1860 Carroll County Federal Census

Images from FHL

Ghent Precinct

Some of the handwriting is very difficult to make out so if any spelling mistakes are found, please feel free to contact me so they can be corrected...Suzanne


Surname Index - Head of Household Only

Page 1 (images are not very legible)
Demint, John
Robinson, Allen
Demint, ? A.
Little, William
Little, Harrison?
?, James H.
Arnold?, Nancy
Skirvin, ?
Bishop, Solomon
Page 10
McDowel, Andy
Humphrey, Michael
Wilson, Allen
Dockins, John ?
Brown, James
Page 2 (images are not very legible)
Earnheart, Jno. ?
Webster, John
Lan??, G?
Lan??, Jos.
Easterman, Philip
Florence, Wm.
Southern, Wm.
Page 11
Adcock, Lawson
Green, Thornton
Evans, Thos. D.
Evans, Lucian
ONeal, Benj.
Williams, Ballard
Page 3 (images are not very legible)
Southern, Wm. A.
Cullin?, Sallie?
Washburn, Sam
Mahoney, James M.?
Mahoney, Joseph
Coleman, Wm. E.
Tharpe?, Geo. A.
Stewart?, John L.
Gullion, Benj.
Page 12
Cahue?, William
Batts, Thos. R.
Batts, Thomas
Driscoll, Thos.
Darneal, Blackwell
Darnal, Blackwell
Adams, James A.
Page 4 (images are not very legible)
Coghill, Elza
Easterman?, Benj.
Jackson?, Rachel
Wilson, David
McDowel, Richard
Corley, Lucinda
Page 13
Eastman, Joseph
Foree, Edward
Riley, Peter
B??, William
Douglas, Wm.
Batts, James C.
Hayden, Wm.
Kelley, Joseph
Page 5 (images are not very legible)
Calendor?, Joseph R.
Karr?, Marcus L.
Clark, Woodville?
East, Conrad ?
May, Gabe
Wilson, George
Page 14
Brown, John
Powell, Elisha
Adcock, John J.
M?, ?? C.
Hall?, William
Adcock, Anderson?
?, James
Powell, John
Page 6
Vories, Feilding
Adcock, Henry ?
Campbell, Geo. T.
Sheets, William
Perry, William
Page 15
Tingle, Reuben
Carter, William
Williams, Danniel
Amith, Elvessee?
Dewinl?, William
Driscol, Clarence?
Wright, Chas.
Jackson, Rowland
Lee, Henry L.
Hanlin?, James
Hanlin?, Lyons
Page 16
King, Jackey
Adcock, Woodson
Adcock, Carroll
Moore, Robert
Coleman, Martha
Tingle, William
Nevil, Will
Page 8
Hanlin?, John
Hanlin?, Mathias
Garriott, John
Johnson, James
Wyatt, George L.
Vories, Peter W.
Page 17
Nevil, Francis
??, John O.
Heartman, Henry
Norman, Casvey?
Meadows, Walles
Levines?, Mary J.
Garriott, Richard
Tillie, Abraham
Page 9 (images are not very legible)
Wyatt, Alfred N?.
Piles, Thos. J.
??, Martin
May, John Allen
Easterman, Maguire (D. L.)?
Ford?, John P.
Jackson, Jessie
Page 18
Meek, Wesley
??, Joe
Ford, Martin
Dunn, Francis Sr.