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Newspaper clippings from Dec. 1899

The Ghent Times

Submitted by: James Lee Cobb, III

Barker-Long Wedding.


Yesterday at 1:30pm at the Presbyterian Church, Vevay, Ind. Miss. Nellie Gill Long was united in marriage with Mr. Ralph Barker of Carrollton, Ky.
The church was beautifully decorated with flowers, etc. while sweet notes of music mingled with the sweet fragrance of the flowers. Rev. Chas. Christensen performed the ceremony; after which the young couple started on a tour of the eastern cities with the best wishes of their many friends and kindred.
Miss. Mae Parker was bride of honor and Miss Leonora Howard was brides' maid from Ghent, young ladies who have always from girlhood been friends of the bride.
Nearly everybody in Ghent knew Miss. Long, but hereafter she will be known as Mrs. Barker. They will be home to their many friends at Carrollton, their future home, after January the first.


All persons having claims against the estate of Mary E. Hopkins, deceased will present the same property sworn and proven, at Scott Bros. office, Ghent, Ky., on or before Jan. 15, 1900. December 7, 1899.
T.M. Scott, Administrator.
Thompson - Sandefer Nuptials

Miss. Abbie B. Thompson, the charming and attractive daughter of Lemuel Thompson, was married at Vevay, Ind. Monday night, to Mr. Jas. Sandefer, one of Ghent's clever and accomplished young men and the youngest son of Judge J. L. Sandefer. They are spending their honey-moon with the bride's cousin, Mrs. Arthur Walker, at the famous "Blue Lick Springs Hotel,: at Sanders.

The times with their many other friends, extends its best wishes for their much joy and happiness though out their entire life.