Casey  County Cemeteries


Robert Ellis Cemetery

Contributed By:  Dave Byard


Robert Wade Ellis


Selia J. Cooley Ellis, 3rd w/o Robert Wade Ellis

Robert W. & Selia Ellis are the great grandparents of  contributor, Dave Byard.

Cynthia Ellis Halcomb, d/o Selia & Robt. Ellis

Paul William Halcomb, s/o Cynthia Ellis Halcomb

Clay and Ida Ellis


Pattie Ellis

W. H. and Mary E. Hafley

Mary May Ellis

Josie Ellis

Sinda and Walter Ellis

     Joyce Pendergrft      (looks almost like a home made stone)

This photo is a grave stone we found knocked over. There were 2 men cleaning up around their Qualls family gravestones and with their help, my cousins and I were able to set it back in place.

W. J. and Pelina Ellis

(same stone, upright again)

James Qualls

Myrtle Qualls

Isaac and Amanda Qualls

Located on route 78, half way between Ellisburg and Route 906 on the south side of the road on top of a hill. This cemetery is very overgrown and not well kept.