1860 Carroll County Federal Census

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Some of the handwriting is very difficult to make out so if any spelling mistakes are found, please feel free to contact me so they can be corrected...Suzanne


Surname Index - Head of Household Only

Page 1
Ringo, Geo. M.
Dufour, Franklin
Pulliam, Isaac
King, Robert
Hanson, Ellen
Foure?, Richard
Page 8
??land, Ollie
Mosgrove, Wm.
Henry?, Robert B.
Reed, Smith
Page 15
Brown, George
Hall, John
Daley, Josiah
Wright, Hayden
William, Wm. A.
Stockdale, John
Page 22
Coghill, Aquilla
McDowe, Ellick?
McEndre, John
McDowe, Andrew
Coghill, John
Dulafro?, Edmund
Duvall, Wm. H.
Page 2
Fallas?, Stewart
King, James G.?
Harrison?, Lizzie
Lewis, Jas. F.?
Boghill, Jno. F.
Adams, Benj. F.
Page 9
Deweese, Cornelius
Owens, ??
Giltner, Mary
Graves, Wm. B.
Page 16
Teilliger?, Abra
Whitaker, John J.
Michles?, Adam
Workman, David
Wright, John Jr.
Page 23
Garriott, John
Hayden, James
Hamlin, Andrew
McEndre, Kate
McEndre, James
Dimint, Hense?
Rutherford, Doc.
Yale, Nancy J.
Page 3
Williams, Oliver
Humphrey, John
Tilley, Joel F.
Dusson?, Robert
Black, John
Teninsons?, James
Spilman, Wm. C.
Page 10
Giltner, David
Taylor, Wm.
Conway, Peter
Frome,? George
Graves, Thomas
Spillman, Thos. B.
Page 17
Taylor, John E.
Brown, Jacob J.
Wright, Davis
Jumpes?, James
Canady, Perry
Jumpes?. Edward
Henry, Harvey
King, Nancy
Bradley, Wm.
Bradley, Thomas
Page 24
Parks, Wm. B.
Coghill, Leonard
Williams, Robert
Oney, Heitz?
Bacheer?, John
McManis, Geo.
Dunn, Wm.
Page 4
Long, William
Carraco, Jessie W.
Wright, Lewis
Spillman, Henry F.
Lee, Jessie
Stockdale?, Wm.
Page 11
Bostman?, Alex. M.
White, Wm. S.
Hoagland, Mose Jr.
Page 18
Davis, William T.?
Cull, Hugh
Ward?, Austin
Cull, Arthur?
Tharpe, Abs??
Tharpe, Reuben
Webb, Wm.
Amerding?, Danl B.
Dunn, Robert
Page 25
Harman, Wm.
Thompson, Robt.
Simmons, W. S.
Sachel, John E.
Dunn, Leander
Starkey?, Robt. L.
King, John J,
Page 5
Wright, Jno. W.
Calvert, Frank
Calvert, James W.
Keley, Amanda
Dunn, Francis M.
Sachel, George H.
Page 12
Wills, James
McKay, Wm.
Bryce, Martin
Nickels, Nathan
Stockdale, Jno. Jr.
Stockdale, John J.
Page 19
Green, John
Spillman, Wm. F.
Cross, Joseph
Brown, Daniel M.
Welch, Robt. R.
Starkey, Hugh K.
Page 26
Adams, James
Adams, George W.
May, Gabriel
Robison, George
Huffman, Henry
Vonarsdoll, Alex. C.
Page 6
Joel?, Warner F.
Welch, Daniel
Taylor, Robert C.
Taylor, Wm.
Armstrong, Dennis
Harmon, Benton? D.
Garrott, Henry
Page 13
Stockdale, John Jr.
Stockdale, Joseph ?
Henry, Barney
Henry, Robert B.
Russell, Alfred
Williams, Walter
Stockdale, Geo.
Clegg, George
Page 20
Whitaker, Elijah
Robinson, Allen
McKinston, Catharine
Webster, Elijah
Shoots, Granville
Williams, John
Shelton, Daniel
Cayton, Thorton V.
Workman, Richard
Workman, Richard
Rogers, Stephen C.
Preston, Washington
Ball, Anthony
Young, Robert C.
Page 14
Wood, Samuel
Westrick, Peter
Richards, Wm.
Taylor, John
Prentiss?, Johnathan

Page 21
Johnson, Whitson?
McDowe, Julia A.
Sullivan, Eliza
Coghill, James
Coghill, Robt. J.
Richardson, Thos.
Coghill, Robert