Clark County was formed from Bourbon and Fayette in 1792.  The county seat is the city of Winchester.




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located off Ruckerville Road on the Tony Hatfield farm
Submitted by Elizabeth A. Cooper
Raker, William		b. Nov. 10, 1815;  d.  Nov. 17, 1897
Raker, Elizabeth	b.  Nov. 10, 1825;  d.  July 31, 1896
				(Wife of William Raker)
Raker, Nannie J.	b.   Sept. 8, 1863;   d.  April 21, 1882
					(Daughter of William and Elizabeth Raker)
Raker, William F.	b.  Dec. 31, 1859;   d.  Aug. 18, 1865
					(Son of William and Elizabeth Raker)
Raker, Willie		b.  Jan. 17, 1896;   d.  Nov. 16, 1898
					(Son of Mike and Sarah Elizabeth Raker)
Beal, B. M.		b.   Dec. 23, 1822;   d.  July 9, 1870
Beal, Lou Ann		d.  May 16, 1894 (Age 72 years)
					(Wife of B. M. Beal)
Rainey, Mary		b.  Aug. 22, 1797;  d.  May 24, 1851
					(Wife of J. R. Rainey)
Smith, Susan		b.  Feb. 11, 1797;  d.  Feb. _, 1883
Smith, Clarissa		b.   Mar. 29, 1792;  d.  May 20, 1853
Wills, Sarah A.		b.  Aug. 11, 1856;  d.  Mar. 18, 1898
					(Wife of J. M. Wills)
		Other graves here marked with field stone

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