Thompson Cemetery "Revision - 2007"


Thompson Cemetery Revision (Located on Panther Run)

Contributed By: Cindy


There is a cemetery book in the Carroll County Courthouse (a copy also resides in the Public Library) that lists the people buried in some of the small private cemeteries. The entries are in alphabetical order with the cemetery numbers following rather than by cemetery and thus easy to confuse. There  are at least two known Thompson Cemeteries in Carroll County. One in the western part near the Trimble County line (Panther Run) and one in the eastern part near Ghent and Gallatin County.
The Panther Run Cemetery is less than 100 meters from my house.
While researching my own interests, I came across the cemetery book. It was of little assistance in my personal search, but I noted those residing in the Thompson Cemetery and compared the list with the actual cemetery. An elderly Taylor descendant confirmed the burial of the Taylor children and the lack of markers. He also believed that Laura Thompson (Lowry?) had a marker at one time though I have been unsuccessful in my search for it. A number of people, including my father, have said that one or two people (children) were relocated in the 40s.
The two Taylor Cemeteries on the website have also been combined. Though I am not familiar with either, I do know that Uriah and his wife are in the Fairview Ridge Cemetery and all those listed on the centerpiece stone erected in 1980 are in the Wright's Ridge Cemetery along with both Wileys. And I  know that Gatrison, Hiram is buried in the Thompson Cemetery near Ghent. I cannot, however,  place the other individuals.
Thompson Cemetery #32 in the Carroll County Cemetery Index
Name Index Information Notes                                                
Taylor, Paul D. 1-26-1914 - 6-28-1914 No stone.
Taylor, Dalton Jan - Feb 1918 - 1918 No stone.
Thompson, Arthur 11-28-1882  
Thompson, Emerine 10-15-1828 - 5-26-1920 Husband and wife share the same large red
Thompson, Robert 11-14-1815 - 6-6-1882 granite stone.
Thompson, Henry 0-0-1859 - 0-0-1935 Shares grey granite stone with Nancy.
Thompson, Nancy 10-9-1859 - 1-29-1928  
Thompson, Laura 3-4-1848 - 11-6-1904 No stone
Thompson, Stanley 5-10-1881 - 11-10-1882  
Westrick, Delmas 7-9-1912 - 7-10-1912 This grave believed moved in 1940s. No stone
Henry, Mabel 7-10-1892  
Lowry, Margaret 0-0-1800 - 4-23-1892 Wife of Hiram Lowry
Taylor, Everett 5-2-1909 - 12-24-1910 Does not appear in the Cemetery Index.
    Fieldstone marker next to Mabel.
Taylor, Mary Catherine 0-0-1912 - 0-0-1912 Does not appear in cemetery Index. No stone.