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Ancestry of Jonathan B Dawson
and Suzannah Pigg of Clark Co., Ky.

By Owen Dawson, Great Grandson

Generation 1:
Jonathan Dawson: Born in England CA 1615; Wife unknown:

1: Henry Dawson - Born in Henrico County CA 1640 and lived in neighboring Charles City County. Wife unknown. Other likely children were William and Thomas of Henrico County.

Jonathan was sponsered and transported to Virginia by Nathan Martin and was given head rights to land in "the Great Field" which was then in Henrico County, but later became part of Chesterfield County. Jonathan is widely believed to also be the ancester of the Gloucester, Stafford and Albemarle County Dawsons.

Generation 2:
Henry Dawson of Charles City County, Va. born in Henrico Co. CA 1640. Wife unknown:

John Dawson, first Sheriff of Amelia Co., Va. B CA 1675
Thomas Dawson, settled in Goochland Co., Va. Other children unknown

Generation 3:
John Dawson (Sheriff John) was born in Henrico County CA 1675.He came to Amelia County, Va. in 1735 where he patented about 5000 acres of lane on the South side of the Appomattox River. He became the 1st Sheriff of Amelia County after Amelia was formed in 1735. John had about 5000 acres of land below the Appomattox River in Amelia on Stock Creek. His wife's name is unknown.

Known Children are:
Henry Dawson, date of birth unknown, but CA 1700
John Dawson, Date unknown
Thomas Dawson, date unknown
William Dawson, date unknown. They all lived in Amelia Co. except William who lived in Prince Edward, which was formed from Amelia Co. in 1763. Henry also lived in Prince Edward at one time.
There are no known Daughters.

Generation 4:
John Dawson, Wife's name unknown .

Known Children
Christopher Dawson
Joseph Dawson

John had land on Nazareth Creek near Mallory's Creek in present day Nottoway Co., Va. and there is a record of him serving with his Brother Henry in the Va. Militia, beginning on May 13th, 1737. Both Henry and John became officers. John got a 50 acre land patent for militia service. Joseph bought this place later ..

*Note: everything is documented after this point! We once believed that since many Researchers had Christopher as Son of Col. John Dawson, we included that, but it has become evident that even though the names were alike, we came from the Henrico Co., Va. Dawson's. While everything to this point is not documented, there is compelling evidence from land records, military militia records, the land and neighbors they shared, that generations 1, 2, 3 and 4 would be correct.

Generation 5:
Christopher Dawson,: Married Ann Brooks in 1758 in Gloucester County Va.. Ann is the Daughter of Jonathan Brooks, of Gloucester Co., Va. *The first Brooks listed in Gloucester Co., Va. was Abraham Brooks who patented land there in the 1650s. He is most likely our Ancestor through Joseph Brooks who patented land there in 1704. The Brooks came there from London, England.

Their known children are:
Jonathan Brooks Dawson, born in 1760 in Amelia County, Va.
Christopher Dawson, date unknown, but probably second Son.
Rebecca???????????? Dawson. born ca 1762, in Amelia County., Va. Rebecca married Wm. Morris 12-20-1787 in Halifax Vo. Va. Wm. b CA 1765

Note: More work to be done on these children.. It is known that there were 6 males and 2 females in a 1775 census of Amelia Co., Va., so it is evident that we do not have all of Christopher and Ann Brooks Dawson's children

Generation 6
Jonathan Brooks Dawson was born CA 1760 in Amelia Co., Va. and was the son of Christopher Dawson and Ann Brooks He married Ann Ivison Jones, Daughter of Thomas Jones and Mary Brooks. Ann was born March 1, 1746, Amelia Co., Va. Jonathan and Ann married July 30, 1871 in Pittsylvania Co., Va. Jonathan Brooks Dawson lived in Amelia Co. at the time, but Ann Jones Father, Thomas had land in both counties, but Jonathan Brooks and Ann Dawson lived in Amelia/Nottoway Cos. until 1796.

Their known children are:
1-Mary B (Polly) Dawson, born CA 1783 in Amelia Co., Va, married 1 John Faris on Jan. 5, 1804 in Pittsylvania Co., Va. and 2 Marquis Lafayette Lain on Oct. 26, 1824. Mary B died after 1860
2-Ann J Dawson born CA 1784 in Amelia Co., Va. She also married on Jan. 5, 1804 to Joseph Bass. Both marriages are recorded in Jonathan brooks bible records.
3-Jonathan Jones Dawson, born in Nottoway Co., Va. CA 1790.
4-Jane F Dawson born CA 1792 in Nottoway Co., Va. married James Henderson June 7, 1824. died in Mo. CA 1836
5- Brooks Dawson, born CA 1798 in Pittsylvania Co., va, married Rebecca Abbott on Oct 11, 1824. in Halifax Co., Va. Brooks Died Nov.29, 1880

Generation 7
Jonathan Jones Dawson was born in Pittsylvania Co., Va. to Jonathan Brooks Dawson and Ann Jones Dawson CA 1790.

Note: Much of the information from this point on is from William J Dawson's "My Dawson Ancestry" William has been very helpful as he helped with the Johnson Dawson link to Jonathon B Dawson. Jonathan Jones Dawson married Ann Adams on June 23, 1810. (This was date of marriage bond as is the case of most of the marriage dates shown). The actual marriage could have been on that date or a later date. Ann was the Daughter of John Adams Jr. and Sarah Pigg Adams. There will be more on Adams in "My Adams Ancestry" and more on Piggs in "My Pigg Ancestry".

