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Special thanks to Kathy Barber for the transcription of the 1856 and 1878 birth records. Birth records after 1911 were transcribed by Sherri.

DABNEY, William G., male, born 16 Jun 1918, mother Rebeca Hicks.

DAINS, Arther R., male, born 22 Feb 1917, mother Seara Shelton.

DALTON, James H., male, born 28 Oct 1912, mother Viola Stockton.

DALTON, John 2, male, born 8 May 1918, mother Viola Stockton.

DALTON, John H., male, born 23 Aug 1920, mother Viola Stoctan.

DALTON, John w., male, born 12 Dec 1917, mother Miriam Beaty.

DALTON, Loas L., female, born 18 Jul 1911, mother Della Dalton.

DALTON, Luther C., male, born 24 Dec 1911, mother Mary Cecile.

DALTON, Mabel L., female, born 6 Feb 1919, mother Miriam Beatty.

DALTON, Myra D., female, born 25 Mar 1911, mother Daisie Huddleston.

DALTON, Novella, female, born 2 Jun 1918, mother Alice Stockton.

DALTON, Roscoe A., male, born 14 Mar 1913, mother Victoria Cecil.

DALTON, Roy C., male, born 25 Feb 1911, mother Lou Cicil.

DALTON, Stanley F., male, born 28 Feb 1913, mother Sue Pace.

DALTON, Van P., male, born 17 Apr 1915, mother Sue Pace.

DALTON, Willie S., male, born 18 Nov 1919, mother Altha McGinnis.

DANIEL, Manila, female, born 15 May 1912, mother Joan Melton.

DANIELS, Vada B., female, born 30 Sep 1912, mother Victoria Rains.

DANNIEL, Nellie, female, born 20 Apr 1916, mother Nancy Stevens.

DANIELS, Sarah L., female, born 19 Feb 1907, mother Manda Claborn.

DAVIDSON, Basil W., male, born 7 Apr 1917, mother Bessie Davidson.

DAVIDSON, Cohen, born 29 Oct 1906, mother Elizabeth McIver.

DAVIDSON, Emerson 1, male, born 13 Jun 1918, mother Hettie Griffin.

DAVIDSON, Eula L., female, born 22 Dec 1907, mother Loretta Shipley.

DAVIDSON, Evaline, female, born 24 May 1916, mother Bettie Griffin.

DAVIDSON, Georgia, female, born 27 Mar 1920, mother Mary Poor.

DAVIDSON, Omer M., male, born 4 Jul 1919, mother Bessie Gunnels.

DAVIDSON, Robert P., male, born 4 Mar 1912, mother Jannie Craig.

DAVIDSON, Silas, female, born 24 Aug 1915, mother Jennie Craig.

DAVIDSON, Wendell H., male, born 9 Nov 1917, mother Jannie Craig.

DAVIS, A. B., born 28 Mar 1915, mother Cassie Bertram.

DAVIS, Alpha J., female, born 29 Feb 1856, father W.W. Davis, mother Elizabeth Neathery.

DAVIS, Barned H., born 14 Nov 1916, mother Lucy Daryel.

DAVIS, Borter 1, born 11 Jun 1915, mother Sena Shetton.

DAVIS, Dora M., female, born 20 Jun 1916, mother Nancy Williams.

DAVIS, Eber, born 19 Feb 1919, mother Lena Shelton.

DAVIS, Edgar, male, born 26 Jun 1913, mother Lena Shelton.

DAVIS, Edgar C., male, born 16 Oct 1916, mother Amanda Neal, father James Calvin Davis.

DAVIS, Edna M., female, born 25 Mar 1912, mother Maggie Wells.

DAVIS, Flonnie, female, born 15 Nov 1913, mother Lucy Marsh.

DAVIS, Gordon L., male, born 26 Apr 1920, mother Ida Bertram.

DAVIS, Hugh F., male, born 4 Aug 1917, mother Virbie Long.

DAVIS, James T., male, born 26 Jul 1912, mother Rosene Burry.

DAVIS, John E., male, born 6 May 1913, mother Nancy Williams.

