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Ford, Clark, KY
Transcribed and submitted by
Brenda Rowland DeHart

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Warner Cemetery is located at 575 Sir Walter Lane Ford, Clark, KY On the top of farm property owned by Walter (Doc) McGlothen (606)527?3267 Please seek permission before you visit the cemetery. Mr. McGlothen likes to know who is on his property.

There are a lot of unmarked graves, and a lot of graves marked with just stones in this cemetery. If you can identify any of these graves please let me know. I am trying to document this cemetery so it will not be lost forever.

Information on headstone

Information from obituaries and
Family records not all documented

Geneva Montgomery
July 9,1920
April 26, 1922

d/o Rosa Stella Warner & Mack Montgomery

Peggy James
1938 ? 1941

d/o Minnie Holland & Brownie Lee James

Mack Montgomery
Kentucky Corp 324 If
81 Div..
April 10, 1942

h/o Rosa Stella Warner

Charles O. Warner
Tec 4 U.S. Army
World War II
Oct 2, 1926 Sept 30, 1987

s/o James H Warner & Hattie Thorpe

Ex? Husband of Opal Thomas

Buford Ashcraft
Pvt. 159 Depot Brig
March 23, 1937

s/o Elias Preston Ashcraft & Susan Jane Horn
h/o Carrie Spicer

R.C. Ashcraft
Kentucky GY St (E7) USMC
W.W. II Korean War
Mar 8, 1929
Nov 23, 1982

s/o Robert Ashcraft & Hattie Mae Thompson

Hattie Ashcraft
Sept 23, 1895
May 20, 1994

w/o Robert Ashcraft
Maiden name Thompson
d/o Willie Thompson & Nora Eaton
Other marriage ??Jim Ramsey

Robert Ashcraft
April 28, 1884
Dec 5, 1934

h/o Hattie Ashcraft
s/o Elias Preston Ashcraft & Susan Jane Horn

Carl Schooler
World War II
Jan 20, 1914
June 6, 1962

h/o Lena Ashcraft
d/o Buford Ashcraft & Carrie Spicer

Mandy A. Woolums
Sept 21, 1882
April 1946

Amanda Ashcraft(maiden name)
d/o Elias Preston Ashcraft & Susan Jane Horn
w/o Gano Woolums

Gano Woolums
Dec 4, 1884
Oct 18, 1958

h/o Mandy Woolums (Amanda Ashcraft Woolums)
s/o Joel Woolums and Lucilla Atkins

Double Stone
Feb 25, 1859
Jan 19, 1921
Susan Jane
Jan 7, 1864
Aug 12, 1926

s/o John B. Ashcraft & Angeline Ashcraft
d/o Woodson Horn & Mary Jane Sparks

Elmer Ashcraft
1922 ? 1929

s/o Amos Francis Ashcraft & Nellie Cordelia Warner

Bobby Gene Ashcraft
Born and Died
Nov 19, 1932

s/o Amos Francis Ashcraft & Nellie Cordelia Warner

Earl C(hris) Ashcraft
1926 ? 1930

s/o Amos Francis Ashcraft & Nellie Cordelia Warner

William F. Horn
1887 ? 1927

Jessie Horn
1905 ? 1925

James W. Warner
Pvt. 134 Inf. 35 Div.
World War II
Feb 27 , 1922
Feb 27, 1945

s/o Dixie Warner & John Wesley Warner Sr.
Nickname Junior Wes
mother buried beside him as promised before
he left for the war

Vernon B. Hukle
1890 ? 1926

h/o (1st) Lula Olive Hughes
d/o Sara Belle Williams Hughes

Wm. Wells

h/o Mae Ramsey

Side by Side
Rebecca Horn
Nov 2, 1866
Oct 10, 1919

d/o John B Ashcraft & Angeline Ashcraft
sister of Elias Ashcraft
w/o John W Horn

John W. Horn
July 29, 1865
June 2, 1950

s/o William Billy Horn & Millie Frances Crouch
h/o Rebecca Ashcraft Horn


Lula H Winburn
1897 ? 1953

Lula Olive Hughes Winburn
and Jim's are graves are side by side
Lula is daughter of Sara Belle Williams Hughes
d/o George M Williams

