This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note using the MAIL link below.

Special thanks to Kathy Barber for the transcription of the 1856 and 1878 birth records. Birth records after 1911 were transcribed by Sherri.

JAME, Mary N., female, dob 1 Apr 1911, mother Minnie Williams.

JANICKIE, Joe Ed, born Sep 1912.

JARVIS, Aaron, male, born 1 Jan 1914, mother Georgia Lawrence.

JARVIS, Beulah M., female, born 26 Jul 1916, mother Amanda Welch.

JARVIS, Elvin L., male, born 15 Mar 1912, mother Allie Davidson.

JARVIS, Emme L., female, born 20 Jul 1912, mother Georgia Lawson.

JARVIS, Ina P., female, born 17 Nov 1912, mother Arrizona Glidewell.

JARVIS, Jessie A., female, born 15 Nov 1913, mother Amelia Johnson.

JARVIS, John 2, male, born 23 Sep 1915, mother Alley Davidson.

JARVIS, Mada C., female, born 24 Aug 1915, mother Ida Matison.

JARVIS, Nellie I., female, born 26 May 1910, mother Permilia Johnson.

JARVIS, Paul W., male, born 31 Aug 1920, mother A. Davidson.

JARVIS, Ruby I., female, born 8 Jan 1911, May Davidson.

JARVIS, Susie, female, born 15 Jun 1912, mother Amanda Welch.

JENNINGS, Jas B., male, born 10 May 1918, mother Minnie Frost, father William Jennings.

JENNINGS, Lige, born 5 Sep 1919, mother Minnie Frost, father William Jennings.

JENNINGS, Tabitha H., born 16 Feb 1915, mother Nancy Jennings.

JOHNSON, male child, born 1 Feb 1911, mother Ida Fluse, father Bully Johnson.

JOHNSON, Cora Ellen, female, born 9 Jan 1903, mother Annis Lincoln Cross.

JOHNSON, Fae, female, born 30 Jun 1918, mother Kate Dickerson.

JOHNSON, Fred L., male, born 30 Jun 1918, mother Kate Dickerson.

JOHNSON, Hallie M., female, born 26 Dec 1917, mother Mattie Bell.

JOHNSON, Herbert O., male, born 12 Dec 1920, mother Clessa Garrett.

JOHNSON, James J., male, born 14 May 1916, mother Laura Farmer.

JOHNSON, John G., male, born 20 Aug 1917, mother Cleasy Garrett.

JOHNSON, Lora M., female, born 25 Oct 1913, mother Kate Kickerson.

JOHNSON, Mary P., female, born 7 Sep 1907, mother Ethel Stockton.

JOHNSON, Wendell L., male, born 14 May 1916, mother Laura Farmer.

JOHNSON, William 1, male, born 23 Aug 1914, mother Cleasy Garrett.

JONES, Anna L., female, born 15 May 1918, mother Maude Bray.

JONES, Bery F., born 15 Mar 1917, mother Rachel Pierce.

JONES, Bessey, female, born 13 Jan 1914, mother Mary Bowlen.

JONES, Bonnie V., female, born 9 Sep 1914, mother Rachel Peirce.

JONES, Charles A., male, born 30 May 1911, mother Sarah Bell.

JONES, Columbus T., male, born 30 apr 1918, mother Tressie Barber.

JONES, Earl C., male, born 20 May 1912, mother Martha Mogg.

JONES, Ewell, male, born 22 Dec 1915, mother Ettie Bolem.

JONES, George, male, born 20 Jun 1854, father John Jones, mother Manervy M. Hopkins.

JONES, Harvy W., male, born 30 Apr 1918, mother Trena Barber.

JONES, Hugh M., male, born 14 Aug 1912, mother Carrie Gordon.

JONES, James 1, male, born 30 Jan 1915, mother Tressie Barber.

JONES, Jewell, female, born 8 Aug 1915, mother Ida Sheffield.

JONES, Luisa A., female, born 15 Oct 1920, mother Ida Sheffreld.

JONES, Ola R., born 4 Mar 1916, mother Rachel Pierce.

JONES, Reba N., female, born 16 Feb 1917, mother Ollie Thrasher.

JONES, Sirllie E., born 9 apr 1911, mother Ethel Bolen.

JONES, Thurston, male, born 30 Jan 1915, mother Trussie Barber.

JONES, Wendell R., male, born 14 Mar 1919, Ethel Bowlin.

JONES, Willie B., male, born 29 Jan 1919, mother Dollie Thrasher.*

JONES, Willie B., male, born 29 Jan 1919, mother Ola Thrasher.*

* These two records appear to be for the same individual, with only a slight spelling variation in either the child's name, mother's name, or birthdate. There were two birth certificates issued, one apparently to correct the original, incorrect record.


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