The diaries of Artie Lee Foster are being contributed by her niece Debbi Cooper.

In these journal entries you will find deaths, marriages and day to day details of living in Casey County that you may not find anywhere else. The entries date back to 1932. Artie Lee, married Finley Foster of Casey County and died in
1990 at the age of 86....... So take a trip back in time and visit a slower gentler way of life... Enjoy!!

Monday 27, Aug. 1934 :

 Well Fin and me did a big warshing this   m  and I went over to the school house this eve and taken my last tiefored  shot  so by by


Tuesday 28, Aug. 1934 :

 Death    Well it was this m   Mom called out and said granmother Lee was dead  Poor old thing  do  hope she in a better world and at Peace with Jesus.  So by by   Art  She died about 1 oclock this morning and burryed about 4 in  afternoon  that was her request that she be burryed same day she died if  possible  So God be with us till we meet a gain  Is my  Prayer


Wednesday 29, Aug. 1934 :

 Well Fin and me picked Peas  up at  Jack  all evening  have company to  n   Albert Long We  are going up to Shady Grove  So  by by  


Thursday 30, Aug. 1934 :

 Well I started rifflen off my Pillow cases  this  m  so  by by  


Friday 31, Aug. 1934 :

 Well Fin and me went up to the store  Stopped  at Bess Williams a while   so  by  by 


Saturday 1, Sept. 1934 :

  Well I went to Town to day got me a new  dress also a new blows  so  by by  


Sunday 2, Sept. 1934 :

 Well Fin and me went up to Jack this eve  So  Ethel Overstreet came home with us to stay alnight  So Ethel and me are  fixing to go to Church at Dutch C  Bro. Campbell Is holding a big  meeting   wish everybody could atend    So by by  


NOTE: Her Grandmother Lee is Sarah Ann King Lee married to Uriah Franklin 
Lee they both are buried at Poplar Grove Cemetery.  My Grandfather, John  Dave
Lee was living in Indiana when she passed and just had a new baby girl, my 
Aunt Betty, of course there was no time for him to get down there for the 
funeral.  My father also want to be buried the same day that he passed, but  we were
not able to honor that request, but we did honor that he be taken back  to
Poplar Grove and buried beside his father. Which he is.