Children of Jonathan Jones Dawson and Ann Adams Dawson are:
1-Jonathan B Dawson born CA 1810-1814. Married susan pigg in Ky. on Dec. 18, 1837 Jonathan died after 1891 and Susan died after 1900.
2-Sarah Dawson born in 1812, married Jackson Corbin on Oct.7, 1835 died June 23, 1887
3-Ann J Dawson born 1813, married Miles Owen Dec. 17, 1838 died after 1900
4-William A Dawson born 1813, married Elizabeth A Lindsey on Nov. 16, 1846 died after 1880

Note: Since Wm. A and Ann J are both shown born in the same year, it could be an error or they could have been twins. I have listed them in order of marriage.

5-Edy (Edith) Dawson born Nov., 1815, married J B Bass Jan. 4, 1841 and John Q Adams on Jan. 6, 1851. Edy died in 1902
6-Johnson Dawson, born in 1820, married Caroline Gravette in Estill Co. Ky in 1845. Johnson went to Kalb Co., Mo in 1875, and we have no info after that.
7-Jane F Dawson, born in 1822, married Wm. R Crawley on July 15, 1846. died after 1880
8-Lucy W Dawson born June of 1822, married Dec. 23, 1852. died after 1900

Note: again we have two children born the same year. Since the one was born in June, one or the other is listed in the wrong year. Again, I list them in order of marriage.

9-Mary Brooks Dawson born 1826, married Benjamin Butcher Nov. 27, 1846. died Aug. 15, 1852
10-Martha E Dawson, mistakenly called Mary E in the will distribution, born in 1827, married Charles C Crawley on Dec. 8, 1851. died on Aug. 30, 1863.
11-Lewis Henry Dawson born in 1829. married Elizabeth Crawford and died on Sept. 2, 1887.

Note: There is no way to tell the birth order of these children, but are based to the best of my judgement with the information I have. All these children are mentioned in Ann Dawson's will/settlement report. Jonathan Jones Dawson died in 1843 and Ann died between Sept. 9, 1868 and Oct. 9th, 1868. These are the dates of her will being written and probated.

Generation 8
Jonathan B Dawson was born to Jonathan Jones Dawson and Ann Adams Dawson CA 1810-1814 in Pittsylvania Co., Va. Jonathon was known to still be in Va. in 1835 when he signed his Sister Sarah's marriage bond, but had moved to Clark Co., Ky when he married Suzannah E Pigg on Dec. 18, 1837. Susan was Daughter of Lewis Pigg and Lucy Adams Pigg and will be covered in "My Pigg Ancestry". Lucy's family will be covered in "My Adams Ancestry".

Jonathan and Susan's children are:
1-Lewis Dawson born in 1838 in Clark Co. Married Margaret Stewart
2-John W Dawson born on April 18, 1840 in Clark Co. married 1Josephine Lucinda. Their Children were William, James and Carra. Josephine was bornFeb.4, 1846 and died on March 3, 1889.John W's 2nd wife was Sarah Starr. Their child was Ollie Leona. John W. died in 1922
3-Catherine Dawson born in 1841 in Clark Co. . married James Pruit on Jan. 21, 1868. Sarah was in their household in 1850, but is believed to be the Sister of Suzanna.
4-Lucy Ann Dawson born in Clark Co. in 1849. No other info on Lucy.
5-Marion Dawson- born on Feb. 23, 1851 in Madison Co., Ky. Married Lucinda Rilla Elkin on Jan. 5, 1873 and died in Steffenville, Mo on Feb. 10, 1935
6-George W Dawson born July 20, 1854 married Sallie Lou Burris on May 29, 1880. died Jan. 3, 1922. Sallie died Dec. 25, 1918. Both are buried in the Pigg Graveyard in Clark. Co.
7-Nathan Bell Dawson born in 1858 in Estill Co., Ky and died in a tragic drowning as a young man of 17.
8-Achilles Eubank Dawson born on April 1, 1860 in Powell co., Ky. married Sallie (Sarah Emmalene) Wilder on April 27, 1880 in Lincoln Co., Ky. died on April 24, 1931 in Lincoln Co. Sallie died in 1932 in Lincoln Co
9-Susan E Dawson born in 1860 (?) no other info on Eva other than she died as a child.
10-Charles Dawson born in March, 1864 and married (1) Lou White. Their children were Eddie, Oscar, Delbert and Mattie. He married (2) Lula Chism and their child was Virgil Dawson. Charles died on June 29, 1903.Virgil was raised by his Chism Grandparents.

Jonathan B Dawson died sometime after Feb. 1891 when he signed a deed. He was not in census for 1900. Susan was on census of 1900 with her Son Marion Dawson listed at age 83. This is the last we have on Jonathan B and Susan Dawson.

Our Dawsons probably originated with Jonathan Dawson, (Generation 1) who came over and got head rights to land in Henrico County, Va., now Chesterfield County in 1636. Jonathan Dawson and a William Dawson, Christopher Dawson, Owen Dawson and Henry Dawson all came over from England in the 1630s. They seem to have came here as well as to Ireland from Scotland via way of England. Many clans of Dawsons settled here in Craven Co., N. C., Stafford Co., Va., Northumberland Co., Va. Gloucester Co., Va., and Isle of Wight Co., Va., and they all used these same familiar names as did they in England, Scotland and Ireland. Many Dawson's also settled in Maryland and Connecticut as well as other places, but have some name variation. These notes may contain errors, but I have tried very hard to get it "right". Thanks to Dorothy Dawson Daniel, a 3rd Cousin and Granddaughter Of Marion Dawson who was a Brother to my Grandfather, Achilles Eubank for much help in all these families and I also thank my Daughter, Peggy Lee Dawson Houser for help in research in much of this.

Owen Dawson March 11, 2004


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