Clark County was formed from Bourbon and Fayette in 1792.  The county seat is the city of Winchester.




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Clark County Marriages
submitted by Clark Co Researchers

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Submitted by Sharon Bryant
Marriage Bond, Clark Co., KY, Bond Book 2:

26 Oct 1803: Charles Stevenson and Charles Boggs ... marriage between Charles Stevenson and Margaret Boggs, d/o William Boggs (gave consent)..signed by William Boggs on 25 Oct 1803 and witnessed by Charles Boggs on 26 Oct 1803. Marriage recorded as 27 Oct 1803 in Bourbon Co., KY.

Marriage Bond, Clark Co., KY Bond book 11, page 1824:
25 Oct 1824 John Clark and Charles Stephenson ...John Clark and Paulina Stephenson ... consent by Charles Stephenson father of Paulina Stephenson "being present and consenting". Marriage Register, Clark Co., KY Book 1-W, page 209:
John Clark and Paulina Stephenson, 28 Oct 1824.

Marriage Bond, Clark Co., KY, 18 Jun 1827:
... Samuel Clark and M. Markland ... marriage between Samuel Clark and Casa Stephenson ...Marriage Register, Clark Co., KY, Book 1-W, page 223: 22 Jun 1827 Samuel Clark and Casa Stephenson...

Correction: Doyle, George F., Clark Co. Marriage Bonds, (1933):

Boggess, Thomas, and Cyntha Stevens, surety William Anderson. Age of Cyntha proven by Bartlett Haggard, 6 Oct 1834.
In the photocopy of the marriage register book Cynthia's surname is partially obliterated by the page break. Clark Co., KY Marriage Register, Book 2-W, page 32. Her maiden name proved by Mason Co., VA(WV) deed naming her as an heir to her grandfather, George Stephenson, Sr.

Thomas Jefferson Clendenin and Susannah Reynolds, 06 Jun 1799, Clark Co., KY

Owen McCullough and Sarah Ann Clark, 19 Dec 1850, Clark Co., KY

Submitted by Cindy Ball,  


Edward Roberts and Rosy Stewart married 27 Feb 1800 Clark Co. KY


submitted by Harold Bishop Morgan

William Morgan-Rachel Feamster Mar 1, 1796 Clark Co KY

Submitted by: Ronald L. Tetrick

TETRICK, John (c1765-1813) b. VA; d. KY?
FRENCH, Lucy (1768-1852) b. VA; d. IN
m. c 1789/90 in Fayette or Clark Co., KY
In Clark Co., KY, c1798-1807; 1813-1816
In Fayette Co., KY, 1789-1798; 1807-1812
Lived on Four Mile Creek. House still standing and occupied

Submitted by roslyn

James F. Geeslin born abt. 1827 in Winchester, Clark, Kentucky and Nancy Twyman born abt. 1832 at same.
They married in 1849 and are buried in Oakland Cemetary, Stockton, Winona county, Mn. James birth says abt. 1821

submitted by Cheryl Santos

Robert Sullivan b. 4-4-1800 VA. married a Rebecca Sidebottom in Clark CO,Sept. 13, 1825.
children: Paulina, Gilson, John, Henry and a son who's name started with an "F"

Peter Sidebottom m. Deborah White 1837
(Noah Sullivan was his bondsman)

Henderson Marriages
submitted by Joan Miller

Charles Henderson married Sarah Tucker on Nov. 17, 1803

James Henderson married Sarah Barr on Aug. 7, 1823

Robert Henderson married Sarah Romines on January 17, 1808

Samuel H. Henderson married Mary F. Bush on Jan. 20, 1847

William Henderson married Susan Gane on Dec. 30, 1831

Margaret Henderson married Henry Parvin on Sept. 11, 1815

Mary Henderson married Samuel McClain on Dec. 25, 1806

Nancy Henderson married James Stewart on Dec. 24, 1823

Joseph Dunaway From Clark Co, Ky. He was born Abt 1794 in Clark Co, Ky. He married Cynthia Proctor, she was born 4 July 1810 in Bath co, Ky.

