This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note using the MAIL link below.

Special thanks to Kathy Barber for the transcription of the 1856 and 1878 birth records. Birth records after 1911 were transcribed by Sherri.

HAMILTON, Edward A., male, born 11 Jan 1915, mother Annie Melton.

HAMILTON, Helen, female, born 1 Sep 1911, mother Anna Melton.

HAMMONDS, Howard M., male, born 2 Sep 1916, mother Nora McIves.

HAMMONS, C.T., female, born Jun 1856, father R. Hammons, mother Elizabeth Watts.

HAMMONS, Grace, female, born 21 Jul 1912, mother Nora Meecer.

HAMMONS, J.W., male, born 8 Jan 1878, father Jackson Hammons, father's place of birth Roane Co., Tenn, mother D. Moreland, mother's place of birth Clinton Co., Ky.

HAMON, Minnie, female, b. 11 Mar 1902.

HAMON, Roxie, female, b. 23 Nov 1896.

HAMON, Tennise, b. 3 Sep 1893.

HAMON, Wiley, male, b. 15 Jan 1899.

HANCOCK, child of William, female, born 15 Jan 1912, mother Mattie Castillo.

HANCOCK, Della, female, b. 13 Apr 1913, parents Sara & Joe Hancock.

HANCOCK, Etelka F., born 23 Nov 1919, mother Vera Huddleston.

HANCOCK, Geo N., male, born 28 May 1915, mother Willie Castillo.**

HANCOCK, George N., male, born 28 May 1916, mother Willie Costello.**

HANCOCK, James H., male, born 9 Jan 1913, mother Mattie Cartello.

HANCOCK, Mary W., female, born 15 Sep 1916, mother Vera Huddleston.

HANDCOCK, Doris F., female, born 8 Aug 1913, mother Millie Castillo.

HARBER, David D., male, born 1 Aug 1912, mother Katie Cross.

HARBOUR, Harvey, male, born 4 Mar 1856, father Thomas Harbour, mother Mary Smith.

HARIS, Henry, male, born 21 Oct 1911, mother Julia Brown.

HARIS, Laura L., female, b. 11 Oct 1900.

HARLAN, John 2, male, born 8 Apr 1920, mother Ada Griffin.

HARLIN, John 1, male, born 17 Mar 1915, mother Ada Griffin.

HARPER, James, male, b. 8 Jan 1901.

HARPER, Lena, female, b. 20 Dec 1897.

HARRIS, Cordell, male, born 4 Apr 1917, mother Naoma Vincent.

HARRIS, Fannie A., female, born 16 Jun 1916, mother Lilly Harding.

HARRIS, Floyd E., male, born 4 Apr 1907, mother Ida Brown.

HARRIS, Garland, male, born 5 Jan 1919, mother Exona Tabor.

HARRIS, Herbert, male, born 26 Mar 1918, mother Mollie Pitman.

HARRIS, Herschel, male, born 26 Mar 1918, mother Mollie Pitman.

HARRIS, James H., male, born 27 Mar 1911, mother Naomi Vincent.

HARRIS, James I., male, born 6 Oct 1917, mother Mary Brown.

HARRIS, Jefferson, male, born 25 Feb 1913, mother Naomi Vincent.

HARRIS Louise, female, born 14 May 1916, mother Exona Tabor.

HARRIS, Nina, female, born 1 May 1915, mother Nona Vincent.

HARRIS, Robert, male, born 5 May 1914, mother Lizzie Craig.

HARRIS, William M., male, born 6 Jul 1915, mother Sallie Guffie.

HARVEY, Lillian E., female, born 9 May 1912, mother Naomi Pennycuff.

HATCHER, Allie M., female, born 28 Dec 1919, mother Martha Bolesc.

HAVIS, Thomas 1, male, born 24 Feb 1913, mother Mary Pittman.

HAWKINS, Hobert, b. 24 Mar 1898.

HAWKINS, Homer, b. 6 Jun 1895.

HAY, (no name given), male, born 20 Dec 1856, father J. W. Hay, mother Jane McCluskey.

HAY, Alta F., born 3 May 1918, mother Ella Grider.

HAY, Elza 1, born 7 Feb 1912, mother Nettie Hutson.

HAY, Ester, female, born 26 May 1920, mother Edna Mashis.

HAY, Floyd B., male, born 3 Jun 1905, mother Belle Brown.

HAY, Haskel Odell, male, born 18 Aug 1916, mother Willie Murphy.

HAY, James Lloyd, male, born 3 Nov 1918, mother Cleo Murphy.

