1860 Carroll County Federal Census

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Some of the handwriting is very difficult to make out so if any spelling mistakes are found, please feel free to contact me so they can be corrected...Suzanne


Surname Index - Head of Household Only

Page 1
Rohen, Henry
Tandy, Lamille
Smith, Mentin
Haines, William W.
Wayland, James
Davis, William
Page 8
Jackson, Oscar
Anderson, William A.
Anderson, Richard
Craigmyle, Elizabeth
Landner, Joseph D.
Searcy, George
Hall, Augusta
Dane, Robert
Page 2
Gardner, Irvin
Ray, Elizabeth
Bethel, John
McCain, Eliza
Breden, John
Strickland, Henry
Page 9
Resner, James
Hebben, Lewis
Page 3
Johnston, Joseph
Sanders, William
Adams, Benjamin S.
Hanks, Eliza
Bradley, Abney
Page 4
Sanders, Elvina
Williams, Charles
Rogers, Burnett
Curlen, Richard
Stafford, William D.
Stafford, Hiram
Johnston, Thomas
Johnston, Henry
Page 5
Darbro, John
Southard, L. James
Hussing, Jacob
Hussing, Jacob
Hussing, John R.
Stafford, Hiram W.
Donally, Patrick
Page 6
Stafford, Walter?
Stafford, Christopher
McCreary, William
Mason, Edward D.
Baxten, William
Gardner, Thomas
Raburn, Henry
Duval, Thomas
Martin, George
Jackson, Edward
Darbro, Thomas
Raul, George W.