4th Kentucky Calvary

Submitted By: Virginia Tolman

June 20, 1885  Page 1, Column 3:    John J. McCann makes a suggestion when he proposes a re-union of the Fourth Kentucky Cavalry, C.S. A.    J. J. McCann, Co. F., 4th Ky, Cavalry, C. S. A.  Ghent, Ky., June 17th, 1885 


July 11, 1885 Page 5 Column 3:  Reunion of the 4th Ky. Cavalry C. S. A.

                At an enthusiastic meeting of many members of the 4th Ky. Cavalry, S. C. A. held at Carrollton, Ky., July 4, 1885, to consider the propriety of holding a reunion of the surviving members of said regiment, the following proceedings were had:

                On motion and second, Major R. F. Harrison was elected chairman, and Robt. Ellis, secretary.

                A motion was made and seconded that there be a reunion of the 4th Ky. Cavalry at Liberty Station, Carroll County, Ky., on August 275h 1885.  Carried

                The following named persons were appointed a Committee on Invitation:  J. J. McCann, T. J. McElrath, and E. T. Craig.

                Committee on Finance and Arrangements was appointed, composed of the following named persons:  Robert  Ellis, Robert Bond, T. M. Barrett, S. M. Lacefield, and R. B. Brooker; they to appoint a sub-committee from each voting precinct in Carroll county. 

                Motion made, seconded and carried that an invitation be extended to all ex Confederate and ex-Federal soldiers to participate in the reunion. 

                Motion made and carried that the Carrollton Democrat, Courier Journal, Frankfort Yeoman, Warsaw Independent, Owen News and Democrate, Cynthiana Democrat, Falmouth Independent, Williamstown Courier, Henry Local, Eminence Constitutionalist, Milton Free Press and Oldham Era be requested to publish these proceedings.  R. F. Harrison, Chairman, Robert Ellis, Secretary. 


July 18, 1885 Page 4  Column 1:

                The reunion of the 4th Ky. Cavalry is attracting great interest, Letters have been received by the local committee from Col. H. L. Giltner, of Nicholasville; Gen. Basil Duke, of Louisville, and Thomas Bashaw, of Missouri, signifying their intention of being present.


July 25, 1885

Page 4 Column 2

                Letters received from prominent persons in regard to the 4th Ky, Cavalry reunion:

                B. W. Duke, Louisville

                Wm. C. P. Breckinridge, Lexington

                E. T. Craig, Esq, Carrollton

                R. O. Gathright Louisville

                R. W. Rowlett, LaGrange

                J. A. Alexander and brothers, Martin, Texas

                L. C. Norman, Union, Kentucky


August 1, 1885 Page 4  Column 1: and column 2

                More letters on the 4th Ky Cavalry reunion

                S. S. Scott, Florence, Kentucky

                Capt Garriott desires me to express to you his wish to be with you on the occasion, if possible, Emma W. Garriott, Campbellsburg, Kentucky

                B. F. Duncan, Owensboro, Ky.

                H. L. Giltner, Nicholasville, Ky

                T. P. Bashaw, Paris, Mo

                C. J. Bower,  Kansas City, Mo.

                Business cares will preclude the possiblity of my leaving this summer. Geo. T. Atkins, .Dallas, Texas

                R. F. Alexander Houston, Texas,


August 8, 1885 Page 1 Column 2 

                Uncle Tommy Bradley, by his first wife being a Miss Patton; he had two sons, Jim and Will, both of whom were our comrades in the 4th Ky. Cav.  Jim died in prison, was brought home and buried at Corn Creek Church.  Will survives and will be at the re-union at Liberty Station.


August 15, 1885

Page 8 Column 2  We are Coming  4th Ky Cav. Reunion.