HAY, Martin M., male, born 11 Nov 1911, mother Edna Mathews.

HAY, Ruby A., female, born 1 Nov 1920, mother Cleo Murphy.

HAY, Verda P., female, born 21 Jun 1903, mother Belle Brown.

HAYES, Eula, female, born 10 Oct 1913, mother Myriam Craig.

HAYES, Miriam, female, born 10 Oct 1913, mother Miriam Craig.

HENRY, Searcy O., born 14 Jun 1911, mother Lillian Orr.

HESTER, P.J., female, born 27 Feb 1856, father J. N. Hester, mother Louisa Warden.

HICKMAN, Arthur C., male, born 28 Jan 1914, mother Della Pittman.

HICKMAN, Ava E., female, born 28 Oct 1917, mother Lula Hopkins.

HICKMAN, Balis L., born 25 Mar 1913, mother Lula Hickman.***

HICKMAN, Balos L., born 26 Mar 1913, mother Lula Hopkins.***

HICKMAN, Edmon C., male, born 22 Apr 1916, mother Daisy Rains.

HICKMAN, Elsie L., female, born 9 May 1915, mother Lula Hopkins.

HICKMAN, Esteline R., female, born 11 Oct 1913, mother Daisy Raines.

HICKMAN, John G., male, born 2 Jan 1912, mother Daisy Rains.

HICKMAN, Nannie I., female, born 26 Aug 1911, mother Dellie Pittman.

HICKMAN, Newman, male, born 5 Jun 1920, mother Antha Thrasher.

HICKMAN, Paul, male, born 5 Apr 1920, mother Lula Hopkins.

HICKMAN, Ruby C., female, born 1 Sep 1916, mother Della Pitman.

HICKMAN, Sue E., female, born 3 Jul 1915, mother Anthy Thrasher.

HICKS, Bicky, born 26 May 1911, mother Bicky Hicks.

HICKS, Cara, female, born 17 Sep 1913, mother M. Beck.****

HICKS, Clyde Major, male, born 25 August 1925, mother Mary Beck.

HICKS, Cora E., female, born 17 Sep 1913, mother Mary Beck.****

HICKS, Eva, female, born 3 Jul 1920, mother Mary Beck.*****

HICKS, Eva M., female, born 3 Jul 1920, mother Mary Beck.*****

HICKS, Hattie R., female, born 5 Sep 1909, mother Lula Flowers.

HICKS, J. 1, born 21 Jun 1916, mother Lou Stinson.

HICKS, J. 1, born 21 Jun 1916, mother Lou Stinson.

HICKS, James A., male, born 8 Oct 1917, mother Lula Flowers.

HICKS, James R., male, born 17 May 1911, mother Laura Fairchild.

HICKS, Lellys M., born 25 Aug 1911, mother Mary Beck.

HICKS, Neva, female, born 3 Jul 1920, mother Mary Beck.

HICKS, Ofa F., born 11 Oct 1916, mother Maggie Blackburn.

HICKS, Theo S., male, born 16 May 1918, mother Mary Beck.

HICKS, William E., male, born 5 Oct 1915, mother Mary Burchett.

HICKS, Willma G., female, born 24 Jul 1915, mother Mary Beck.

HIGGINBOTHAMHerbert L., male, born 14 Apr 1917, mother Eura Smith.

HIGGINBOTHAM, Ida V., female, born 21 Dec 1914, mother Eura Smith.

HIGGINBOTHAM, Lyera V., female, born 2 Jul 1919, mother Addie Neatherly.******

HIGGINBOTHAM, Lyria V., female, born 2 Feb 1919, mother Addie Neathery.******

HIGGINBOTHAM, William 2, male, born 23 Jan 1911, mother Marth Thrasher.

HIGGINBOTTOM, Janie L., female, born 15 Apr 1913, other Eura Smith.

HIX, James N., male, born 10 Dec 1913, mother Lula Flowers.

HOLLINGSWORTH, Martha Wyatt, b. 8 Jun 1839, mother Jane Denny Smith, father James Porter Hollingsworth.

HOLSAPPLE, Blanche Mary, female, born 22 Apr 1920, mother Ida Alberta Nichols, father Burr Holsapple.

HOLSAPPLE, Glone, male, b. 5 Oct 1911, mother India Avery.

HOLSAPPLE, Mary B., female, born 22 Apr 1919, mother Ida Nick.

HOLSAPPLE, Mary L., female, born 21 Aug 1915, mother Julia Avery.

HOLSAPPLE, Rothwell, male, born 10 Mar 1919, mother Julia Avery.*

HOLT, James, male, born Dec 1856, father Issac Holt, mother M. Jones.

