Carroll County Deaths



NEW  1918 - 1919 & 1920  Carroll County Deaths During the Influenza Outbreak


Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Grimes, Pearl Pauline 25 18-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Murphy, Harry 1 24-Oct-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Miller, Agusta 7 25-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Brunton, Orville 7 7-Nov-18 Influenza Broncopneumonia
Sterling, Pearl 23 8-Nov-18 Influenza
Hanlon, Janette Keene 7 15-Nov-18 Influenza Broncopneumonia
Eves, Jimie 31 16-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
McPherson, Mary E. 38 17-Nov-18 Influenza Broncopneumonia
Harris, Ora 26 18-Nov-18 Tuberculosis Influenza & Child Birth
Whitaker, Marcus V. 30 19-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Supplee, Clarence E. 30 20-Nov-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Spanish Influenza
Whitehead, Katie 44 21-Nov-18 Consumption Influenza
Kiper, Mrs. Nannie 41 22-Nov-18 Heart Block Influenza
Hunt, Naomah 11 mth 22-Nov-18 Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
Jones, May Lyter 10 mth 23-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Hudgins, Joseph William 4 25-Nov-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Smither, Joseph Cyrus 3 25-Nov-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Harlow, Lizzie 38 25-Nov-18 Influenza Broncopneumonia
Collins, Albert 10 mth 25-Nov-18 Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
Demint, Claudia Ella 36 28-Nov-18 Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
Jones, Lucinda 26 2-Dec-18 Influenza Lobar Pneumonia
Brown, Howard 16 3-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Bewie, Ferdenand 30 4-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Newkirk, James 17 15-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Haggard, Ramon 1 mth 23-Dec-18 Bronchial Cold Influenza
Ayler, Moses Dewitt 20 mths 29-Dec-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza










Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Delap, Margia 3 4-Jan-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Delap, Zala A. 14 9-Jan-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Shelly, Kate Scott 29 12-Jan-19 Influenza Confinment
Meadows, Margaret 75 14-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Long, Charles H. 3 14-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
O'Neal, Adeline 77 17-Jan-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Earls, Evert Walton 18 19-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Mix, Buford 4 22-Jan-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Following Influenza
Roberts, Alice 63 6-Feb-19 Not Known Influenza
Hughes, Harley Alfred 57 9-Feb-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Osborn, Mary E. 78 23-Mar-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Davis, Mabel 17 27-Mar-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Kuhlman, Joseph Edward 8 mth 1-Apr-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Thurmann, Frank Hendrick W. 58 1-Sep-19 Pneumonia Influenza










Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Dunn, H. R. 43 14-Jan-20 Endocarcis Influenza
Kelly, Alice 48 24-Jan-20 Influenza Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Fothergill, Julia B. 4 16-Feb-20 Pneumonia Influenza
Hudson, Ora Lacy 23 18-Feb-20 Influenza
Morgan, Woodrow F. 3 21-Feb-20 Influenza Cold
Groves, Mrs. Cordie M. 27 23-Feb-20 Influenza & Bronchial Pneumonia Heart Failure
Oaks, Dorthy Lucile 3 28-Feb-20 Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
Glauber, Alice Elizabeth 7 29-Feb-20 Pneumonia Influenza
Arnold, R. C. 2 3-Mar-20 Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
Lewellyn, Vernon 6 3-Mar-20 Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
Mosgrove, James G. 37 4-Mar-20 Cardiac failure due to stress & Influenza Diabetus Mellitus
Raisor, Mary Elizabeth 85 7-Mar-20 Influenza Mitral Insufficiency
Brown, Forest L. 6 mth 8-Mar-20 Pneumonia Influenza
Howard, Vernon 39 8-Mar-20 Influenza Lobar Pneumonia
D. Ella LaDue 73 9-Mar-20 Influenza
Martin, Harry Allen 6 mth 15-Mar-20 Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
Curtis, Charlie 19 16-Mar-20 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Curtis, Lillie 11 17-Mar-20 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Breeden, Gus Little 77 18-Mar-20 Influenza
Grobmeier, Mary Ann 86 4-Apr-20 Influenza
Ewing, Martha Emily 87 16-Apr-20 Influenza
McKenney, Woodman Robinson 3 1-May-20 Pneumonia Influenza
Wheeler, John M. 49 30-Aug-20 Pulmonary Tuberculosis Influenza

Carroll County Deaths - Various Years

Locations given if possible. Single names (no Surname given) are blacks with owner listed.


 under 15 yrs. of age


 under 15 yrs. of age


under 15 yrs. of age


 under 15 yrs. of age


 under 15 yrs. of age

1858 - Records show no deaths under 15 yrs. of age for 1858.


 under 15 yrs. of age


 under 15 yrs. of age

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