                Edw. O. Guerrant, Mt. Sterling, Ky

                E. L. Southgate, Shelbyville, Ky.

                Capt. H. S. Chilton, Turner's Station, Ky


August 22, 1885  Page 4 Column 3  We Are Coming 

                Sinnet Duncan, Milton, Ky

                J. Crit Ireland, Louisville, Ky. 

                Old Red alias Lewis N. Craig, Maryville, Missouri  It is with sorrow that I decline the pleasure of striking hands with the many old friends and soldiers of the gallant old 45h, but business matters compel me to forego.    I know it will be a success for the heroes of Blue Springs, Rogersville and other places can not fail in this undertaking. 


August 29, 1885 

Page 1 Column 1  We shall have lots of reunion notes for next week.  

                Ed Criag has been a faithful worker for the re union.

                Uncle Jesse Carraco informs us that his preparations are complete and that he was "a gwine" to the reunion.


Carrollton Democrat

August 29, 1885  Page 5   


                The 4th Ky. Cav. Came Together  Again, Renew Acquaintances and Have a Glorious Time


Names, Notes and News.


                Thursday, August 17th, re-union day, was ushered in with a clear sky and a cold crisp atmosphere.  Every heart leaped with joy at the prospect of a happy day--a glorious re-union of that gallant and brave regiment which was without a superior, in either army, for lofty courage, cool daring, heroic fortitude and all those virtues which belong to true soldiers.  Nearly every expectation was fully met, the principal disappointment being that Capt. E. O. Guerrant, Col. W. C. P. Breckinridge, Gen. Williams and other prominent men who had promised to attend, were not there.  However, much as their presence would have delighted the thousands who assembled to honor the survivors of the 4th, it is almost impossible to conceive a more pleasant or more successful meeting than the one held.  The committee had left nothing undone which could contribute to the pleasure of any one--plenty of seats, and efficient police force, excellent music; and the people provided a most bountiful dinner.  From far and near, baskets poured in till they would have made a mountain, if in one pile.  The crowd, which was estimated all the way from five to ten thousand, was fully provided for, and provisions were put back into the baskets.

                But to give an account of events in the order of their occurrence, it will be necessary to go back to the previous day.




                Wednesday night, at the Christian church, there was a meeting of such soldiers as had arrived, for the purpose of making certain preliminary arrangements.

                R. F. Harrison was made chairman and E. A. Gullion, of the "Democrat," secretary.

                It was moved and carried that the chair appoint a committee on proments to consist of one from each company that composed the regiment.  The chair then appointed Capt. Ben Duncan, Co. A.; Wm. Demit, Co. B; Lt. E. J. Sanders, Co. C; R. F. Garrard, Co. D; Capt. Sam Duncan, Co. E.; Capt. T. M. Barrett, Co. F; Richard Strother, Co. G; George Doyle, Co. H; Lt. A. W. Smith Co. I; Lt. H. H. Adcock, Co. K.  Companies G, I, and K were not represented and members of other companies were appointed to represent them.

                On motion and second the chair was directed to appoint a committee of three on resolutions.  The chair appointed Richard Strother, Lieut. Sinnett Duncan and Lieut. H. H. Adcock as such committee.

                The meeting then adjourned to meet at 8 o'clock a.m., Thursday.

                Met at 8 o'clock, Thursday morning, pursuant to adjournment:

                The committee on resolutions reported as follows:

                                Whereas, a call has been issued by members of the 4th Ky, Cavalry, CSA., for a re-union of said regiment, at Sanders Carroll county, on August 27th, 1885; and, whereas in response to the call a majority of the survivors have assembled, therefore, be it

                Resolved; That in order to renew old acquaintances and keep alive the fraternal feeling heretofore existing among the members of the old regiment, a permanent organization be effected.

                On motion and second the chair appointed one from each company as a committee on permanent organization.

                The chair appointed Oscar Coleman, E. T. Craig, Thomas Violett, James McCandless, T. Rfisher, Robert Ellis, Wm. Moore, George Doyle, Joe Turner and Mick Gill.

                The chair appointed, on motion and second, one from each company to serve with committee on arrangements as a committee to receive other members of the 4th as they should arrive in town during the day.

                Hon. W. L. Vories then addressed the meeting in a speech which was a happy bledning of the humorous and the pathetic.