HONEYCUT, Nannie, female, born 6 Jun 1912, mother Martha Cross.

HONEYCUTT, Ed 2, male, born 19 Sep 1911, mother Ethel Wmoles.

HONEYCUTT, Ermon, born 10 May 1915, mother Marthie Cross.

HONEYCUTT, George H., male, born 3 Nov 1917, mother Ethel Moles.

HONEYCUTT, James, male, born 11 Feb 1915, mother Ethel Moles.

HONEYCUTT, Mary V., female, born 15 Oct 1912, mother Ethel Moles.

HONEYCUTT, Neta, female, born 20 Jun 1918, mother Martha Cross.

HONEYCUTT, Samuel 2, male, born 10 May 1920, mother Letha Carr.

HONEYCUTT, Samuel 2, male, born 10 May 1920, mother Letha Carr.

HONEYCUTT, William S., male, born 28 Aug 1907, mother Martha Cross.

HONEYCUTT, Willie G., male, born 21 Sep 1920, mother Ethel Moles.

HOOTS, Alma E., female, born 22 Feb 1913, mother Ennon Tompkins.

HOOTS, Barbra F., female, born 30 Dec 1913, mother Martia Sells.

HOOTS, Chester, male, born 15 Oct 1911, mother Ermon Tompkins.

HOOTS, Clifford L., male, born 11 Dec 1916, mother Abbil Sell.

HOOTS, Ramond P., male, born 3 Aug 1916, mother Mirtie Sell.

HOOTS, Vela F., female, born 20 Jun 1919, mother Thirsy Ferydon.

HOOTS, Vida C., born 7 Oct 1918, mother F. Sell.

HOOVEN, Sally, female, born 15 Dec 1914, mother Mary Andone.

HOOVER, Arthur, male, born 28 Jul 1916, mother Chlora Brown.

HOOVER, Cecil W., male, born 21 Jun 1912, mother Mary Hover.

HOOVER, Charlie E., male, b. 1 Jan 1892.

HOOVER, Chester R., male, b. 10 Jan 1901.

HOOVER, Delmer R., male, b. 19 Jun 1903.

HOOVER, George O., male, born 19 Mar 1912, mother Joann Voils.

HOOVER, Johnie E., male, b. 9 Dec 1895.

HOOVER, Vera, female, born 11 Mar 1918, mother Chlora Brown.

HOOVER, Victor N., male, born 18 Mar 1920, mother Chlora Brown.

HOPKINS, Arthur, male, born 5 May 1916, mother Dillar Grider.

HOPKINS, Francis M., born 12 Jul 1859, father G.W. Hopkins, mother E.J. Mackey.

HOPKINS, Geo M., male, born 20 Jan 1852, father Pleasant Hopkins, mother Adeline Bryson.

HOPKINS, Georgia B., female, born 22 Nov 1917, mother Virgie Griffin.

HOPKINS, Granville P., male, born 12 Mar 1914, mother Mary McWhorter.

HOPKINS, H.B., male, born 1 Dec 1856, father G.W. Hopkins, mother E.J. Mackey.

HOPKINS, J.R. male, born 20 Dec 1857, father P.H. Hopkins, mother Adeline Bryson.

HOPKINS, James H., male, born 8 Jan 1919, mother Unknown Carter.

HOPKINS, Mary M., female, born 8 May 1853, father George Hopkins, mother E.J. Mackey.

HOPKINS, Minnie B., female, b. 17 Jan 1903.

HOPKINS, N.L., male, born 8 Jun 1857, father V.D. Hopkins, mother Martha Bryson.

HOPKINS, Nella M., female, b. 4 Nov 1900.

HOPKINS, Paul Dennis, male, born 8 Apr 1859, father V.B. Hopkins, mother Martha Bryson.

HOPKINS, Sarah, female, born 5 Dec 1855, father P.H. Hopkins, mother Adeline Bryson.

HOPKINS, Sarah Viana, female, born 13 Jan 1858, father John W. Hopkins, mother Rebecca C. Parian.

HOPKINS, W.W. male, born 14 Dec 1854, father Geo. W. Hopkins, mother Elizabeth Mackey.

HOWARD, George K., male, born 21 Feb 1917, mother Lizzie Sawyers.

HOWARD, M., male, born Sep 1878, father George B. Howard, father's place of birth Cumberland Co., Ky, mother L. Wright, mother's place of birth Cumberland Co., Ky.

HOWARD, Lelia M., female, born 16 Feb 1903, mother Lithy Riddle.