DAVIS, John P., male, born 27 Dec 1856, father John M. Davis, mother Caroline Brooks.

DAVIS, Johnie K., male, b. 20 Dec 1889.

DAVIS, Julius C., male, born 26 Jun 1912, mother Vieley Long.

DAVIS, Laura Ethel, female, born 25 Feb 1883, father Wesley Millard Davis, mother Sally Brents.

DAVIS, Lela, female, born 8 Oct 1917, mother Lela Hopkins.

DAVIS, Marget E., female, born 29 May 1918, mother Nancy Williams.

DAVIS, Mary, female, born 20 Mar 1906, mother Mary Shelton.

DAVIS, Maud, female, born 31 Oct 1914, mother Nannie Williams.

DAVIS, Mildred E., female, born 16 Jun 1915, mother Viebie Long.

DAVIS, Polly J., female, born 19 May 1875, father Wesley Millard Davis, mother Sally Brents.

DAVIS, Rachael Angeline, female, born 19 Dec 1858, father W.W. Davis, mother Elizabeth Neathery.

DAVIS, Rether, born 19 Feb 1919, mother Lena Shelton, father Porter Davis.

DAVIS, Scott, born 1873, father Wesley Millard Davis, mother Sally Brents.

DAVIS, Vivian M., born 22 Nov 1914, mother Ida Bertram.

DAVIS, William B., male, born 9 Jun 1914, mother Lena Shelton.*

DAVIS, William B., male, born 9 Jun 1915, mother Lena Shelton.*

DAVIS, Willie C., male, born 24 Nov 1917, mother Maggie Wells.

DECHEN, Mary L., female, born 20 Jun 1919, mother Fannie Decken.

DECKEN, Freddie B., male, born 11 Dec 1916, mother Estee Brown.

DENEY, Roy, male, born 23 Jun 1913, mother Bessie Conner.

DENNEY, Abbie D., female, born 17 Jun 1911, mother Cora Davis.

DENNEY, Alpha a., born 23 Jul 1909, mother Cora Davis.

DENNEY, Harvey E., male, born 6 May 1916, mother Cora Davis.

DENNEY, Jeptha W., born 9 Mar 1914, mother Cora Davis.

DENNEY, Marie, female, born 2 Feb 1917, mother Bessie Denney.

DENNEY, Sarah E., female, born 23 May 1905, mother Sarah Lawson.

DENNEY, William P., male, born 19 May 1908, mother Ethel Garrett.

DENNIE, Edine R., born 30 May 1919, mother Bessie Conn.

DENNIE, Sallie, female, born 1 Jul 1915, mother Bessie Carrer.

DENTON, Claude, male, born 3 Dec 1911, mother Sarrah Clayborn.

DENTON, George R., male, born 24 Sep 1918, mother Sarah Claiborn.

DENTON, Marlin, male, born 7 Dec 1913, mother Sarrah Clayborn.

DENTON, Newt, male, born 10 Sep 1915, mother Lottie Ferrill.

DENTON, Robert G., male, born 14 Dec 1920, mother Sarah Claiborn.

DENY, Abbia d., female, born 17 Jun 1911, mother Cora Davis.

DENY, Mary, female, born 2 Feb 1917, mother Bessie Conner.

DENY, Orear, born 10 Aug 1911, mother Elizabeth Conner.

DEROSETT, Maudel, born 14 Nov 1906, mother Zenova Ahammond.

DEROSSETT, Ruben J., male, born 11 Aug 1906, mother Dollie Owens.

DEROSSETT, Vera M., female, born 21 Jul 1920, mother America Anderina.

DEROSSETT, Ira E., born 30 Aug 1912, mother Nova Hammons.

DEROSSETT, Lorend P., born 1 Mar 1914, mother Dollie Owens.

DICK, Louisa A., female, born 5 Nov 1856, father R. K. Dick, mother Purlitha P. Ingram.

DICKEN, Adison J., male, born 27 Sep 1913, mother Mollie McFalls.

DICKEN, Alex, male, b. 1 Feb 1897.

DICKEN, Alta B., born 14 May 1918, mother Minnie Dicken.