Clark County Marriage Bonds 1793-1850
Groves - Guy
Submitted by Sandra Burbridge

Groves, Daniel and Nancy Ship; surety Elijah Ship 1815 Sep 18

Groves, Mary and David Griggs; surety Hughes Brookshire 1818 July 20

Groves, Nelson, and Parmelia Baker; surety, John J. Donnohue. Consent of John J. Donnohue, guardian of Permelia Barker; witnesses, John B. Houston, D.P. Bullock.1839 Apr 11

Groves, Samuel and Mildred Jane Tuggle, daughter of Nancy Potts (consent); surety, Fielding P. Wood. Consent of James Bybee, guardian of Milly Jane Tuggle. Age of Samuel Groves proved by James M. Cooper. 1844 Jul 30

Guin, Edward and Ann Old, daughter of Amelia Old (consent); surety, Abijah Old. 1832 Oct 8

Guin, Lovey, daughter of Thomas Guin (consent) and John Lusk; witness. John Rash; surety, John Berry, 1808 Jan 2

Guin, Thomas and Jane Oram, daughter Samuel Oram (consent); surety, Thomas Lafferty. 1812 Dec 24.

Guinn, Adaline and Peter Woosley; surety, Thomas Woosley. Age of Adaline Guinn proven by Ed Guinn. 1841 Jul 1.

Guin, Attison and Lucy E. Chism; surety, Hiram Jones. 1845 Apr 2.

Guinn, Emily and John Duncan; surety, Edward Guinn. 1838 Apr 3.

Guinn, James and Lucy Ann Jones surety: Thomas Jones. 1845 Dec 2.

Guinn, John and Sarah Hambleton; surety William Hamilton. 1819 Oct 13.

Guinn, Mary and Edward Oliver; surety, Ed Guinn 1831 Sep 22.

Guinn, Nancy and John Jacob: surety, Thomas Guinn 1810 Apr 3

Guy, Elizabeth daughter Matthew Guy (consent) and Woodford Pigg; surety, Martin Guy. 1842 Oct 5.

Guy, John son Matthew Guy (consent) and Elizabeth Muir, daughter James Muir (consent); surety Ira Boone. 1835 Oct 20

Guy, Robert and Elizabeth Brookshire, sister Charles Brookshire; surety, Charles Brookshire. 1820 Mar 14

CLARK COUNTY, KY MARRIAGE BONDS, 1793-1850 by George F. Doyle
Submitted by Susan Kerr

Burbridge, Lincefield and Margaret Moore; surety, John D. Thomas 1827 Jun 26

Burbridge, Lincefield, and Sarah Morton; surety, John Morton 1828 Jun 16

Burbridge, Susan T. and James. M. Boswell; surety, Thomas Burbridge 1840 May 8

Duvall, Clemensa, daughter Lucy Duvall (consent) and William H. Elgin; surety, Patton D. Harrison 1838 Oct 7

Duvall, Daniel and Mary Ann Hays; surety, David B. Hays 1839 Jan 1

Duvall, Eliza and James Kelly; surety, John R. Duvall 1818 Sep 23

Duvall, Frances and John W. Martin; surety, -- V. Hays, guardian of Frances Duvall. Age of John Martin proved by Willis Sphar 1845 Jun 6

Duvall, George Washington and Elizabeth Riley, daughter John W. Riley (consent); surety, Hardin N. Riley 1826 Jan 31

Duvall, James C. [this should be "E."] and Dulcena Ragland; surety, J. Roberts Ragland 1824 Apr 16

Duvall, James G. and Mary Jane Thompson; surety, Joseph Kelly. Consent of Joseph Thompson 1827 Nov 13

Duvall, Marian and James M. Bartlett; surety, James Kelly, guardian of Marian Duvall (consent). 1825 Feb 2

Duvall, Mary R. and John Lackland; surety, John R. Duvall 1823 Oct 1

Duvall, Moreau and Nancy Thomson, daughter Joseph Thomson (consent); ssurety, Joseph Thomson 1822 Mar 26

