Carroll County Family Group Sheets

Contributed By: James Lee Cobb, III



Name:            Thomas Butler COBB[1],[2]


Birth:            15 DEC 1886            Jessamine Co. Kentucky[3]

Death:            15 OCT 1964            Carroll Co. Memorial Hospital, Carrollton, Carroll Co. Kentucky[3],[4],[5],[6]

Burial:            18 OCT 1964            IOOF Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll Co Kentucky[3],[4],[7]

Occupation:            Farmer

Father:            William Butler/Will COBB (1851-1895)

Mother:            Mary Frances WALKER (1856-)

Other Spouses:            Nannie Bertha 'Birtie' DARBRO

Marriage:            29 NOV 1913            Carrollton, Carroll Co. Kentucky[8],[9]


Spouse:            Carrie Nettie PIERCE[10]


Birth:            24 JUN 1894            Patriot, Indiana

Death:            19 MAR 1969            Carroll Co. Memorial Hospital, Carrollton, Carroll Co Kentucky[11],[12],[13]

Burial:            22 MAR 1969            IOOF Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll Co Kentucky

Religion:            Baptist

Occupation:            Housewife/farmer

Father:            John D. PIERCE (1870-)

Mother:            Melvina




1 M:            Charles E. COBB[14],[15]

Birth:            4 JAN 1914            Eagle Station, Carroll Co. Kentucky[14]

Death:            19 JAN 1914            Eagle Station, Carroll Co. Kentucky[14],[16]


2 F:            Ollie Mead COBB[17]

Birth:            18 DEC 1914            Carrollton, Carroll Co. Kentucky[18],[19]

Death:            11 MAY 1986            Evansville, Vanderburg Co. Indiana[18]

Spouse:            Frank A. STEPHANUS

Marriage:            2 JUL 1927            Carrollton, Carroll Co Kentucky[20]

Spouse:            Sterline WHITLEDGE

Marriage:            1949            Evansville, Vanderburg Co. Indiana

Spouse:            CURLIN


3 F:            Virginia Lou Jean COBB[21]

Birth:            5 DEC 1928            Eagle Station, Carroll Co. Kentucky[21],[22]

Death:            3 DEC 2003            Cincinnatti, Hamilton Co. Ohio[21]

Spouse:            Blanton Tandy CURLIN

Marriage:            21 JUL 1943            Carrollton, Carroll Co Kentucky

Divorce:            22 DEC 1955

Spouse:            John James 'Joe Bill' McCORMICK

Marriage:            3 FEB 1959            Aurora, Dearborn Co. Indiana


4 M:            John Gilbert COBB

Birth:            30 MAY 1930            Eagle Station, Carroll Co. Kentucky[23]

Death:            24 MAR 2001            Indianopolis, Indiana[24]

Spouse:            Delores Ann STONE

Marriage:            31 AUG 1951            Carrollton, Carroll Co. Kentucky[25]


5 M:            Thomas COBB

Birth:            10 MAY 1932            Eagle Station, Carroll Co. Kentucky

Death:            7 MAY 1993            Carroll Co. Kentucky[26]

Spouse:            Mary Frances HUNT


Spouse:            Beulah Mae 'Bootsie' SMITH

Marriage:            26 MAR 1952            Lawrencburg, Dearborn Co. Indiana


6 F:            Beulah Mae COBB

Birth:            27 AUG 1934            Eagle Station, Carroll Co. Kentucky[11]

Death:            21 FEB 1996            LaGrange, Oldham Co. Kentucky[11],[27]

Spouse:            William Harlon McCORMICK

Marriage:            2 JUN 1948            Carrollton, Carroll Co. Kentucky[28]



Notes for Thomas Butler COBB

Thomas came into Carroll County at about the age of 14.

Carroll County was formed in 1838 from parts of Gallatin, Henry and Trimble counties.  [29]

Thomas lived with J.B. and Ollie Moore when he came to Carroll Co. Kentucky, from an orphanage in Louisville, Jefferson Co. Kentucky. Where he was placed after the death of his parents.[17]

Ollie Moore was born 9 Jan 1875 in Carrollton, Carroll Co. Kentucky and died 2 Feb 1961 at the age of 66. Her parents were James and Nancy Wilson. Funeral services were Saturday at 2 p.m. at Tandy-Eckler Funeral Home by Rev. R.I. Amason of the Carrollton Christian Church. Burial was at the I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Carrollton, Carroll Co. Kentucky. [11]

Thomas B. Cobb, 77, died Oct. 15 at his home near Eagle Station. He had been in ill health for two years.

Mr. Cobb was the son of Butler and Mary Frances Walker Cobb and was born in Jessamine County. He had been a farmer in the Eagle Station community most of his life and was a member of the Whites Run Christian Church.

Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Carrie Cobb; three daughters Mrs. Ollie Whitledge of Evansville, Ind. , Mrs. Virginia McCormick of Aurora, Ind., and Mrs. Beulah McCormick of Sanders; three sons, James and Thomas Jr., Sanders and John of Aurura, Ind.

Funeral services were conducted at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Graham Funeral Home by the Rev. Paul Livesay, with burial in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery.

Pallbearers were Ernie Palmer, Frank Stevnous Jr., Thomas Cobb, James Lee Cobb, Russell Curlin and Marvin Crawford.[11]

CARROLLTON NEWS-DEMOCRAT - Thursday, Oct. 22, 1964)


Carroll Co KY census; p. 11, 1910. 189-191

"deed," 15 JUN 1913, book 27, page 185, Jessamine Co KY courthouse.