DICKEN, Anna, female, b. 2 Jun 1891.

DICKEN, Ben H., male, born 12 May 1916, mother Oshie Frogge.

DICKEN, Charlie, male, born 17 Apr 1920, mother Mollie Melton.

DICKEN, Chester P., male, born 16 Aug 1907, mother Nora Collins.

DICKEN, Cyntha M., female, born 9 Jun 1905, mother Nora Collings.

DICKEN, Ed male, b. 17 Nov 1895.

DICKEN, Edcar, male, b. 28 Oct 1895.

DICKEN, Edna, female, b. 1 Jan 1903.

DICKEN, Emma J., female, born 7 Feb 1920, mother Nora Collins.

DICKEN, Glenda E., female, born 6 Oct 1911, mother Minnie Craig.

DICKEN, John A., male, born 11 Jan 1914, mother Nora Collins.

DICKEN, John D., male, born 6 Dec 1912, mother Mabel Long.

DICKEN, John G., male, born 5 May 1915, mother Tilda Garner.

DICKEN, Johnie H., male, born 2 Sep 1911, mother Misty Sumers.

DICKEN, Leta W., female, born 16 Feb 1915, mother Gertrude Tabor.

DICKEN, Luther H., male, born 17 Apr 1920, mother Dora Keeton.

DICKEN, Mamie A., female, born 10 Sep 1908, mother Minnie Grant.

DICKEN, Mary E., female, born 11 May 1913, mother Osha Frogg.

DICKEN, Minnie L., female, born 5 Mar 1912, mother Nora Collin.

DICKEN, Nina b., female, born 24 Mar 1915, mother Molly Thurman.

DICKEN, Ninnie, born 18 Mar 1911, mother Nancy Williams.

DICKEN, Ottie E., born 27 Sep 1913, mother Mollie McFalls.

DICKEN, Reba A., female, born 8 Feb 1920, mother Nora Collins.

DICKEN, Rose E., female, born 9 Feb 1909, mother Mollie Thurman.

DICKEN, Sarah L., female, born 25 Nov 1915, mother Molly McFall.

DICKEN, Telford P., male, born 28 Jul 1918, mother Mollie McFall.**

DICKEN, VIrgie, female, b. 26 Aug 1900.

DICKEN, William H., male, born 18 Jan 1912, mother Sallie Higginbottom.

DICKEN, Willie, male, born 18 Apr 1918, mother Dora Melton.

DICKEN, Willie C., male, born 24 Nov 1914, mother Minnie Dicken.

DICKENS, Tilford P., male, born 28 Jul 1918, mother Mollie McFall.**

DICKER, John A., male, born 14 Sep 1911, mother Mollie McFulls.

DICKERSON, Clara M., female, born 9 Oct 1913, mother Margaret Harris.

DICKERSON, Dennis, male, born 5 Jul 1854, father O.P. Dickerson, mother Sarah Hopkins.

DICKERSON, George, male, born 6 Nov 1912, mother Frances Hudson.

DICKERSON, Harris, male, born 27 Jun 1917, mother Mary Harris.

DICKERSON, James R., male, born 12 Feb 1919, mother Margerett Harris.

DICKERSON, Ruby J., female, born 7 Jun 1915, mother Margaret Harris.

DICKES, Arlis F., born 18 AUg 1912, mother Mallie Hurer.

DICKISON, E.A., female, born O.P. Dickison, mother Sarah Hopkins.

DICKSON, Earl T., male, born 7 Nov 1912, mother Ellen Dickson.

DILLON, Butler R., male, born 17 Oct 1915, mother Mary Butler Ragland, father Thomas Dillon.

DILLON, Thomas G., Jr., male, born 13 Jan 1913, mother Mary Butler Ragland, father Thomas Dillon.

DISHMAN, Goldie A., female, born 19 Apr 1920, mother Minie Murphey.

DOBBS, Paul J., male, born 20 Sep 1913, mother Martha Elam.

DOBBS, William, male, born 24 Oct 1915, mother Martha Calvin.

DONNEL, John H., male, born 8 Jun 1911, mother Nancy Lou.