                Immense throngs came in on the morning trains.  AT ten o'clock the crowd repaired to the grounds, just across Eagle Creek where the soldiers enrolled their names.  Immediately afterward, the "grand rally" took place at which time Capt. Warren Montfort delivered an eloquent and well-timed address and was warmly cheered.

                Next on the programme [sic]was an address from Gen. Bazil W. Duke, Gen. Duke delivered an excellent speech--by all odds the best of the day.  It had good thought in it, was expressed in chaste English and was very appropriate throughout.  We are sorry that we have not the speech for publication.  Next came the dinner.  Thousands ate at private tables and nearly as many more at the public table.  Plenty to eat.

                Senator W. M. Cravens then spoke, delivering an eloquent address.  While he was speaking, the soldiers were drawn up in line before him and he addressed them as soldiers, referring to their valor, the cause for which they fought, &c., causing many a tear to flow.  In response to "calls" Hon. W. P. Thorne, Judge J. W. Greene, Judge J. H. Dorman, Hon. J. W. Perry, Capt. H. S. Chilton, and Hon. Thomas J. McElrath, made speeches and entertained the audience very much.  A number of funny anecdotes were told, while the pathetic was not wanting. 

                In the afternoon the committee on




Reported as follows:

                T. F. Violett, Pres.;' Ed. T. Craig, Sec.; J. S. Turner, Treas, Committee: Capt. T. M. Barrett, Lieut. A. W. Smith, Alex. Rogers, R. F. Harrison,




Of the Regiment is as follows:

                The companies which formed the nucleus of the 4th Kentucky, were four, and were organized about a mile beyond Owenton, on the 10th of September, 1862, by the election of H. L. Giltner, M. T. Pryor, Wm. R. Ray and J. T. Alexander as captains.  Near Salyersville, Magoffin county, H. L. Giltner was made Colonel of the Regiment, which was numbered and called the Fourth Kentucky Cavalry.  M. T. Pryor, was made Lieutenant-Colonel, and Nathan Parker Major.  The regiment, when the ten companies were finally all organized, was as follows:

                Company A--Trimble county, Capt. Wm. R. Ray, of Trimble County.

                Company B--Carroll and Owen counties, Capt. John G. Scott of Carroll county. 

                Company C--Owen county, Capt J. t. Alexander, of Owen

                Company D--Pendleton county, Capt. T. E. Moore, of Pendleton.

                Company E--Trimble and Carroll counties, Capt. Sum Duncan, of Trimble county

                Company F--Carroll county, Capt. T. M. Barrett, of Carroll County

Company G--Grant and Owen counties, Capt. J. T. Willis, of Grant

                Company H--Oldham and Henry counties, Capt. R. O. Gathright.

                Company  I--Henry and Carroll counties, Capt. John Marshall, of Henry.

                Company K--from various localities, Capt. E. D. Whitaker, of Carroll.


                On the death of Major Parker, at Wythville, May 10th, 1864, Capt. Ray became major, and Ben Duncan, 1st Lieut. Became captain of Company A.  On the death of Capt. Marshall, in Virginia, in the spring of 1865, Lieut. H. S. Chilton became captain of Company I.

                The first active service the regiment saw--and that was before it was fully organized--was in the fall of 1862, in connection with Marshall's and Morgan's brigades, obstructing the retreat of the Federal General, George H. Mogan, in his retreat from Cumberland Gap. 

                The regiment was involved in forty-three engagements with the enemy, besides numerous skirmishes and including one winter's service under Longstreet when he was in East Tennessee and when engaged in the siege of Knoxville.  It was first under Gen. Humphrey Marshall, and finally under Gen. John H. Morgan, until his death at Greenville, Tenn., in November, 1864.  After the death of Morgan, Col. Giltner became and was, until the surrender, acting Brigadier-General.  The last fight in which the regiment was engaged was at Marion, Va., after the surrender of Lee.  It surrendered at Mt. Sterling, Ky., to Gen. Hobson, on the 30th of April, 1865, the men being paroled and allowed to go to their homes, there to remain until exchanged as prisoners of war.  The officers were allowed to retain their side arms.



