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1885 Carrollton Democrat

Submitted By: Virginia Tolman

News Articles about Carroll Co. Citizens

Jan 10 1885 - Carrollton Democrat: James H. McBurney with his family leaves next Monday for Kansas, his destination being Marion Center. But he does not yet know where he will locate. We are very sorry to lose him. As he was a good and valuable citizen

Jan 24, 1885 - Carrollton Democrat: Jim Will Johnson and Dock Dunaway came together again Friday morning and the latter received a load of shot in the head and neck. Dock came to town immediately to have the shot picked out. He was as cool as a cucumber. Dr. Taylor relieved him of his surplus lead. He says that he was passing through a gate near Johnson's house, on Mr. Bates' farm, a mile and a half above Prestonville, when Johnson came out upon his porch, 50 yards distant, and, without warning, let him have it. Dock says he told Johnson to please shoot the other barrel in some other direction but that he didn't fire the second shot. Dunaway swore out a warrant for Johnson, but no arrest has been made, as far as we are informed. These boys have been practicing on each other long enough. We may begin to expect a killing if they keep it up. It is only a few weeks since they had another shooting scrape in which both were badly wounded, Dunaway has tasted hot lead four times from three different persons and seems to be getting used to it. First Jim Ben Hayden tried him, then Lucien Evans, and now Johnson gives him a second trial. The wound in this case is not severe; had it not been for his overcoat collar it might have been otherwise.

March 7, 1885 - Carrollton Democrat: Louis N. Craig, a former citizen of this county, now of Maryville, Mo., and his wife were here a day or two this week on a visit to their brother, E. T. Craig.

April 4, 1885 - Carrollton Democrat: W. T. Furnish, of Eagle Station, has gone to Kansas to live. We hope he will do well.

May 2 1885 - Carrollton Democrat: Two of our most poplar young men J. W. Morgan and Russell Crawford leave us on Wednesday the 29th, for the "glorious free and boundless west," their destination being Wichita, Kansas.

May 16, 1885 - Carrollton Democrat: I. M. Collyer and son, Fred, left Tuesday, for Marion Center, Kansas, to which place Mr. C. expects to move his family about August 1.

May 30, 1885 - Carrollton Democrat: Isaac Malin, brother of S. R. Malin, of Worthville, and father of Dink Malin, of English, returned last week from California, where he has been for 36 years. Very little was heard from him in his absence. He is now 70 years old and has very defective vision. Naturally enough, his old friend did not know him at first. He has changed a great deal.

May 30, 1885 - Carrollton Democrat: Among the pleasant surprises to many of our people, this week, was a visit from John L. Jones, many years ago a resident of the town. He was born and raised here, but has not been back since 1863, except a few hours' visit five years ago. He lives in Frankfort, where his brother Marcus and a sister reside. He is an engineer on the Grace Morris.

June 20, 1885 - Carrollton Democrat: Aunt Julia Ann McDole, who lives near Prestonville, and who is somewhere in 80, as she puts it, was in town Wednesday, drawing her pension money her husband having been a soldier in the war of 1812.

July 4, 1885 - Carrollton Democrat: Arch Leap returned Monday from Kansas. He says he likes Kentucky best.

September 5, 1885 - Carrollton Democrat: Died August 22, 1885, at her home in Callao, Mo., Mrs. T. F. Owen, aged 50 years, 11 months and 9 days. Miss Malinda Batts was born September 3rd, 1834, Carroll County, Ky., and was married to Dr. T. F. Owen, February 5th, 1852, and moved to Linn County, Mo., in 1855, then to Callao, Mo., about the year 1865., where they lived until her death. In the year 1860 she became a member of the Christian church and was baptized by Elder J. N. Wright of Macon, Mo. Her character was known to be of great devotion to her family and strict attention to her domestic affairs. She was the mother of five daughters, one who died in the year 1868. The four who survive her are Mrs. Sawyer, of Chilicothe, Mo; Mrs. Gates and Mrs. Marmaduke of Callao, Mo., and Mrs. Beaman, of Chicago, Ill. For two or three years she has suffered more or less from a fatal disease, consumption. The last seven months she was not able to leave the sick room. Her mind was unusually clear until the last moment. She bore her much suffering with great forbearance and Christian fortitude. She frequently expressed herself as being perfectly reconciled unto her destiny in the sweet by and by. The funeral services were held at their residence, and conducted by Elder F. Theo. Mayhew, assisted by Rev. R. Mansfield, Elder J. Leffler, and Mrs. McCully. Her remains were placed in a metallic casket and buried in the Callao cemetery. She leaves a much beloved husband and children, also a number of relatives and many friends.

October 31, 1885 - Carrollton Democrat: Stephen P. Coates, the sailor boy car painter (?), was tried before a jury, last Satuday, and was considered to be of unsound mind. He was taken to Anchorage [ED NOTE: Jefferson County Asylum for the Insane] on Monday morning. J. H. Lindsay and W. A. Fishback as guards.