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Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.)

 Saturday, November 28, 1908



W.H. Polk Would Like Information About Famous Kentuckians

Lexington, Ky., Nov. 19, 1908 – Editor The News:

     I am engaged in the preparation of some sketches of the Boone and Carson families and would like to open correspondence with some well posted person in each family.

     Kit Carson, the Western pioneer, was born in Madison County, his father going to Missouri when Kit was a small boy.  If there are any Carsons still living in Madison or Clark related to the pioneer, I would like to have their addresses.

      Kit Carson was born December 24, 1809, on Tates’ Creek, Madison County, and was the son of Lindsay Carson and a Miss Boone, say some writers.  Not the daughter of Daniel Boone, certainly, for Daniel’s four daughters were married as follows:

  1. Jemima, to Flanders Calloway, one of her rescuers from the Indians when she and Elizabeth and   

            Fanny Calloway were captured at Boonesboro in July, 1776

2.   Susannah to Wm. Hayes, of Fayette County, great grandfather of Miss Ormie Hays of Lexington.

3.   Rebecca to Philip Goe

4.    Lavenia to Joseph Scholl, of Clark County.


Flanders Calloway and Wm. Hays, with their families followed Daniel Boone to Missouri.  What became of Goe and family?

     I presume that some of the Scholl family still live about Schollsville in Clark County.  I would like to hear from them.  I knew that Daniel Boone was in some way related to the Scholls, or quite intimate with them; but not until recently did I know that Daniel’s daughter, Lavenia married Joseph Scholl.  I want their descendants.  Also any other data of families that inter-married with the Boones.

     Of Daniel Boone’s sons, James B., 7. was killed at Cumberland Gap October 26, 1773, when Boone first essayed to come to Kentucky.  After this affair, the company retreated to Clinch River, and remained until March 1775.  Daniel Boone, in the interim, was put by the Royal Governor of Virginia in command of several frontier ports, on account of the Indian war of 1774, provoked by the inhuman murder of Logan’s kinsman, below Pittsburg, in March of that year, by Daniel Greathouse and other white savages and so-called Christians.

     Israel, second son of Daniel, was slain at the Blue Licks massacre, August 19, 1782.  Daniel Morgan Boone, the third son, also went to Missouri, as did Jesse and Nathan, the fourth and fifth sons.

     Contrary to the belief of many, Daniel Boone did not go direct from Kentucky to Missouri.  He left Fayette about 1785 and moved to Point Pleasant, Va., settling near the mouth of the Kenowha.  There he hunted, trapped and fished for 9 or 10 years.  Going thence to Missouri.  But he often came to Kentucky to survey and as a witness in land suits.  He frequently staid at Maysville with his cousin, Jacob Boone, in Bourbon with the Linvilles, also kinsmen, and in Fayette and Clark counties with the Hays and Scholls.

     Kit Carson was seventeen years of age when he went from Missouri out into the Sante Fe trail.  With the license of the wilderness, he took as his wife an Indian woman, who bore him one child – a girl.  When Carson came to St. Louis and met John C. Freemont and engaged to pilot him to the Rocky Mountains, he brought this daughter along and placed her in a boarding school.  What became of her, I could never learn.

     On February 6, 1843, Kit’s Indian wife having died some time before, he was married at Taos, New Mexico, to a Mexican girl, Maria Josefa Jaramillo, of good family.  The church record thus chronicles the event:

     “Christopher Carson and Ma Josefa Jaramillo married on the 6th day of February, 1843, by the parish priest, Antonio Jose MartinexC. Carson, son of Linsey Carson and Rebecca Bovenson, of the state of Missouri.”

     “Maria Josefa Jaramillo, daughter of Francisco Jaramillo and Maria Polonia Vigil.  Witnesses – George Bent and Cruz Padilla, Juan Manual Lucer and Jose Maria Valdez.”

     The person who copied the above entry in the record of the church at Taos mistakenly wrote Bovenson for Robertson, as Kit Carson, Jr., in a letter to me recently, gave Rebecca Robertson as the wife of his grandfather, Linsey Carson.  How it came to be state that the mother of Kit Carson, Sr., was a Boone, I am at a loss to know.  The records of marriages in Madison County show that Linsey Carson was married to Rebecca Robertson, February 11, 1796, the ceremony being performed by Christopher Clark and for the latter, Kit Carson was most likely named.

    On a plain headstone in the church at Taos, is the following inscription:


DIED MAY 22, 1868


    It is a singular coincidence that the two greatest frontier pioneers and explorers of modern times – Daniel Boone and Kit Carson, resided at one time in the same Kentucky county – Madison, and that both went to Missouri.

                                                                          W.H. Polk,

                                                                           Lexington, Ky.


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