Jim Winburn
June 7, 1889
Feb 17, 1968

h/o (2nd) Lula Olive Hughes

Mattie Lee Ralston
July 20, 1893
Sept 4, 1957

w/o Ambrose "Am" Ashcraft
Maiden Name Robinson

Double stone

1912 ? 1989
1920 ? 1963

d/o Buford Ashcraft & Carrie Spicer
s/o William Thomas Hukle & Annie Chism

William Thomas Hukle
Nov 8, 1881
Oct 13, 1925

f/o Albert Hukle
married to Annie T Chism
d/o Jefferson Chism & Mary Ann Eaton

John P Hukle
June 20, 1917
Oct 6, 1925

John and Wm. graves side by side
s/o William Thomas Hukle & Annie T. Chism

Viola Barrett
June 5, 1943
June 5, 1943

Buried beside R.C. Ashcraft
d/o Ivy Mae Ashcraft and Arnold Barrett

Delora Barrett
Jan 16, 1942
Jan 16, 1942

Buried beside R.C. Ashcraft
d/o Ivy Mae Ashcraft and Arnold Barrett

Gladys A. Johnson
Nov 8, 1939
Nov 8, 1939

Buried beside R.C. Ashcraft
d/o Jodella Ashcraft

Jeff Chism
Aug 8, 1857
June 13, 1933

Jefferson Chism s/o James Chism and Frances Harlow
1st wife Mary Ann Eaton 2nd wife name unknown


Eugene Winburn
May 28, 1928
May 2, 1969

s/o Lula Olive Hughes & Jim Winburn

Dixie Lou Warner
Mar, 7, 1889
Jan 26, 1960

d/o James H Warner & Lula Jane Williams
w/o Jim Holland /2nd John Wesley Warner


Bernis Newton
Nov 8 1912
Dec 1 1953

Brother of Egar Newton
s/o Walker Newton & Emma Warner Newton

Rodney A Jordan
1892 ? 1926

s/o Jimmy Jordan

Double Stone

Nellie C(ordelia)
Aug 9, 1894
July 4,1971
Amos F(rancis)
Jan 17, 1886
April 1, 1956

d/o James H Warner & Lulie Jane Williams

s/o Elias Preston Ashcraft & Susan Jane Horn

Rosa Stella Warner
Feb 18, 1898
Feb 16, 1946

d/o James H Warner & Lulie Jane Williams
w/o Mack Montgomery

Clarence Bryson Ashcraft
S2 US Navy
World War II

Oct 11, 1929? Jun 21, 1958

s/o Clarence Ashcraft & Hazel B. Holland
"Junior" nickname

Lula Jane Williams
July 29, 1867
Oct 11, 1926

d/o George Martin Williams
& Mary Charlotta West
w/o of James H Warner

James H Warner
Jan 19, 1868
Dec 3, 1936

s/o Anderson (Ancil) Warner & Mariah Ashcraft
h/o Lula Jane Williams
Lula and James are side by side

Can not read clearly
William E Coffey
Sept ?, 1921
Mar 8, 1922

s/o Nancy Warner
son of ??? & N

Eugene P. Withers
17 AAFS Sta.Com 80
World War II Nov. 7, 1922
Dec 14, 1948

Eugene and Bert are brothers

Bert Withers
Jan 27, 1912
April 6, 1935

Husband of Hazel Woolums
d/o Amanda “Mandy” Ashcraft W oolums

Unmarked graves that family
members have told me about

Linda Darnell Eversole

d/o Thelma(Ashcraft) Eversole (unmarked)
& Otis Eversole
Buried to the right of Bobby Gene Ashcraft

Between James Wesly Warner and Dixie Warner
is broken stone
the Headstone of John Wesley “Wes” Warner Sr.???
Dixie Warners second husband
and James Wesley's father. (unmarked )

