strother
O Neal, James
Dugan, Thomas
Page 3
Tate, Mary
Chatman, Geo.
McDowel, Robt.
Mulligan, Sarah E.
Pickets, Chas.
Scott, Jos.
Leep, John
Hafford, Ebenezer
Page 10
Ray, John
Demint, Price
Ross, Stephen
O'Neal, Lafayett
Lindsey, Carter
Wright, Ingram
Johnston, Richd.
Page 17
Butts, John W.
Martin, Silas
Visdon, John
Butts, Richd.
Dean, John
Craig, Edward
Hayden, Martha
Page 4
Smith, James M.
Robinson, John
Ogburn, Thos. Sr.
Gaines, Benj. L.
Estes, Geo. C.
Hall, Wm.
Barnett, Thos.
Page 11
Grobmeir, Eliza
McKinly, Pat.
Webster, Jan M.
Meadows, Jas.
Meadows, Coy
Grobmeir, Dick
Page 18
Shehan, Pierce B.
Masterson, Thos.
Dunpin, Phil. O.
Little, Otis B.
Bright, Jesse D.
Page 5
Can not read
White, Chas.
Montinge, Thos.
Wilson, Jacob B.
Walton, John T.
M Cann, Allen
Page 12
Spencer, Benj.
Webster, Elisa
Ball, Jon. T.
Tharp, Nicholas
Tharp, Wm.
Hisle, Sandford
Kirkland, David
Page 19
Andersen, Eli
Robinson, Gabriel
Marshal, Harmon
Dunn, Geo. M.
Martin, Moses
Demint, Janet
Eaves, Harrison
Page 6
Hawkins, Richard
Whitehead, Richard
Bullock, Edward
Wright, Soloman
Hall, Wilkins A.
Sims, John A.
Sims, Mary J.
Carraco, ? B.
Robinson, Wm.
Page 13
Hisle, John
Hagand, Jeff
Yager, Larry
Van Clive, Sam
Wiggenton, Chas. S.
Hancock, Lewis
Page 20
Langstaff, John
Webster, Jackson
Hanes, Dan
Chadwell, Martha
Wilson, Edward
Searcy, Thos. C.
Hilson, Chas.
Hayden, Wm.
Reed, Wm.
Glenn, Joseph
Tandy, Sam S.
Peniston, Lewis
Barnett, Magruder
Page 14
Lacefield, Sanford
Meek, James
Hayden, John J.
Dunn, Gresham
Lafonte, Peter

Page 21
Glenn, Wm.
Stephenson, ??
Aliff, Catharine
Trosky, Chas.
Basset, Andy
Hawkins, Nicholas