HOWARD, William K., male, born 21 Feb 1817, mother Lizzie Sawyers.

HUBBARD, John W., male, born 8 Apr 1920, mother Lucy Maupin.

HUBBARD, Mary L., female, born 7 Dec 1910, mother Mary Jones.

HUBBARD, William F., male, born 22 Nov 1912, mother Mary Jones.

HUCKELBY, Eula M., female, born 2 Jan 1912, mother Mary Ooton.

HUCKELBY, John W., male, born 2 Sep 1913, mother Mary Ooton.

HUCKELBY, Lottie C., female, born 30 Sep 1915, mother Mary Boton.

HUCKLEBY, Jesse L., born 21 Mar 1907, mother Louvina Griffin.

HUCKLEBY, Joe, male, born 25 Apr 1905, mother Lou Griffin.

HUDDLESTON, Amelia A., female, born 14 Apr 1891, mother Mary Etta Means, father Archillis Emberson Huddleston.

HUDDLESTON, Andrew F., male, born 9 Oct 1918, mother Carry Cummings.

HUDDLESTON, Daniel C., male, born 10 Mar 1916, mother Carry Cummins.

HUDDLESTON, Earl F., male, born 12 Sep 1920, mother Carrie Cummings.

HUDDLESTON, Edgar, male, born 22 Apr 1911, mother Bell Brown.

HUDDLESTON, Elvin E., male, born 2 Mar 1915, mother Bell Brown.

HUDDLESTON, Horace Snow, male, born 12 Dec 1910, mother Ethel Glee Parrigin.

HUDDLESTON, James F., male, born 28 Mar 1918, mother Ocie Bandy.

HUDDLESTON, John 1, male, born 28 Mar 1917, mother Osha Bandy.

HUDDLESTON, John B., male, born 17 Jun 1920, mother Osha Bandy.

HUDDLESTON, Leta O., female, born 26 Sep 1917, mother Sally Upchurch.

HUDDLESTON, Luthar P., male, born 23 Mar 1912, mother Paradine Thrasher.

HUDDLESTON, Maggie E., female, born 2 Jan 1919, mother Florence York.

HUDDLESTON, Margarett E., female, born 21 May 1914, mother Ruby Armstrong.

HUDDLESTON, Marie, female, born 22 May 1920, mother Lilly Huckleby.

HUDDLESTON, Mary L., female, born 16 May 1913, mother Osha Bandy.

HUDDLESTON, Otha H., born 28 Sep 1913, mother Belle Brown.

HUDDLESTON, Roxie L., female, born 14 Oct 1914, mother Osha Bandy.

HUDDLESTON, Rubie E., female, born 11 Mar 1913, mother Ethel Upchurch.

HUDDLESTON, Spencer, male, born 1 Feb 1911, mother Sarah Rogney.

HUDDLESTON, Vida G., female, born 29 Sep 1911, mother Ethel Upchurch.

HUDSON, not named, male, born 18 Nov 1918, mother Pearl Hancock, father John Hudson.

HUDSON, Beatrice, female, born 31 Jan 1913, mother Eassie Hancock.

HUDSON, Clara, female, born 5 Feb 1915, mother Earsie Hancock.

HUDSON, Earl L., male, born 30 Jul 1919, mother Thersa Appleby.

HUDSON, Elmer, male, born 20 Jul 1912, mother Eller Dicken.

HUDSON, Herbert E., male, born 23 Oct 1913, mother Thersa Appleby.

HUDSON, Jimmie Arlee, b. 12 Nov 1934, father Herbert Hudson mother Katherine.

HUDSON, John T., male, born 2 Jan 1915, mother Lee Woldred.

HUDSON, Ray, male, born 2 Aug 1919, mother THursa Appleby.

HUFF, Bessie, female, born 11 Nov 1906, mother Emma Clark.

HUFF, Charles O., male, born 17 Jan 1920, mother Oza Keeton.

HUFF, Willie J., male, born 21 Jan 1912, mother Flora Sloan.

HUGHES, Horace, male, born 26 Dec 1916, mother Sarah Victory.

HUGHES, Jessica, female, born 29 Sep 1912, mother Susan Flowers.

HUGHES, John C., male, born 29 Jun 1906, mother Fannie Malone.

HUGHES, Robert R., male, born 7 Nov 1913, mother Fannie Malone.

HUGHES, Willie F., male, born 4 Jun 1904, mother Fannie Malone.

HUMES, Polly, female, born 9 Jul 1856, father J. M. Humes, mother Eliza Kitts.

HUNNEYCUTT, Lula M., female, born 24 Mar 1913, mother M. Cross.

