Carroll County Photo Album

- Carrollton -

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 Northern KY Views of Carroll County 

Kentucky Postcards (all counties!)

A Carroll County Scrapbook

A Photo Album Submitted By: James Lee Cobb, III

Copies of these photos and many others can also be seen at Northern KY Views, owned by Bernie Spencer


Walter Brim - County Judge

1913 Flood, Lower Main St., Carrollton


Blue Gables Court Motel - U.S. 42, Carrollton, Kentucky

Blue Gables

Business Men's Class

Ernest Smith, Teacher; A. N. Jett, President; Katie Jett, Organist; Daisy Jett, Soloist

Carrollton High School

Old Carrollton High School

Christian Church, Carroll County

Main Street

Richland Theatre & Ben Franklin's - Carrollton


Gypsy Grill - Carrollton


Gypsy Grill, Highland Ave., Carrollton, KY

The Gypsy Grill also served as the Greyhound Bus Station for many years!

5th Street, Carrollton

7th Street, Carrollton

First Baptist Church, Carrollton

Carrollton Post Office, Highland Avenue

War Memorial on Courthouse Lawn - Carrollton

Entrance to Butler State Park

Butler Lake

Camp Butler

Home of General William Orlando Butler

Butler State Park Shelter

6th Street in Winter

Snowy Scene of First Baptist Church

Riverside Hotel & Inn, U.S. 42, 1 mile East of Carrollton

Saint John's Catholic Church

Dry Goods Store in Carson, Kentucky


Walters Feed & Grain, Carson, Kentucky

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