Duvall, Sarah Ann and Thomas B. Allen; sureties, S. P. Williams, Charles Taliaferro. Consent of David B. Hays, guardian of Sarah Ann Duvall 1837 Nov 27

Duvall, Sarah F. (gives her own consent in writing) and John Patrick, son Briant Patrick (consent); witnesses J. W. Quisenberry, Weeden S. Patrick, Janett B. -----; surety, John B. Houston 1845 Jul 31

Duvall, Sophia, daughter Lucy Duvall (consent) and John Wolfe; surety, Morine Duvall 1829 Dec 24

Duvall, Susan and Lewis Crim; surety, John R. Duvall 1825 Dec 31

Duvall, Thomas Jefferson and Sarah Frances Bush, daughter Thacker V. Bush (consent); surety, James Quisenberry 1841 Aug 11

Laforce, David and Hetty Brandenburgh; surety Jesse Fishback 1826 Sep 30

Laforce, Nancy M., daughter of William Laforce, deceased and Jane Laforce (consent), and John M. McGee; surety, David W. McGee. Jane Laforce, guardian of heirs of William Laforce, deceased 1818

from EARLY KENTUCKY MARRIAGES 1774-1799, by Cecil McDonald
William Lefore and Jane Watson 6 Nov 1796

MARR: S Surname Marriages: 1796-1850, Clark County, Kentucky
Submitted by Sandra Burbridge
SAID, James to HIGGINS, Nancy on 22 May 1815
SAID, Jesse to EUBANKS, Nancy on 10 Aug 1817
SALMONS, Gipson to BRICHARD, Hannah on 15 Nov 1837
SALMONS, Nathan to RYON, Rebecca Ann on ? ?? 1809
SACKETT, Theodacia to HALL, Samuel on 22 July 1841
SAMARIFI, Joseph to RAMY, Prisella on 6 Oct 1808
SAME, James to KELLY, Milly on 27 Dec 1806
SAMPSON, Comfort to WILSON, Joseph on 16 Dec 1802
SAMPSON, William to WILSON, Jane on 23 July 1801
SAMUEL, James B. to PICKETT, Agness W. on 8 Dec 1823
SANDERS, Thomas to MORTON, Polly on 5 Aug 1804
SANDFORD, Daniel to MOORE, Polly on 16 Oct 1806
SANFORD, Derret to BLY, Laster on 3 Oct 1797
SANFORD, Easter to RAWLINGS, Thomas on ? ?? 1803
SAPENTON, Margaret to HAMILTON, William on 1 Oct 1812
SAPPINGTON, Elizabeth to HORNBACK, David on 15 Nov 1830
SAPPINGTON, Keziah to RILEY, William on 27 Oct 1823
SAPPINGTON, Nancy to WATSON, James on 26 June 1820
SAPPINGTON, Polly to BAXTER, William on 3 Mar 1803
SAPINGTON, James to STEVENSON, Abney [Amy] on 12 Mar 1829
SAPPINGTON, Richard to EVANS, Polly on 14 Jan 1813
SARD, Thomas to HARRIS, Anne on 20 Dec 1797
SAVENY, Henry to TAYLOR, Ellen on 20 Nov 1839

SCANTLIN, Agnis to DUNN, Anderson on 4 Nov 1819
SCEARCY, Fielding to THOMPSON, Sally on 31 May 1840
SCHELL, Rachael to BARROW, Hinchea G. on 9 Jun 1810
SCHOBEE, Jane to HALL, William on 4 Sep 1825
SCHOBEE, William to BURROUGHS, Jane on 25 Dec 1824
SCHOLL, Duly to NORRIS, Kitty Ann on 24 July 1826
SCHOLL, Jesse to MILLER, Elizabeth on 7 Sep 1824
SCHOLL, Joseph to MINER, Melinda on 20 May 1813
SCHOLL, Marques to MARTIN, Betsey on 22 Jan 1821
SCHOLL, Mylinda to ELDRIGE, Edward on 23 Aug 1812
SCHOLL, Nelson to BOON, Harriet on 10 Feb 1836