"deed," 17 FEB 1961, Carroll Co KY courthouse.

deed dated 25 FEB 1923 for land purchased from M.B. & Mattie Sanders in Carroll Co. KY. [30]




Notes for Carrie Nettie PIERCE

Funeral services for Mrs. Carrie Cobb, 74, of Sanders, were conducted March 22 at the Graham Funeral Home by Rev. J.H. Douthett.

She died March 19 at Carroll County Memorial Hospital after an illness of several months.

Mrs. Cobb was born June 24, 1894 at Patiort, Ind., the daughter of John and Melvina Pierce. She was a member of the Jordon Baptist Church.

Survivors are three daughters, Mrs. Ollie Whitledge, Mrs. Jean McCormick, and Mrs. Peggy McCormick; three sons, James, John and Thomas Jr.

Mr. Cobb preceded her in death in 1964.

Other survivors are 19 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren.

Burial was in I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Carrollton.

Serving as pallbearers were Tommy Cobb, James Lee Cobb, Frank Stephanus Jr.,

John Dolby, Marvin Crawford and Bud Stone. [11], [31]

Grave Location; Section JJ, Row 1, Grave 28. [4]


Carrie Nettie Pierce Cobb


Cause of death from death certificate;

myocardial infection


myocardial infection; Means degeneration of heart muscle, but is often used as a euphemism for Old Age.

Myocardial; Relating to the myocardium.

myocardial infarction (MI): infarction of an segment of the heart muscle, usually as a result of occlusion of a coronary artery. Syn: heart attack, cardiac infarction

Myocardial infarction is the most common cause of death in the U.S. About 800,000 people annually sustain first heart attacks, with a mortality rate of 30%, and 450,000 people sustain recurrent heart attacks, with a mortality rate of 50%. The most common cause of MI is thrombosis of an atherosclerotic coronary artery. Less common causes are coronary artery anomalies, vasculitis, or spasm induced by cocaine, ergot derivatives, or other agents. Risk factors for MI include male gender, family history of MI, obesity, hypertension, cigarette smoking, and elevation of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, homocysteine, lipoprotein (a), or C-reactive protein. At least 80% of MIs occur in people without a prior history of angina pectoris, and 20% are not recognized, either because they cause no symptoms (silent infarction) or because symptoms are attributed to other causes. Some 20% of people sustaining MI die before reaching a hospital. The classical symptom of MI is crushing anterior chest pain radiating into the neck, shoulder, or arm, lasting more than 30 minutes, and not relieved by nitroglycerin; typically pain is accompanied by dyspnea, diaphoresis, weakness, and nausea. Significant physical findings, often absent, include an atrial gallop rhythm (4th heart sound) and a pericardial friction rub. The electrocardiogram shows ST segment elevation (later changing to depression) and T wave inversion in leads reflecting the area of infarction. Q waves indicate transmural damage and a poorer prognosis. Diagnosis is supported by acute elevation in serum levels of myoglobin, lactic dehydrogenase, the MB isoenzyme of creatine kinase, and troponins. Unequivocal evidence of MI may be lacking during the first 6 hours in as many as 50% of patients. Death from acute MI is usually due to arrhythmia (ventricular fibrillation or asystole), shock (forward failure), congestive heart failure, or papillary muscle rupture. Other grave complications, which may occur during convalescence, include cardiorrhexis, ventricular aneurysm, and mural thrombus. Acute MI is treated (ideally under continuous ECG monitoring in the intensive care or coronary care unit of a hospital) with narcotic analgesics, oxygen by inhalation, intravenous administration of a thrombolytic agent, antiarrhythmic agents when indicated, and usually anticoagulants (aspirin, heparin), beta-blockers, and ACE inhibitors. Patients with evidence of persistent ischemia require angiography and may be candidates for balloon angioplasty. Data from the Framingham Heart Study show that a higher percentage of acute MIs are silent or unrecognized in women and the elderly. Several studies have shown that women and the elderly tend to wait longer before seeking medical care after the onset of acute coronary symptoms than men and younger persons. In addition, women seeking emergency treatment for symptoms suggestive of acute coronary disease are less likely than men with similar symptoms to be admitted for evaluation, and women are less frequently referred than are men for diagnostic tests such as coronary angiography. Other studies have shown important gender differences in the presenting symptoms and medical recognition of MI. Chest pain is the most common symptom reported by both men and women, but men are more likely to complain of diaphoresis, while women are more likely to experience neck, jaw, or back pain, nausea, vomiting, dyspnea, or cardiac failure, in addition to chest pain. The incidence rates of acute pulmonary edema and cardiogenic shock in MI are higher in women, and mortality rates at 28 days and 6 months are also higher.


Old Age: In this modern scientific age, some people think that someone who dies must have suffered with a disease that lead to their death

Many death certificates give an imprecise "diagnosis" (myocardial degeneration, morbus cordis, multiple organ failure etc) as the attending doctor felt obliged to conform to this view

I feel that some elderly people do, in fact, die of old age

The registrars in the UK are happy to accept old age as a cause of death

The use of the term old age or any of its euphemisms does not indicate that the attending doctor did not know the cause of death. Rather he (or she) was being honest

o Sometimes, a doctor may strongly suspect that, on the basis of the history and examination findings, a certain disease was the cause of death, but the patient was too frail to be subjected to investigations to confirm the suspected diagnosis 

Atherosclerosis: Commonly called hardening of the arteries

Almost everyone gets this condition eventually. The arteries fur up with plaques of cholesterol, over which a blood clot can grow, which narrows the artery and eventually fail to adequately supply blood

It leads to angina, heart attacks, strokes and gangrene of the limbs. It is more common in smokers, diabetics and those with high blood pressure. [32], [33]




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