Carroll County Photo Album

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 Northern KY Views of Carroll County 

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A Carroll County Scrapbook

(R) John T Swafford, born 15 April, 1928, in Henry County, Kentucky. Lived in Carroll County, Kentucky. Died 31 July, 1982. Buried in English, Kentucky.

(L) Gayle Donald Stafford, born in Henry County, Kentucky, grew up in Carroll County, Kentucky.

Sons of John Thomas Swafford and Adabelle Smith. Lived on Gilgal in Carroll County, Kentucky.

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Hollie Smith Jr., son of Hollie Smith Sr. and Mattie Lee Hawkins was born on Gullion's Branch, home of his grand parents, Henry Lee Hawkins and Pearl Thorn Charley Wilson Hundley  in Henry County, Ky on 27 Nov 1919, parents lived on Gilgal in Carroll County, Kentucky. He enlisted in the army from Carroll County, Kentucky in 1939.
He was in the artillery where he taught during World War 11.Rank of Sgt. After losing his hearing during the war it was partially restored by surgery after 25 years.
Was a strip miner in Ohio after the war. When he retired he opened Smyth Antique shop in Nelsonsville, Ohio. There he sold antiques and restored antique furniture.
Died in Columbus, Ohio 21 Nov, 1998 and is buried with his wife Mildred in the Nelsonsville, Ohio Cemetery.
He was married to Mildred York from Bell County,  Kentucky.
They were parents of 3 daughters and two sons.

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Hawkins Family Reunion

Back row, Cecil Hawkins, sister Irene Hawkins Taylor, front row, Ruby Berry
Hawkins, wife of Cecil. Annie Smith Hawkins, Leo Taylor, husband of Irene
and gg niece.

Aunt Irene and Uncle Leo lived in Carroll County, the others were residents of Henry County.

Reunion was held in Carroll County.

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