                The following persons answered to their names:



B. F. Duncan, Capt.


John Penn,                                            H. W. Stafford,

Wm. H. Kirk,                                         W. S. Ogden,

J. W. Rowlett,                                       John Wood,

W. R. Goode,                                        Wm. Burroughs,

J. H. Law,                                               J. L. Colbert,

J. G. Ginn,                                              David Welch,

H. D. Hunter,                                         S. A. Quinley,

J. H. McCarty,                                       G. W. Miller,

J. A. Tandy,                                          W. O. Coleman.



Dr. W. L. Nuttall, Asst. Surgeon;

P. N. Dement, Orderly Sergt;

Thomas Reed, 3d Sergt.

T. M. Baker,                                          Wm. Demint,

J. T. Rudd,                                             Lewis Alexander,

Albert Costigan,                                   P. Vallandingham,

Wm. Baker,                                            Barney Reptka,

W. Baker,                                               R. F. Slaughter,

j. T. Knox,                                              John Rogers,

J. W. West,                                           R. L. Bond,

Newt A. Knox,                                      J. E. Duigiud,

E. T. Craig,                                             W. F. Smith,

Richard Diarmit,                                    John Pilow,

Thomas J. McElrath,                               Alex Rogers,

Newt West,                                           W. O. B. Sherley. 



E. J. Sanders, 1st Lieut;

P. E. Gentry, 4th Sergt;

T. w. Taylor, Corporal;

J. P. Garvey, 2nd Lieut,

C. H. Beatty,                                          T. J. Osborne,

H. H. Maddox,                                      John Lewis,

N. B. Rogers,                                         B. E. Garvey,

D. L. Poland,                                         John Burke,

R. S. Bond,                                            Joseph Lewis,

James Burke,                                         Granville Brock,

John Stager,                                          L. McDarment,

W. G. Bond,                                          J. H. Dorman,

J. L. Green,                                             W. M. Early,

James Darbro,                                       D. L. Osborne,

S. S. Waldrop,                                       T. H. Early,

R. F. Slaughter,                                     T. H. Hopkins



R. F. Garrard, lst Lieut.

John Mackemson, 2nd Lieut.

J R. Ellis, 1st Corpal

Henry Florence,                                    James McCandless,

N. R. Colvin,                                          Wm. Dougherty



S. P. Duncan, Capt.,

H. H. Adcock, 1st Lieut.,

S. Duncan, 2d Lieut.,

Wm. Buchanan, Orderly Sergt.,

A. C. Norvell, 2d Sergt,

W. M. Early,                                          Jas F. Caplinger,

George Banks,                                      David Detraz,

Elijah Holaclaw,                                    Dr. H. J. Hulcee,

R. H. Strother,                                       Z. King,

John R. Powell,                                     H. L. Smith,

T. Fisher,                                               M. V. Williams,

J. R. Nevill,                                            E. O. Pollard,

M. Horton,                                            A. W. Smith,

John W. Lee,                                         E. B. Foree,

J. T. Martin,                                           G. A. Tharp,

W. A. Bain,                                           G. W. Abbott,



T. M. Barretts, Capt.,

G. S. Wood, 1st Lieut.,

W. C. Ellis, 1st Sergt.,

R. W. Burroughs, Com. Sergt.,

John Butts, 1st Corporal,

J. J. McCann, 2d Corporal.

Dan Cox, 3d Corporal,

G. T. Gardner,                                        Lewis Craig,

J. P. Tandy,                                           John Langstaff,

James Coghill,                                       J. W. Wayland,

S. L. Duvall,                                           R. M. Souther,

S. M. Lacefield,                                     John Andrson,

G. N. Forsee,                                         Willis Little,

Robt. Hudson,                                      W. T. Carraco,

g. L. Sothard,,                                       R. B. Booker,

J. M. Hayden,                                       W. J. Dugan,

S. T. Souther,                                        W. J. Taylor,

Joseph Arnold,                                     A. J. Edleman,

Robt. Ellis,                                             George D. Mosgrove,

John W. Campbell,                               Joel Bridges,

Robert Baker,                                        Newton Orr




James T. Willis, Captain.

