Carroll County Birth Records - 1856


Formatted by Suzanne Shephard. Source material found on microfilm in the LDS Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah Originally typed and collated by Charles L. Williams, Tulsa Oklahoma, 1982. Original spelling preserved. 1856 births originally hand written by J. W. Lester.
Name Father or Owner Mother Residence
female John Roy Jane ____ C. Co.
male bl. A. Gex   Ghent
female bl. Robert Thompson   C. Co.
female bl. John Oneal   C. Co.
female Jacob Smith Rebecca Latta C. Co.
Robert Henry Tate R. B. Tate Mary Ellen Oliver C. Co.
female E. H. Griffith Mary Hanks C. Co.
female Allan Langan Eliz. Spencer C. Co.
male John Crawford Mary D. Hayden C. Co.
Euphemia May Oscar McGuire   C. Co.
Kate Wallace Griffin Isaac Griffin Frances Wimans C. Co.
female Oscar McGuire ___ McKay C. Co.
female Elias Dowell Sarah Martin C. Co.
female bl. W. W. Collins   C. Co.
Wm. James Rand Rex Rand   C. Co.
male Rev. Peter Taylor Ellen Kirby C. Co.
female Samuel Lilly Delilah ___ Williams Run
James McCreary William McCreary Mary Montgomery Wolf Run
Roger M. Tandy Samuel S. Tandy Emarine Spicer Wolf Run
twins bl. male & female Abraham Easterday   Wolf Run
female Silas Craig Eliz. North C. Co.
Eliz. Stegers Joshua Stegers Lucy Bridges C. Co.
Eliz. Baker John D. Baker Martha Whitehead C. Co.
John James Griffith Simpson Griffith Katherine Oneal McCools Cr.
male bl. Richard Whitehead   McCools Cr.
Albert Adam Baker H. D. Baker Mary Gardner Buffalo Cr.
Jeanette Craig Joseph Craig Nancy Tandy Whites Run
female bl. Nancy Sanders   Whites Run
male Richard McClain Eliz. Berghtle McCools Cr.
female bl. G. G. Whitehead   Whites Run
male John Davis Sally Whitehead Whites Run
Sarah Frances Easterday Francis Easterday Sarah Davis Whites Run
female bl. Hardin Davis   Whites Run
Martha Ann Owen Lewis Owen Lucy E. Davis Whites Run
male William Farris Mary Reiny Whites Run
Cornelius Harsin Luton Harsin   Locust
male R. S. Welch Nancy C. Whitaker C. Co.
female W. T. Brent ___ Tingle C. Co.
Sarah E. Letherman William Letherman ___ Glass C. Co.
female J. F. Wise ___ Todd C. Co.
Charles S. Ragsdale G. Ragsdale ___ Harman C. Co.
female Samuel C. Robertson ___ Callenden C. Co.
female William Riley ___ Lacy C. Co.
Linn Boyd (male) C. S. Wright ___ Yelton C. Co.
female Rube Welch ___ Wentworth C. Co.
female Isaac Cull ___ Eaton C. Co.
female Allen Brent ___ McManus C. Co.
male Allen Wright ___ Eldridge C. Co.
female Lewis Wright ___ Ragsdale C. Co.
male Thomas Bradley ___ Grim C. Co.
Sarah Jane Wiley J. D. Wiley ___ Harley C. Co.
James Buchanan Dunn Robert Dunn ___ Wise C. Co.
male Washington Murphy ___ Sparse C. Co.
Oscar bl. Mary Ann Goodwin   C. Co.
William Henry bl.     Eagles Cr.
female Ephraim Hunt Eliz. Lewis Whites Run
Mary Duiguid Jacob Duiguid Louisa ___ C. Co.
Everett Scantland A. W. Scantland Eliz. ___ Ghent
Jennetta Whitehead Greenup Whitehead Martha ___ C. Co.
Milly bl. Greenup Whitehead Eliza C. Co.
Buchanan McCreary William McCreary Nancy ___ C. Co.
Wm. Thomas Stafford Samuel Stafford Ellen Wilson C. Co.
Lewis Newton Rogers Thomas Rogers Sarah Wilson C. Co.
Eliz. Whitehead F. M. Whitehead Sarah E. Baker C. Co.
Thomas C. Bladen Augustus Bladen Mary Backdow C. Co.
William Southard, Jr. Wm. Southard, Sr. Matilda ___ Ghent
Breck Ross J. W. Ross Polly ___ Ghent
male Josh Howard   C. Co.
female Hamp Martin   C. Co.
twins (male & female) David Ward Eliz. ___ C. Co.
male J. Martin Mary ___ C. Co.
male John Assman   C. Co.
male James Smith Mary ___ C. Co.
female Edward Martin   C. Co.
male Joseph F. Florian   C. Co.
female G. N. Blessing Sarah Ann Green Ghent
female Moses Martin   Ghent
female Alfred Bursott Minerva Hill Ghent
Edward Crawford C. B. Crawford   Ghent
female B. F. Craig   Ghent
male (dead) Wesley Fuller   Ghent
male William Montgomery Eliz. Hoggins Gallatin Co.
male (dead) Chores Frances C. Co.
female H. Smith Josephine Davis C. Co.
female Joshua Smith   Ghent
male bl. (dead) Rebecca Turner   Gallatin Co.
female Robert Ellis Mary ___ C. Co.
male E. Miner Sarah Stewart C. Co.
male bl. A. G. Craig   Gallatin Co.
female Levi McCann Jane Ellis C. Co.
female R. Sarlls   C. Co.
male bl. Jacob Diuguid   C. Co.
male H. Kile Eliz. Craig C. Co.
male bl. Samuel Howard   C. Co.
male J. B. Tandy Harriett Schenck Ghent
female J. W. Hoggins Lea Rice Ghent
female Aaron Pettitt   Ghent
male Ben Martin Sarah Wood Ghent
male G. A. Riggs   Ghent
female Charles Ward Jane Strickland Ghent
female bl. William Howard   Ghent
male H. W. Smith Adeline Turner Ghent
female bl. Ashton Craig   Gallatin Co.
male bl. Moses Spicer   Ghent
female J. W. Penninger   Ghent
male James Cockerel Jane Griffith Gallatin Co.
male bl. Walton Craig   Carrollton
male bl. James Gex   Carrollton
female Tim Ellis Olivia ___ Gallatin Co.
male Charles Cox Jane Furnish Ghent
female Robert Moore Miss Roberts Whites Run
male bl. Anderson Adcock   Mill Cr.
male William Dunaway Miss Johnson Mill Cr.
John C. Breckinridge William Anderson Emarine Driskill R. R.
male James D. Powell Mary Nevill McCools Cr.
Mary Eliz. Butcher J. N. Butcher Frederica Jacoby McCools Cr.
male William Smith Mary Bishop Gullions Br.
female John J. Adcock Nancy Claxton McCools Cr.
George Sylvester Adcock Anderson Adcock Mary Ann Thurman Ky. R.
Mary Evelyn Lavoor Jackson Lavoor Martha Mills Ky. R.