Clark County was formed from Bourbon and Fayette in 1792.  The county seat is the city of Winchester.




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School Suffrage for Women is Advocated

Joint Committees of Seven Organizations Arrange a Mass Meeting

Date is Jan. 9

Curry Hall of the Y.M.C.A. is Agreed Upon as the Place

 Courtesy of Linda Denton

     Arrangements were made yesterday by joint committees of seven local women’s organizations for a mass meeting devoted to school suffrage for women.  Thursday, Jan. 9, was set for the meeting; 3 o’clock is the time. And Curry Hall of the Y.M.C.A. is the place.  The local organizations represented yesterday were the Woman’s Club, the Chautaugua Circle, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the W.C.T.U., and the Lexington and the Bryan Station Chapters of the DA.R.  In addition, the State D.A.R. was represented and the Education and Legislative Committees of the Kentucky Federation of Women’s Clubs

Called by Mrs. Kinkead

The meting was called by Mrs. W.S. Kinkead, the chairman of the Social Science Department of the Woman’s Club.  The club in calling this meeting, is acting in unison with the other women’s clubs over the state, the chief legislative work of the year, as agreed upon at the annual federation meeting in June, being to secure school suffrage with an educational qualification for Kentucky women.

     The Woman’s Club offered the use of its rooms for the mass meeting.  The offer was declined, as it was decided that the club rooms would not be large enough and Curry Hall was decided upon instead.

Mrs. Harrison Presides

         Mrs. A.M. Harrison was chosen to preside over the mass meeting.  Dean Myers was appointed chairman of a committee to arrange the program.  Mrs. Wickliffe Preston, president of the Woman’s Club, was made chairman of the Committee on Arrangements, the other members being Mrs. Taylor, representative of the W.C.T.U.; Mrs. Adair, of the Chautaugua Circle; Miss Lizzie Lyle, of the Lexington Chapter D.A.R.; Mrs. Chenault, of the Daughters of the Confederacy; Miss Laura Clay, of the Equal Rights Association, and Mrs. Shelby Harbison, of the Bryan Station Chapter D.A.R.

     It was decided after some debate that the public, both men and women, should be invited to the meeting, and it is probable that both men and women will be among the speakers.

Lexington Herald - July 28, 1909
Daniel Boone Papers in Vaults of Clark

 Courtesy of Linda Denton

Concrete Fireproof Room will be used to protect the Old Records
Winchester, Ky., July 27 - Work on the new vault in the county clerk's office was begun this morning and will be pushed as fast as possible. Probably, Clark County is the only county which has saved most of their old records, and in the collection are several deeds, depositions and other legal papers of Daniel Boone. When the commercial club was first organized, one of the first matters set down for attention was the building of a new vault in order to preserve these valuable records, but no note was taken of this until a few months since.  The entire clerk's office, with the exception of a small space for a lobby, will be made into a concrete, fire-proof room where all the books and records can be kept, and at the same time be used as an office room. While the work is being done, County Clerk James A. Boone,  has moved his office to the county court room. 

Flowing straight from that story to the next with no breaks, other than a new paragraph,  we find...
The East Tennessee Telephone Company has opened for service another exchange located at Pilot View, this county. This company is now operating four exchanges in Clark County, at Winchester, Wades Mill, ford and Pilot View, and in a short time will organize another at Becknerville.

Lexington Herald – July 24, 1910
Winchester Baseball - 1910

 Courtesy of Linda Denton

Here's one for you sports fans.... 
Winchester Team to Play the colts Today
Big Bill Toney to be Fitted Against Vallandingham or Robbins
King “Bill” Toney, star Hustler flinger and holder of the world’s record in the no-hit line, will be pitted against the Colts this afternoon at 3 o’clock at League Park in the effort to gather huge chunks of revenge for the defeat administered to him only a few days ago on the same grounds.
Either Pitcher Vallandingham, who was his master on the other occasion, or Robbins, who was the last man to tame the Millers, will be used against the improving Hustlers.
Keifel will work behind the bat and Kellogg probably will be seen somewhere in the Colts’ lineup.  Sunday games begin at 3 o’clock instead of at 3:30 and Winchester always brings enough fans to fill about all the seats that are empty when they get here.
Second Baseman Kimbro (Kimbrough?), last year star of the Blue Grass League, has at last yielded to the inevitable and has given up his position in Indiana to play baseball.  He will remain in Lexington, of course, and will be seen in today’s game. “Kimmy” will be better than ever after a few days of regular work. Yesterday, Oyler and Horan played with Shelbyville, but they have not been released, as reported, and are still members of the Lexington club.  They are too valuable to be turned loose so easily. Both are hitting the ball hard and Oyler is the best fielding second baseman in the league. 

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