Carroll County Cemetery Records


 Washburn-Moore Cemetery

Information  from the Carroll County Cemetery Book written by Kathryn Salyers & Sherman Dunn

It is estimated that at least 17 graves, possibly more, are included in the cemetery. The burial site—approximately 60 by 100 feet—is bounded by an old stone wall on all four sides. The site is heavily shaded by a woods.

Robert Moore Cemetery

Information  from Geneva Pettit

This cemetery is located about three quarters of a mile off Gilgal Road but can not be accessed by what is known as Zen Forest Rd. This cemetery has been referred to as the Washburn, Moore Cemetery.

    On 18 of Feb, 1930 the land was sold out of the Moore family from Ella Moore Finklestead and husband Henry to G. A. Washburn and Maud Tingle Washburn. George Alvin( Alvie) Washburn and family occupied this land until it was deeded back to the Finklsteads on 8 July, 1932.

    The 1930  deed stipulated that the Family Grave Yard On The Farm  was not included in sale of the land.

Robert Moore:

    The obit of Robert Moore was published in the Carrollton Democrat on 21 of Jan, 1891, giving date of death as Thursday night of the week before. Gives age as 95 but 1850 census gives age about 1800. His age varies during he census records.

Jemmia Roberts Moore:

wife of Robert was born about 1820 and still Living in 1900, age 80. Death between then and 1910.

Roland Moore:

son born about 1846, age given as 31 on Carroll County death records, 2 April, 1878, cause of death, tuberculosis.

James John Moore:

son, born about 1850, age given as 19 on Carroll County death records, 3 June, 1878, cause of death, tuberculosis.

Rufus Sedan:

born about 1853, first husband of Hannah Moore is dead before 1883.

Levi Florence:

born 9 Dec, 1844 died on March 1888, first husband of Ella Moore. Stone marks this grave.

Bland Ballard Williams:

born 15 June, 1844, died 25 Dec,1874, first husband of Martha Moore. Stone marks this grave. (Only two stones found in this cemetery)

Hannah Moore McDonald:

daughter, was born about 1857 and died after 1932. Second husband Thomas McDonald born about 1830, died 1929.

Rose Mary Moore:

daughter, born about 1854 died after 1880

Ophelia Moore:

daughter, born about 1860 died after 1870

Carrie Moore:

daughter, born about 1857, died after 1870
    No marriage records have been found for these three daughters.

Ada Mae Washburn:

born 15 June, 1912, died 14 Oct, 1931, daughter of George Alvie Washburn and Maud Tingle, Bible Record of Alvie Washburn. Cause of death Cholera. Record from Marlene Washburn. Grand-daughter of Alvie.

    Newspaper Obit of Robert Moore from Kathryn Salyers. Sherman Dunn and Kathryn did not visit this cemetery because of the very steep hill. They were aware of the cemetery.

   This cemetery was recently saved from being moved thanks to the clause in the deed in 1930 and to the hard work of the Smith family, the Editor of the News Democrat and the descendents of Robert Moore.