HUNTER, A(-?-) M., male, born 22 Feb 1852 in Russell Co., father E.E. Hunter, mother Jane Ayres.

HUNTER, Arcie, born 20 Jan 1918, mother Lucy Olivers.

HUNTER, Charles T., male, b. 6 Jan 1891.

HUNTER, Elizabeth, female, born 9 Sep 1856, father J.F. Hunter, mother Martha Ballew.

HUNTER, Ellen J., female, born 25 Oct 1854, father Nathan Hunter, mother Nancy H. Thresher.

HUNTER, Exona, female, born 1 or 11 Mar 1856, father S.W. Hunter, mother Jane Neathery.

HUNTER, Fuller O., male, born 5 Jan 1854, father Samuel W. Hunter, mother Jane Neathery.

HUNTER, Hobert E., male, born 20 Mar 1914, mother Anna Shelley.

HUNTER, J.F., male, born 30 Oct 1853, father A.E. Hunter, mother Jane Ayers.

HUNTER, James S. male, born 6 Sep 1858, father M.C.S. Hunter, mother Hannah Neathery.

HUNTER, John O., male, born 27 Aug 1915, mother Lucy Oliver.

HUNTER, Joshua, male, blac,, born 23 Oct 1859, owner S.J. Hunter, mother not listed.

HUNTER, Lonnie, male, born 5 Dec 1911, mother Luan Oliver.

HUNTER, Lucy B., female, born 14 Apr 1920, mother Lucy Oliver.

HUNTER, Ludy E., male, black, born 1 Nov 1856, owner S.J. Hunter, mother not listed.

HUNTER, Luella O., female, born 8 Mar 1913, mother Lucy Oliver.

HUNTER, Mary M., female, born 27 Feb 1916, mother Ann Shelley.

HUNTER, P.E., female, born 23 Sep 1855, father William H. Hunter, mother Martha Jane Ellis.

HUNTER, Penelope, female, born 23 Sep 1854, father Wm. H. Hunter, mother M.J. Ellis.

HUNTER, Quenton F., male, born 16 Nov 1919, mother Ellen Hay.

HUNTER, Rachael E., female, born 1 Jun 1854, father John F. Hunter, mother Martha Ballew.

HUNTER, Rebecca E., female, born 22 Mar 1856, father W. H. Hunter, mother Martha Ellis.

HUNTER, Sarah C., female, born 9 Mar 1856, father M.L. Hunter, mother Hannah Neathery.

HUNTER, Sophire O., female, born 14 May 1852, father Nathan Hunter, mother Nancy Thresher.

HUNTER, Van A., male, born 27 Sep 1919, mother Anna Shelley.

HUNTER, Vienna, female, born 9 Feb 1852, father J.F. Hunter, mother Martha Ballew.

HUNTER, Wm M., male, born 8 Dec 1856, father T.G. (or S.G.) Hunter, mother M. E. Sturgess.

HURT, Annie J., female, born 22 Jan 1916, mother Roxie Wright.

HURT, Cleo S., female, born 27 Mar 1918, mother Fannie Hancock.

HURT, Delpha D., female, born 13 Jun 1916, mother Fannie Hancock.

HURT, ELva M., born 22 Jan 1916, mother Roxie Wright.

HURT, Ernest E., male, born 1 Dec 1915, mother Fannie Hancock.

HURT, Florene, female, born 20 Sep 1914, mother Anna Wright.

HURT, James B., male, born 15 Apr 1919, mother Arlie Baker.

HURT, James F., male, born 4 Sep 1913, mother Fannie Hancock.

HURT, John, male, born 12 Jan 1856, father G. W. Hurt, mother Felicia Bristow.

HURT, Lola A., female, born 3 Aug 1917, mother Roxie Wright.

HURT, Paul, male, born 16 Aug 1914, mother Roxie Wright.

HURT, Ruth W., female, born 26 Feb 1913, mother Roxie Wright.

HURT, Vera F., female, born 9 Jan 1913, mother Elizabeth Huddleston.

HUSTON, Ida, female, born 11 Sep 1912, mother Dorah Huston.

*, **, ***, *****, ****** These two records appear to be the same person, with different spellings in either the child's name and/or mother's name, or slightly different birth dates. There were two birth certificates issued, one apparently a correction to the original, incorrect certificate.

****These two records appear to possibly be twins, or possibly the same person, with different spellings of the child's and mother's name. One birth certificate was issued in 1913, the other in 1951. If anyone knows for sure whether these records are for twins or for the same person, please let me know and I'll correct the info.


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