DOVIS, Ruby I., female, born 5 Jun 1917, other Ida Bertrum.

DOWEL, James H., male, born 12 Jan 1913, mother Oldie Ferguson.

DOWEL, Oma W., born 12 Oct 1913, mother Alda Fergusson.

DOWELL, Hilbert, born 18 Jan 1920, mother Olney Ferguson.

DOWELL, James H., b. 18 Nov 1898.

DOWELL, James R., male, born 18 Mar 1914, mother Martha Hicks.

DOWELL, James T., male, born 16 Nov 1917, mother Ada Stockton.

DOWELL, John P., male, born 18 Feb 1912, mother Martha Hicks.

DOWELL, Myrtle, female, born 18 Jan 1912, mother Oldie Ferguson.

DOWELL, Nannie M., b. 15 Dec 1889.

DOWELL, Roy, male, born 10 Jun 1916, mother Olda Ferguson.

DOWELL, Thelma, female, born 23 Nov 1919, mother Ada Stockton.

DOWELL, Thomas L., b. 15 May 1891.

DOWELL, William McKinley, b. 2 Feb 1899.

DULWORTH, Lizzie, female, born 3 May 1918, mother Martha Green.

DUNCAN, Marvin L., male, born 1 Aug 1915, mother Halie Brooks.

DUSON, Etta R., female, born 1 Mar 1913, mother Etta Riley.

DUVALL, Charles W., male, born 23 Dec 1917, mother Della Carter.

DUVALL, Clyde F., male, born 18 Jun 1912, mother Rosa Koger.

DUVALL, Die E., born 29 Jan 1912, mother Mollie Smith.

DUVALL, Franklin, male, born 10 Aug 1914, mother Dellie Carter.

DUVALL, Geneva F., female, born 21 Mar 1920, mother Mollie Smith.

DUVALL, James E., male, born 29 Dec 1916, mother Mollie Smith.

DUVALL, John L., male, born 27 Oct 1917, mother Flossie Sawyers.

DUVALL, Lena, female, born 30 Aug 1919, mother Dellie Carter.

DUVALL, Mary L., female, born 1 Sep 1920, mother Lucile Pickens.

DUVALL, Mary L., female, born 1 Jul 1918, mother Nellie Smith.

DUVALL, Miles S., male, born Oct 1856, father Samuel Duvall, mother Nancy Stewart.

DUVALL, Minnie Ann, female, born 30 Nov 1920, mother Emma Ferrill.

DUVALL, Nanie E., female, born 5 Aug 1914, mother Mellie Smith.

DUVALL, Robert E., male, born 22 Sep 1919, mother Rosy Koger.

DUVALL, Samuel P., male, born 21 May 1918, mother Mary Robinson.

DUVALL, Suclee, born 22 Apr 1912, mother Nannie Bissell.

DUVALL, William 2, male, born 23 Oct 1918, mother Lucile Pickens.

DUVALL, William E., male, born 28 Jan 1912, mother Mollie Smith.

DUVALL, Wilmer, born 12 Jul 1913, mother Flossie Sowyers.

DUVELL, Mary L., female, born 1 Jul 1918, mother Nellie Duvall.

DYER, Ben H., male, born 27 Mar 1915, mother Mary Higginbotham.

DYER, Dorothy R., female, born 20 Sep 1914, mother Bettie Gibbons.

DYER, Eula P., female, born 16 Apr 1918, mother Leah Sloan.

DYER, J. 2, born 20 Sep 1915, mother Bettie Gibbons.

DYER, Joseph G., male, born 10 Jan 1918, mother Betha Gibbons.

DYER, Norman, male, born 20 Mar 1913, mother Mary Higgenbottam.

DYER, Ray L., male, born 30 Jul 1918, mother Mary Dyer.

DYSILLY, Votlis R., born 15 Nov 1911, mother Nryyir Vslr.

*, ** These two records appear to be the same person, with different spellings in either the child's name and/or mother's name, or slightly different birth dates. There were two birth certificates issued, one apparently a correction to the original, incorrect certificate.


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