Carroll County Birth Records - 1857


Formatted by Suzanne Shephard. Source material found on microfilm in the LDS Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah Originally typed and collated by Charles L. Williams, Tulsa Oklahoma, 1982. Original spelling preserved. 1857 Births originally hand written by H. Crittenden
Name Father or Owner Mother Residence
Bill (bl) John Thompkins   Ghent
J. F. Ellis David Ellis Eliza Fisher Ghent
Wm. P. T. Threlkeld James Threlkeld A. E. Wingate Ghent
Annabelle Satchwell W. G. Satchwell Lucretia Furnish C. Co.
James Lawson Stafford Samuel Stafford Ellen Sebree C. Co.
Catherine Satchwell William Satchwell Mary Downing C. Co.
female (bl) John & James Bond   C. Co.
Jane Hardin Isaac Hardin Mary D. Smiley C. Co.
Thomas Furnish D. B. Furnish   C. Co.
female (dead) Leonard Leachman Pauline Lewis C. Co.
Belle McCann S. McCann   C. Co.
Willard Tandy Russell Tandy Lucinda Davis C. Co.
Sam Breckinridge Rogers George Rogers Ann Lancaster C. Co.
Louisa Giuguid Jacob Diuguid Louisa Jett C. Co.
Ella Mason E. D. Mason F. E. Furnish C. Co.
Pendleton Mitchell L. Mitchell Catherine Baird C. Co.
Newton (bl) (dead) Lydia Montgomery Teresa C. Co.
Geo. Sylvester Hunt Richard Hunt Sarah Lewis C. Co.
Alice Nicholas J. E. Nicholas Eliza Holliday C. Co.
Dennis (bl)   Mary C. Co.
Ellen Ona Lewis Stephen Lewis Matilda Allbright C. Co.
Lucy Catherine Beal W. T. Beal Mary Searcy C. Co.
Margaretta Lindsay W. B. Lindsay M. G. Sanders C. Co.
Chas. W. Ferris (dead) William Ferris Polly Ramey C. Co.
James W. Coleman W. C. Coleman Ann Lewis C. Co.
Ann Hulskamp G. H. Hulskamp Ann Kate Kasshick? Carrollton
Charlotte Dowell Elias Dowell Sarah Martin Carrollton
Emma Jane Vories R. T. Vories N. O. Garriott C. Co.
Stephen J. Croley Richard Croley Lucinda Meadows C. Co.
Walter Carrico N. B. Carrico Eliz. Whitehead C. Co.
Evaline Gin R. B. Gin Malinda Self C. Co.
Pauline Alice Wells W. Wells Mary F. Lacefield C. Co.
Charley M. Cull J. T. Cull Mary S. Trout Trimble
Kate King James G. King Mary Mayfield C. Co.
Florence Oneal William Oneal Lenore Russell C. Co.
William Tell Vories Peter Vories Sarah Fore C. Co.
Eliz. McDowell Alexander M. McDowell Sarah Coghill C. Co.
Lizzie (bl) James N. Rice Elizabeth C. Co.
male Washington Graham Eliz. Lyons Ghent
female (bl) Samuel McCann   C. Co.
Tom (bl) J. A. Gex   Gallatin
male (bl) A. G. Craig Mary Gallatin
female (bl) G. Whitehead   C. Co.
female Henry Smith Josephine Davis C. Co.
female Wm. F. Sathell   C. Co.
female Albert Tilton Mary Jane Scott C. Co.
female John A. Gex Hannetta Brooking Gallatin
female (bl) W. H. Tandy Seasee C. Co.
female Isaac Harden Mary Smiley C. Co.
female (dead) Wm. Anar (Germans) C. Co.
female Wm. Boudinot Ann Crawford C. Co.
female Rodes Nutter Ann Bursott C. Co.
male (bl) Neb McCann   C. Co.
male (bl) Robert Pattison Cynthia C. Co.
male (twins) Robert Pattison   C. Co.
Virgil (bl) George S. Whipple Mary ___ C. Co.
Almore (female) Stephen Lewis Malinda Allbright C. Co.