SCHOOL, Anna to DANCEL, Mickleberry on 3 Nov 1808
SCHOOL, Cathatine to HINDE, Rodney M. on ? May 1840
SCHOOL, James to RUCKER, Talitha on 9 Sep 1847
SCHOOL, John to JONES, Scina on 5 Jan 1815
SCHOOL, Joseph to MILLER, Rebecca on 28 Apr 1824
SCHOOL, Leah to NEWMAN, John on 25 Dec 1814
SCHOOL, Leuveinah to THOMAS, George on 19 Jun 1800
SCHOOL, Marcia to HOLLADAY, James on 31 Mar 1808
SCHOOL, Peter D. to BARROW, Goodwin on 31 March 1845
SCHOOL, Polly to HITE, Archibald on 16 Oct 1824
SCHOOL, Sally to KEY, Marshall on 3 Oct 1820

SCHOOLER, Berthean to JONES, Absolom on 29 Apr 1831
SCHOOLER, Caroline to HOLLOWAY, Thomas on 4 May 1818
SCHOOLER, Lewis to RIDEN, Louisa on 23 Jan 1840
SCHOOLER, Lucie to ROGUELL, Levi on 2 Mar 1826
SCHOOLER, Lucy to RIDENS, Lewallen on 15 Apr 1835
SCHOOLER, Mary to ROBBARDS, William on 13 Dec 1821
SCHOOLER, Narcissa to HUKELL, William on ? May 1827
SCHOOLER, Polly to JONES, Joseph on 14 Jul 1809
SCHOOLER, William to BUSH, Elizabeth on 12 Nov 1829
SCHOOLL, Uriah to HARDESTY, Ailsey on 28 Feb 1816
SCHOOLLE, Septimus to MILLER, Sarah on 11 Dec 1813

SCOBEE, George to DOOLEY, Jane on 18 Nov 1834
SCOBEE, James to WILLS, Mary Jan on 31 Dec 1846
SCOBEE, John to DOLLY, Nancy on 28 Jan 1824
SCOBEE, Robert to PENDLETON, Lucy Ann on 14 May 1846
SCOBEE, Robert to PENDLETON, Emily on 18 Oct 1836
SCOBEE, Steven to ELY, Sally on 27 June 1820
SCOBEE, Hannah to GRIMES, Philip on 20 June 1815
SCOBEE, Kitty to GRIMES, Jefferson on 18 Jan 1827
SCOBEE, Nancy to HALL, Wyatt on 5 June 1823
SCOBEE, Rebecca to DOOLEY, Jobas [Jonas] on 7 Apr 1831
SCOBEE, Sidney to HALL, Reuben on 13 Oct 1818
SCOBY, Robert to TURNER, Lydia on 19 Jan 1819

SCOTT, Bilitha to HOSKINS, Polly on 14 Dec 1806
SCOTT, Catharine to MARSHALL, Joseph H. on 28 Aug 1817
SCOTT, Cloey to MC CART, John on 26 Aug 1802
SCOTT, Eliza to DAWSON, John on 3 Dec 1828
SCOTT, Eliza Jane to FRY, J. M. on 24 Aug 1846
SCOTT, James to LOW, Nancy on 4 Oct 1847
SCOTT, James to SPARK, Patsy on 20 Dec 1827
SCOTT, John to HICKLIN, Malinda on 20 Dec 1827
SCOTT, John to MC DANAL, Sarah on 21 July 1803
SCOTT, Julia Ann to CROW, David on 10 Oct 1847
SCOTT, Lucy Ann to HAYDEN, George on 5 Nov 1835
SCOTT, Margaret to TERRILL, Thomas on 7 Jan 1804
SCOTT, Martha Ann to GAY, Robert on 10 Feb 1848
SCOTT, Mary to CARTMILL, John on 24 Dec 1799
SCOTT, Mary A. to BOGGS, William on ? Dec 1832
SCOTT, Meilberry to CROW, Martha on 9 Sept 1847
SCOTT, Nancy to CARR, Harvey on 27 Apr 1820
SCOTT, Rosanna to ATCHASON, Charles on 23 Sep 1796
SCOTT, Robert to SPHAR, Rebecca on 23 Dec 1819
SCOTT, Washington to DUNCAN, Ruthan on 23 Apr 1835
SCOTT, Will to SPAR, Zelrian on ? Nov 1834
SCOTT, William to SPHAR, Eliza on 28 Dec 1826
SCRIVNER, Benjamin to CONKRIGHT, Talitha on 21 Sep 1841
SCSOTT, Juliann to MARSHALL, James on 13 Apr 1827

