1860 Carroll County Federal Census

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Some of the handwriting is very difficult to make out so if any spelling mistakes are found, please feel free to contact me so they can be corrected...Suzanne


Surname Index - Head of Household Only

Page 1
Lewis, Mint?
Dawkins, John
Lewis, John S.
Bishop, Thomas
Driskell, Thomas
Meeks, John
Page 8
Lewis, Smith
Hunt, Abram
Redman, Wash
Bishop, Thos.
Ames, John D.
Batts, James
Lewis, Richd.
Jacobs, James
Redman, Malinda
Page 2
Goodman, Harrison
Butts, James
Hunt, Rich. L.
Driskell, Wesley
Hussang, Jos.
Hessing, Nimrod
Sims?, David
Burge, John
McGuire, Dudley
Page 9
Davis, James
Searcy, Jude? J.
Hoggins, Jno. W., Jr.
Jackson, John
Beard, Parker
Beard, James A.
Searcy, Robt.
Searcy, Oliver
Mitchell, Joseph
Page 3
Anderson, Wm.
Arnold, Joseph
Dean, Wesley
Hessing, Frank
Hopkins, Ben. F.
Page 10
Hammon, James
Hammon, Harvey
Stephenson, James
Copper, John D.
Copper, Will
Dewpeay, Stephen
Montgomery, Lewis
Leachman, Leonard
Hunt, John J.
Meyers, David
Goodwin, Samuel
Stafford, Jacob
Page 4
Salee?, Jno.
Bailey, Wm. S.
McKay, Riley
Whitaker, Elijah
Myers, Joseph
Branden, Elijah
Page 11
Meeks?, Horace
Gullion, Rebecca
Humphrey, Hensley
Hages, Albert
Howard, Beloy
Hues, Haskin
Hues, Will
Page 5
Gullion, Wyant?
Gullion, George
ONeal, Mary J.
Cornelias, Mason
May, Gabriel
May, Wesley
Dean, Harrison
Montgomery, Wm.
Page 12
Staples, Andy J.
Bishop, Will
Bishop, Chas. G.
Estace, Jeff
Moore, John
Crumpton, Jos.
Page 6
Dean, Wm. P.
Baxter, Ben F.
Kimmell, James
Jacoby, Lutitia
Carter, Joseph
Fesso?, Will
Gullion, Geo. P.
Tingle, Kennett?
Dean, Chas. T.
Dean, Scott