Nancy Butcher Allen Butcher Ann S. Jacobs C. Co.
male Henderson Diarmitt Eliz. Meadows C. Co.
Geo. Sylvester Hammond WIlliam Hammond ___ Skidmore C. Co.
male Richard Hunt Sarah Ann Lewis C. Co.
female Leonard Leachman Paulina Lewis C. Co.
Ida Dean J. W. Dean Frances Radcliff C. Co.
male Richard Gladson Sarah C. Scruggs C. Co.
male (bl) Jesse H. Carrico   C. Co.
male Ben Oneal Catherine Turk C. Co.
female unknown Eliz. Bloomer C. Co.
female James Nevill   C. Co.
Cecelia Mitchell Joseph Mitchell Eliz. Diarmitt C. Co.
female Isaac Tingle Nancy White C. Co.
male James Criman Louisa Johnson Henry Co.
female John Matthews   C. Co.
Clarinda Tingle Kendle Tingle Mary Gullion C. Co.
male (bl) A. G. Craig   Gallatin Co.
male (bl) Aaron Rettel   C. Co.
male D. G. Owen   C. Co.
male Russell Tandy   C. Co.
male Leonard Lyons Mary Southard Ghent
male (dead) Ben McCann Josephine Ellis C. Co.
female H. Ramey Mary Bowles C. Co.
male David Rice   C. Co.
female Scott Tandy Nancy Tandy C. Co.
female James Armstrong Miss Lowne C. Co.
male W. Berlin Ann Suthard C. Co.
female James S. Frank Eva Craig C. Co.
Orvillo Lewis Welburn (female) Drummond Welburn M. Medley C. Co.
Lucy R. C.Butler   C. Co.
Anson Sarlls Browinski Nicholas W. Browinski Mary Ann Sarlls C. Co.
female Francis Martin Eliz. Moore C. Co.
Benjamin Hartman William Hartman Miss Mary Adcock C. Co.
male Charlton T. Dean Permelia Tucker C. Co.
Sarah J. Shaver ___ Shaver   C. Co.
male (bl) Thomas Magruder   C. Co.
Anna Lewis Wellburn Jeremiah Wellburn Mary Schwing C. Co.
unknown Richard J. May Soloma Bain C. Co.
unknown (bl) Jane Oneal   C. Co.
Marian Smith Winslow William B. Winslow Jane Woolfolk C. Co.
George (bl) William B. Winslow Nancy C. Co.
unknown James James Sarah Jane Sampson C. Co.
unknown William Welch Sarah Brickey C. Co.
Samuel Garriott John T. Garriott Rebecca Dare C. Co.
unknown James H. Tandy Martha Davis C. Co.
unknown James Shepherd Eliza Waller C. Co.
unknown (bl) Mary Butler Edy C. Co.
female Napoleon Carrico Eliz. Whitehead C. Co.
Eleanor Harrison Hayden John Hayden Sarah Harsin C. Co.
female (bl) Eliz. Pearce Martha C. Co.
male Thomas Mitchell Catherine Beard C. Co.
male David Supplee Sally Ann Abbott C. Co.
male (bl) James Tandy   C. Co.
male (bl) Mary Morford   C. Co.
male Christopher Stafford Susan Heath C. Co.
Thomas Vance, Jr. Thomas Vance, Sr. Sarah F. Harris C. Co.
male Wm. V. A. James Martha Stewart C. Co.
female William Fisher May Root C. Co.
John Craig, Jr. John Criag, Sr. Mary Lingenfelter C. Co.
female Stephen Nye Mary Meadows C. Co.
male William Stevenson Mary Jane Owen C. Co.
Wilford (bl) Wesley Dean Mary C. Co.
Arilla Emarine Llewellyn H. Llewellyn Mary Jane Thompson C. Co.
male (dead) John A. Hanks Nancy Jane Hawkins C. Co.
male George Nevill Delilah Eldridge C. Co.
Alpha Eugene Davis (male) ___ Davis Sally Allbright C. Co.
female John R. Jones Julia Dunaway C. Co.
Lucy Catherine Beal William T. Beal Mary A. Searcy C. Co.