SEARS, Anna to MARTIN, John B. on 16 Jun 1819
SEARS, Elizabeth to RUTLEDGE, Jacob on 10 Jan 1828
SEARS, Esther to PUBLER, Michael on 23 Nov 1796
SEARS, John to ALDRIDGE, Sarah on 15 Mar 1820
SEARS, Margaret to OWEN, Horatie on 18 Dec 1834
SEARS, Mary to HUKILL, Owan on 5 Nov 1826
SEARS, Milly to CRIM, John on 28 Sep 1826
SEARS, Nancy to STEPHENSON, James on 23 Sep 1826
SEARS, Patsey to WEBB, Isaha on 9 May 1822
SEARS, Sally to BRUMDAGE, John on 20 Aug 1817
SEARS, Tilday to PITCHER, Alexander on 9 Aug 1819
SEARS, William to BARNETT, Mary on 18 Feb 1812

SEINS, Hannah to MAY, Elias on 16 Sep 1841
SERELS, Samuel to SUDDUTH, Massey on 12 Nov 1816
SETTLE, Sally to FISHBACK, William on 21 May 1808
SEWELL, Catharine to LANDRUM, James on ? Nov 1835
SEWELL, Elizabeth to SHEPHARD, Azariah on 24 Oct 1849
SEWELL, James W. to HULL, Sarah Ann on 11 Nov ?
SEWELL, James to GROOMS, Dolly on ? May 1821
SEWELL, Jane to LAWRENCE, A. J. on 25 Sep 1848
SEWEL, John to MC KEE, Polly on 6 Nov 1823
SEWELL, Mary E. to TOLIN, Jourdan on 29 May 1845
SHACKLEFORD, George to HOCKEDAY, Martha on 10 Mar 1801
SHARP, Aaron to BUSH, Anne on 1 Oct 1799
SHARP, Benjamin to SPURR, Mahala on 16 May 1850
SHARP, David N. to SIMPSON, Jane P. on 18 Apr 1832
SHARAR, Fanny to WOODARD, Lance W. on 24 Sep 1823
SHARP, Catharine to CROMWELL, William on 23 June 1828
SHARP, Elizabeth to BROWN, Wash on 31 Oct 1845Clark CO KY Marriages
SHARP, Franky to VIVION, Isaac on 22 Dec 1803
SHARP, Luvina to JONES, Robert on 14 Mar 1838
SHARP, Martha to NOE, Aquilla on 25 Dec 1803
SHARP, Mary Ann to BROWN, John B. on 15 Jan 1838
SHARP, Susan to SPURR, Jasper on 16 May 1850
SHARP, Susannah to BOON, Jerry on 26 Dec 1824
SHAW, Betsy to FOLGER, John on 7 Apr 1805
SHEARLEY, Mary to MORE, Joseph on 26 July 1794
SHELBY, Catharine to TIPTON, William on 13 Oct 1839
SHEP, Cloey to QUISENBERRY, James on 24 Dec 1811
SHEPHERD, Harriett to HAMILTON, Richard on 27 May 1828
SHEPHERD, Lucinda to PAGETT, George on 25 Sep 1816
SHEPHERD, Malinda to BROOKS, William on 10 June 1815
SHEPHERD, Rebecca to MILLER, Isaac on 4 May 1823