J. Revill,                                                 Hardin Davis,

Wm. Hutton,                                         W. H. Wilhoite,

W. S. Brumback,                                   S. B. Brown,

W. T. Callender,                                   A. B. Sale,

James Secrest,                                      Zack Clarke,

W. H. Moore,                                        J. M. Suter,

Martin Wilson,                                     Gran Crouch,

M. V. Sale,                                             Willis Ford,

William Jewett,                                     A. G. Gross,

J. N. Carter,                                            B. F. Spicer,

C. Wingate,                                           R. N. Rolan.    




R. O. Gathright, Capt.

J. Crit Ireland, 1st Lieut.

W. B. Crabb, 1st Sergt.

W. V. Burton, 2d Sergt.

Wm. Mitchell                                        George Forsee

John Robbins,                                      Lafe Bell,

R. Hedges,                                             Conway Glass,

T. D. Kindall,                                         John Mulligan,

George Doyle,                                       Lafe Harrington,




H. S. Chilton, Capt.

W. J. Turner, 1st lieut.

James Tingle, 1st Sergt.

J. S. Turner, 2d Sergt.

Reuben Tingle, 1st Corporal

J. T. Chilton, 3d Corporal

Dr. J. P. Nuttall, Asst. Surgeon of Regiment

Joel Jones                              W. H. Pyles,

Silas G. Sims,                         Jesse Tharp,

F. C. Jones                             R. S. Wilson

W. J. Tharp                           P. D. Nuttall

T. M. Humston                     J. L. Caldwell, mail carrier

W. G. Bryan,                         B. T. Roberberton



J. A. Smith, 1st Sergt.

E. R. Spangler, 3d Sergt

Mick Gill, 4th Sergt


John Lewellyn,                                     J. J. Polan,

James Lyons,                                        W. K. McCann,

A. Ford,                                                 Sam Hrrington,

G. W. Holliday,                                     T. A. Catlett,

Pat Gill,                                                   J. A. Smith,




R. F. Harrison, Sergeant Major

Dr. S. S. Scott, Surgeon of Regiment,

T. H. Hayden, Regimental Bugler

                In addition to the foregoing we noted the following ex-confederates, from other commands, many of whom were in line.


General Basil W. Duke,

Elisha Abner, 1st Ky.

Spense Thomas, same,

J. W. Perry, same,

John Jones, same

B. N. Elliston, Buckner's Body Guard

W. L. Garriott, Capt. Buckner's Body Guard

E. J. Kenny, 2d Ky.

Henry Moore, same,

D. J. Spenneberg, same,

G. M. Jameson, 5th Ky,

R. T. Yarber, same

J. W. Jacobs, Sergt. Same,

Joseph Long, Sergt same,

W. H. Shelton, Corporal same,

W. Smith, same,

Rob ert Pearce, same,

G. W. Lindsay, same,

John Hudson, same,

W. C. Bond, same,

T. J. Lindsay, same,

J. V. Lindsay, same,

J. R. Hussung, same,

J. W. Dorman, same,

J. C. Skirvin, same

M. B. Mitchell, same,

R. W. Jones, 6th Ky,

H. T. Welch, same,

William Turley, same,

N. T. Lancaster, same,

Lewis Morgan, same,

T. J. Quinley, same

George M. Jesse, Col 6th Ky,

Warren Montfort, Capt Co. D. 6th Ky,

H. Bohannon, 6th Ky

F. Skidmore, same,

Ned Winsburne, (colored) same,

Henry Brown, same,

James Sidebottom, same,

J. W. Frazer, same,

Lon Tague, same,

P. L. Jones, same,

W. R. Karsner, same,

John A. Jackson, same,

J. J. Childress, same,

W. J. Arnold, 8th Ky.

J. N. Whiteley, 9th Ky.,

J. W. Hardin, same,

W. D. Vincent, same,

George W. Lentz, same,

George H. Mitchell, same,

J. M. Spillman, same,

J. N. Hundley, same,

Capt. B. W. Jenkins, Assistant Adjutant General,

Rod Perry, 9th Tennessee

Cyrus Hanks, 1st Arkansas, Battalion

W. S. Bailey, 28th Mississippi,

Thomas Harlan, 19th Virginia,

William Ellington, 11th Alabama.




