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15 February, 2010

Submitted by Old Hal genhal[at]Att.Net




Lillian Rogers - 1896


Mayme Roger - 1896


Pearl Rogers


Pearl Rogers Bernard


These ladies, my Great Aunts, were the daughters of

James Colmore Rogers b. 1845 in Nelson County KY and

Eleen Tree Bush, b. 1843 dau of James Simpson Bush and Mary Jane Adams of 

Winchester, Clark County, KY. 

James was son of William Hopkins Rogers and Lydia Lovelace.

Hopkins the Grandson of Col James
J Rogers founder of Rogers Station near Bardstown, Lydia the dau of remown
Baptist Minister Colmore Lovelace of Nelson County, KY.

I did not have photo's of their Brothers, namely Charlton Rogers who was
named after his Fathers best friend Charleton Morgan Brother of Gen John
Hunt Morgan
;  Walter Deweese Rogers a Veteran of the Spanish American War;
and youngest Brother Wilson Rogers a long time Vaudeville Star performing as
"Jack" Rogers.

The James Simpson Bush line came from John Bush, originally from Frederick
VA.,  one of the four Bush Brothers that founded The Bush Settlement, later
Winchester, KY.

The Rogers line came from Matthew Rogers of Hampshire County VA, later WVA,
and his son Col James Rogers, a pre Revolutionary War Colonel of  Virginia
, and later a Justice for what became Nelson County KY.


I hope that the above will provide a background for the pictures posted.

Old Hal, who incidentally has a birth name of Harold Rogers Irving and is a
Grandson of Mayme Rogers Irving and Henry Louis Irving of Fayette Co., KY

For those helping me locate Nellie deLeuze last month, an update on my search

Using the Obits several of you were kind enough to send me I located Nellies Daughter in Fremont CA and contacted her on the phone. She was very excited to hear of my search for Charles Bernard of GA (1861-1938) and his unknown daughter supposed to be living in CA during the 1920-1930's. Charles was this lady's Great Grand Father that she never met and knew little about.

Charles's daughter was named Lucy and was born in Ohio in 1883 of a marriage between Charles and a Mary Anne lasting 1880-1891. Charles left the family 
after the 1891 divorce and changed his name and never saw any of them afterwards. How sad!  Lucy married later in life and moved to Berkley CA 
with her husband, Mary Anne moved with them.  Lucy had three children. Her Mother, Mary Anne,  passed on in 1951 followed by Lucy in 1974. Lucy's 
daughter, Nellie ( 1908-2004) married her grade school chum's brother and had three children of wheich two are still alive. 
Nellie daughter and I have exchanged information, and pictures from the early 1900's, and have begun a nice friendship.  We are currently in contact with Court Clerks in Ohio to obtain additional information of both families. 
I will end by telling you that Charles corresponded for years with Lucy, exchanging photo's etc, as did my Great Aunt who was Charles's second wife. 
This corrspondance continued after Charles's  death in 1938 with  my Great Aunt writing to Lucy. Lucy was a legatee in Great Aunt's Will in 1968. 
As an afterthought: The lady from Fremont has sent me photo's of my Great Aunt posing for publicity purposes as the leading lady of Robert Campbells 
Stock Company in Chicago for the 1903 season.  Also a photo as Leading Lady of the Chicago Petersons Stock Company for 1896. 

Old Hal......His thanks to all of you taking the trouble to help solve this 


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