SHIP, Eliza to CLEM, George on 1 Mar 1830
SHIP, Nancy to GROVES, Daniel on 21 Sep 1815
SHIPP, Evaline to JUDY, Martin on 11 Sep 1832 or 1822
SHIPP, Letty to EAVES, George on 31 Aug 1821
SHIPPS, Rhody to WOOSLY, Joseph on 5 Aug 1824
SHIPS, Fielding to EASTERS Patsy 10-19-1820
SHIPS, John to RAILSBACK, Sally 12-20-1827
SHIPS, John to STEVENS, Hannah 5-16-1813
SHIPS, Kitty to STEPHENS, James on 17 Aug 1815
SHIPS, Patsy to HARRIS, Josiah on 20 Jan 1820
SHIPS, Priscilla to GROVES, John E. on 28 Feb 1816
SHIPS, Sephy to MC CLAIN, David on 30 Nov 1814
SHORT, Polly to HALL, Amos on 11 Jun 1818
SHOT, Mourning to WADS, William on 21 Apr 1816
SHRITE, Barbary to REED, Anderson on 11 Jul 1838
SHRITE, Polly to MC DONALD, Rice on 17 Apr 1838
SHRITE, Ruth Ellen to STOCKWELL, Patson on 12 Mar 1844

William ALEXANDER b 14 Dec 1802 d. 1852 Kenton Co.Ky. married Mary Ancel SHIPP,
B 1803 Princess Anne Co. VA. The daughter of James and Sarah Cox SHIPP of Clark Co.
Ky. Both of them were b. Princess Anne Co. Ky.

Marriages from Winchester, Clark Co., Kentucky
Submitted byKen Marshall

Mary Catherine Green married Charles Mayland Tracy in 1876
Thomas Green married Nancy Aldridge 1879
Amanda Green married Minor Rainey 1888
Mattie Green married John William Bayles 1887
Nannie Green married James Ballard 1887
Warren Green married Eliza Birch 1880
Eliza Green married Jack Crim 1882
Annie Green married John Smith 1886
James Green II married Amanda Birch 1890
Henry Green married Laura Woosley 1893

Marriages from Clark co., Kentucky
Submitted by Jeff Reed

Elizabeth Reed Daugh of George Reed to Elisha Duncan .Oct 16, 1823.
John Reed to Elizabeth Hickman surty Joel Hickman Jan 20, 1824.
James Reed to Lucy Starnes Nov 10, 1825.
Mary Polly Reed, daugh of David Reed, to Elisha Ryon Mar 17, 1831.
America Reed, daugh of George Reed, to Francis Simpson May 4,1834 .
Nathan W. Reed to Sydney Corter Dec 28, 1829.
William Reed, my grgr grand father, to Mary Rupard (suerty John Rupard) Sept 28,1836.
Samuel D. Reed to Nancy Rankin (surety John Rankin) May 5 , 1837
James H. Reed to Martha Frazure (surety Philip B. Winn { guardian] Dec 28,1836
John M. Reed to Polly Hampton (surety Jesse Hampton) July 4,1837.
Sarah Reed, daugh of David Reed, to Oved S. Ragland Oct 3,1838.
James Reed to Emerin Bush Apr 12,1841.
Martha Reed to Martin Stevens Nov 19.1840.
Polly Reed to Alfred Hampton July 15, 1841.
Mary [Polly] Reed, daugh of John Reed, and Jonathan Hunt July 14, 1802.
Nancy Reed, daugh of John Reed, and Archibold Tucker 1806.
Sally Reed, daugh of John Reed, and Woodie Ecton no dates.
Samuel C. Reed and Octivia Lisle July 16,1891 my grand parents.
John Guy and Elizabeth Muir on Oct 20, 1835.
John David Reed and Martha S. Guy bef 1860/61 my gr grand parents
John also was Second Sergant 11th Chenault Cavalry Co A enlisted 1862 Richmond Ky .
Congrave Lisle and Julia A. Elkins Dec 27,1894
Philip C. Lisle and Ann Dykes Oct 3, 1883.
Isban Lisle and Nancy Hampton Oct 20, 1853
My grgrand parents .P. B. Elkins and Sallie Lisle Sept 21,1875
Sammie G, Lisle to Lee Elkins MAy 7,1906 .

Marriage from Clark Co
Submitted by Larry G. Forsythe

George Forsythe and Mary Ann Baker March 1, 1809.
Bondsman: Nathan Huls Teste: James P. Bullock. Consent of John Baker

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