Jim Holland (unmarked)
Died abt 1918

first h/o Dixie Warner is buried by Bert Withers

Bill and Jenny Holland

Husband and wife
Parents of Jim Holland

Rody Withers (Rhoda)

w/o John Withers and m/o Bert and Eugene
Maiden name unknown

John S Withers
b. abt 1891
d. 27 May 1963

h/o Rody maiden name unknown

James “Jim” Withers
b. abt 1917 d. Feb 1965

s/o Rody Withers and John S Withers
h/o Hazel C Woolums

Maureen Withers
b. abt 1927
d. abt 1930

d/o Rody Withers and John S Withers

Frank Withers
b. abt 1925
d. 17 Mar 1959

s/o Rody Withers and John S Withers

James Russell Withers
April 1955

grandson of Rody & John S Withers
s/o James Russell & Hazel Woolums Withers

Baby Ashcraft

s/o Fred Ashcraft &May Rowland
The baby is buried between
Elias and Susan Jane (Horn) Ashcraft

Ida Ashcraft Muncy
b.5 Sept 1895
d. 7 Apr 1968

d/o Elias and Susan Jane (Horn) Ashcraft
w/o Dill Muncy

Shelby Muncy

s/o Dill Muncy & Ida Ashcraft Muncy

Joel Woolums
Lucilla Woolums

)Husband & wife
Parents of Gano Woolums

Mary Jane Ashcraft
Stillborn abt 1949

d/o Edward Ashcraft
& Geneva 'Neva' Warner
Buried beside Buford Ashcraft, left of his grave

Carrie B. Graham
b. April 9 , 1921
d. 23 Sept 1983

d/o Emma Jane Warner & Walker Newton
w/o Lloyd T Graham

Aretta Graham

w/o Lloyd Graham

Pauline Ramsey
b. July 1948
d. Dec 1949

Child of Dole and Tiny Ramsey
has stone but is unreadable

Lois Newton
b. 20/Dec/1945
d. 11/Dec/1947

d/o Edgar and Dale Newton
Now has new stone
Grand-daughter of Emma Warner &
Walker Newton

Thomas Edgar ‘Tommy’ Newton
04/Sept/ 1948
Now has new stone

s/o Edgar and Dale Newton
Grand-son of Emma Warner
& Walker Newton
died Newborn

Elizabeth Ashcraft
B 1851D.

w/o John Warner
d/o James and Nancy Ashcraft< >

Mary Elizabeth Horn Ashcraft
b. 01/Mar/1892
d. 06/Jan/1956

w/o Harlan Ashcraft
d/o Buford Horn
Martha Winkler

12 Babies
Children of Harlan Ashcraft
and Elizabth Horn Ashcraft


graves are located behind and to the left of
Earl and Elmer Ashcraft Headstones

Baby Gross
Stillborn abt 1940

Baby of Harold Gross &
Lula Mack Montgomery

Baby Girl Eades
B 6 Apr 1965
d. 6 Apr 1965

d/o Jimmy & Sharon Hukle Eades
buried beside Irene Hukle

Irvin Alan Warner
B abt 1929
d. 15 Nov 1936

s/o Irvine & Rosa Warner

Elizabeth Warnerb
abt 1925
d. 22 Jun 1943(

d/o John & Dixie Lou Warner
buried beside Dixie Warner

Ada Mae Warner
b. abt 1924
d. 11 May 1938

d/o John & Dixie Lou Warner
buried beside Elizabeth Warner

Delbert Ray Ashcraft

s/o Clarence & Hazel Holland Ashcraft

Darrell Jean Ashcraft
Still born 1957

s/o Clarence & Hazel Holland Ashcraft

Harry Ashcraft
b. 13/Jan/1947
d. 13/Jan/1947

s/o Clarence & Hazel Holland Ashcraft
twin of Harold Ashcraft

Clayton B. Ashcraft
b. 1946
d. 01/Dec/1936

s/o Clarence & Hazel Holland Ashcraft

Abbreviations: w/o wife of h/o husband of s/o son of d/o daughter of

Please mail me any additions or corrections.
Brenda Rowland DeHart 419/756?7703
2234 Camden Court BSDeHart1@AOL.COM
Mansfield, OH 44904-1670


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