Mr. Eddleman wore his old soldier cap.

Ed. Craig was a good worker to the last

The Trimble delegation was a good one.L. T. Garrard, Company E., was the first man wounded in the 4th.

Dora Supplee was the only ex-Fedral soldier in line.  Hurrah for Dora!

Capt. Barrett out ranked all other officers of the 4th, who were present.

Col. H. L. Giltner was much missed, He is keeping hotel at Nicholasville.

Braynard Bayless had his faded "Gray Jacket" with him but didn't wear it.

Lieut. Archie Smith exhibited the last muster roll and pay roll of his company.

Uncle Johnnie Rogers was the oldest man in the regiment.  He is yet as active as a cat.


A large U. S. flag, suspended from the bridge, waved over the speakers' stand.  Miss Jessie Bridges and Mrs. Robt. Ellis made the flag and assisted on the decoration.


Capt. W. S. Bailey was conspicuous on the stand, with a badge of his regiment, 28th Miss.

We had less than one day to get up the proceedings Sorry we could not make our account longer.

There were 218 members of the 4th enrolled.  Doubtless there were some who failed to report their names.


Dr. Sam S. Scott did not bring "Stormy" with him.  The doctor is in delicate health.  The boys were glad to see him


Capt. Sam Duncan was a powerful magnet, drawing vast crowds around him.  No man is more highly esteemed by the boys.


The Sanders people are good entertainers.  Our host was John W. Davis, than whom there is not a better one on this mundane sphere.


Ed Craig and Bob Ellis, of the committee on arrangements, deserved special mention for their energy and zeal.  Much of the success is due to them.


D. Braynard Bayless, who was on Giltner's staff, was there and was just 40 years old on that day.  He is one of the brightest and most pleasant men we met.


Captains Ben and Sam Duncan, Barrett, Willis, Gathright, Chilton, Alexander, Moore and Whitaker are living, All except the last three were there.  Capt. Scott is dead.


Dr. John Price Nuttall was one of the best talkers present.  He lives in Madison, Ind., has quit the practice of medicine and entered the Baptist ministry, and now preaches for four churches.


This was really the second reunion of the "gallant 4th"; the first was at Bedford when the remains of the gallant Major Parker were brought home, at which time nearly all of the survivors were present.


There was one colored soldier in line, Ned Winburn, of Henry county.  He was a member of Co. A., 6th Ky., and was an excellent soldier.  He is now a No. 1 citizen.  The boys were glad to shake with Ned. 


The following ex-confederates passed through town Wednesday in an immense excursion wagon, owned and conducted by DeKalb Craig, of Madison:  Lieut. Sinnett Duncan, Theophilus Fisher, Wm. Buchanan, David Detraz, Elijah Holsclaw, Joe Tom Rudd, Zibe King.


Capt. W. Love Garriott, who commanded the Buckner Guards, is now an invalid, suffering with paralysis caused by a wound received at Frankfort.  No man received more attention than he did.  He occupied a large wheel chair on the speaker's stand.  His wife, a very intelligent and cultured woman, accompanied him.


Our efficient town Marshall, S. K. Taylor, was chief of the police force at the re-union and his portly form and handsome face was conspicuous to all day attending to his duties.  No better man could have been selected.  The most perfect order was maintained all day.   It was remarkable, considering the immense crowd.


Mrs. Barbara Pryor, widow of the gallant Col. Tandy Pryor, was present, with several of her children.  The old soldiers delighted to honor her.  A badge was pinned on her shoulder and she was the only woman who wore one.  She, of all others, was entitled to wear it--not only on account of her husband's services, but by reason of her own services, at home, to the South and to the prisoners. 


If the speakers had said more about the dead--the gallant Pryor, Parker and Scott--more about mothers, wives, homes and "The girl I left behind me," and less about "constitutional law," "fundamental principles," "the resolutions of '98," and other like matters, their speeches would have touched the heart and ahd a much better effect than they did have.  Many speakers are too prone to hug the people and harp on politics.


"Billie Roan," Capt. Adcock's horse which went through the war, was there and received more honors than any of the men.  On this same horse Capt. A. Courted his wife before the war.  Billie Roan went out with the regiment in '62 and returned in '65, never losing a day's service.  His back was never sore and he was never sick a moment.  A good portion of the time he was a courier horse, often carrying dispatches on dangerous errands, and he was always on the battle field.  At the time of the surrender at Mt. Sterling, Capt. A. gave a woman $30. To bring the faithful steed through the lines, and thence he was brought home by other parties--at a cost of $65.  He was foaled in Henry county and was 27 years old last June.  Barring crippled knees he looks not more than 9 years old.  He was caparisoned and ribboned on the parade ground and attracted much attention.


Next reunion at Carrollton.


Page 8:


About everybody attended the re-union.


W. H. Arnold, a very pleasant gentleman of Seymour, Ind., was here several days this week visiting relatives.  He is a native of Owen County.  He attended the re-union.


September 5, 1885  Page 8

Re-Union, Bedford, Ky. August 31, '85

Ed. Carrollton Democrat: Since I returned from the re-union I have been making some inquiry as to how many surviving soldiers in our county and other places did not attend.  I know of the following.



Robert Gatewood,                Ely Holl,

James Hall,                            Len Maddox,

L. G. Peak,                              Silas Peak,

G. W. Peak,                            Lytle Romans,

John Roberon,                      F. Hutcherson,

J. G. Sanders,                        Geo. D. Ewing,

Gus Ewing,                            Mote Stanly,

G. W. Edwards,                     Samuel Tingle,

W. Pryor,                               Love Faulkner,

Marion Staples.



Henry Lee,                             Delkby Jinkins,

W. Fore,                                 Ehohn Willis,

James Jackson,                     Jos. Buchanan,

John Hisle,                            At Pierce

W. B. May,                            Gabe May,

Thos. Parks,                          Thos. Barger,

James Barger,                        J. W. Maddox,

Moses Mitchell



David Kent,                           Lon Kennedy,

Thomas English.

                Yours Respect'y, J. W. Lee


Editor Democrat:  As a member of the "old 4th" which lately met at Liberty Station, I feel like saying something in praise of the generous hospitable manner in which the soldiers were received and entertained by the citizens of that place.  Their liberality was unbounded and no pains were spared to make all enjoy themselves.  In behalf of all "the boys" I will say that Liberty Station will ever be green in the memory of us all.

                J. W. Campbell, Company F.  Carrollton, Ky., Sept. 1, 1885



J. and Joseph Arnold "B" instead of "F"


W. O. B. Sherley should have been in Company "F." instead of "B"


Thomas Kendall walked all the way from Winona, Trimble county, to Worthville, to "get thar."


Dr. Gregory who was hospital steward and member of Company "A" was there.  He lives in Hawesville.


Among those present who did not register were  W. B. Williams, J. N. Williams, and Andrew Garnett, of Company "B"; A. W. Smith, Company "E"; Joe Jagers, Company "C"; W. H. Bradley, Company "F", R. T. Ellis, Company "D",


Capt. E. D. Whitaker was here the Saturday preceding the 27th, but did not attend the reunion.


September 19, 1885 Page 1 Column 1  Not a word was ever said about Uncle Clark Riley in connection with the reunion.  He was one of that gallant band and was here.  Give the reverend old gentleman the honor due him.