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Special thanks to Kathy Barber for the transcription of the 1856 and 1878 birth records. Birth records after 1911 were transcribed by Sherri.

NATION, Dorothy E., female, born 1 Nov 1918, motehr Sallie Ashinghurst.

NATION, Letha Lyda, female, born 28 Oct 1915, mother Sally Ashingurst.

NATION, Stanley I., male, born 27 Oct 1920, mother Cora Ashenhurst.

NATION, Uldne, born 26 Oct 1915, mother Sallie Shinhurst.

NEAL, Charley, male, born 20 Aug 1903, mother Litha Shelton.

NEAL, Dolly, female, born 2 Mar 1905, mother Ina Robinson.

NEAL, Eli, male, born 18 Oct 1854, father Robert Neal, mother Emeline Wade.

NEAL, Everette Paul, born 20 Oct 1914, mother Telitha Shelton, father Henry Anderson Neal.

NEAL, Exie M., born 14 Feb 1914, mother Maudie Claborn.

NEAL, Fannie H., female, born 4 Dec 1915, mother Maud Clayborn.

NEAL, Floyd Willard, male, born 27 Mar 1911, mother Telitha Shelton, father Henry Anderson Neal.

NEAL, Gilbert L., male, born 28 Apr 1919, mother Mertie Dalton.

NEAL, Henry M., male, born 3 Oct 1913, mother Cindy Masengale.

NEAL, Herbert, male, born 2 Sep 1914, mother Lucinda Mosengill.

NEAL, Irene Bell, female, born 2 Sep 1918, mother Telitha Shelton, father Henry Anderson Neal.

NEAL, Isabel, female, born 20 Mar 1857, father Robert Neal, mother Emeline Neal.

NEAL, Lillian, female, born 20 Mar 1917, mother Callolas Dalton.

NEAL, Lillie E., female, born 27 Apr 1915, mother Myrtie Dalton.

NEAL, Mary, female, born 29 Sep 1917, mother Ida Shoopman.

NEAL, Mary E., female, born 9 Jun 1918, mother Maude Clayborn.

NEAL, Murley L., born 6 Feb 1912, mother Maudie Claiborn.

NEAL, Pearl, female, born 2 Dec 1917, mother Minnie Hoover.

NEAL, Perry H., male, born 2 Dec 1920, mother Myrtie Dalton.

NEAL, Raymond Porter, male, born 8 Feb 1916, mother Telitha Shelton, father Henry Anderson Neal.

NEAL, Rebecca Ethel, female, born 9 Jul 1886, parents James & Amanda Daniels.

NEAL, Roxie Beartice, female, born 2 May 1914, mother Dell Tompson.

NEAL, Ruby E., female, born 29 Jul 1920, mother Maudie Claborn.

NEAL, Stanley P., male, born 10 Mar 1920, mother Ina Robison.

NEAL, Starling O., born 29 Sep 1920, mother Desona Jones.

NEAL, Wilma L., female, born 3 Jan 1915, mther Della Thompson.

NEATHERY, Alvarado, male, born 30 Jul 1857, father Wm. Neathery, mother Adeline Grider.

NEATHERY, Ambros, male, born 3 Apr 1857, father Tilford Neathery, mother Nancy Ellis.

NEATHERY, Bessy, female, b. 3 Apr 1890.

NEATHERY, Cynthia, female, born 8 Dec 1852, father Tilford Neathery, mother Nancy Ellis.

NEATHERY, Edward, male, b. 4 Mar 1903, mother Betty Wells, father Louis F. Neathery.

NEATHERY, Isarel, male, born 13 Jun 1854, father Robert Neathery, mother Martha A. Winfrey.

NEATHERY, J.M. male, born 8 Jan 1859, father Kellis Neathery, mother Nancy R. Hopkins.

NEATHERY, James A., male, born 10 Oct 1854, father Clinton Neathery, mother Elizabeth J. Allen.

NEATHERY, James H., male, born 13 Feb 1916, mother Nancy Neathery.

NEATHERY, Juanita H., female, born 13 Jun 1919, mothr Nancy Tallent.

NEATHERY, Louis F., male, born 28 Oct 1859, father Wm. Neathery, mother Adeline Grider.

NEATHERY, Louretha(?), female, born 24 Sep 1859, father Clinton Neathery, mother Elizabeth Allen.

NEATHERY, Lucile, female, born 17 Mar 1913, mother Rosie Purcey.

NEATHERY, Lucy T.(?), female, born 21 Jul 1857, father Clinton Neathery, mother E.J. Allen.

NEATHERY, Mary, female, born 9 Jan 1855, father V.S. Neathery, mother Martha Bryson.

NEATHERY, Mary F., female, born 26 Jul 1915, mother Gertrude Piercey.

NEATHERY, Mordica (?), female, born 5 Feb 1855, father Tilford Neathery, mother Nancy Ellis.

NEATHERY, Narva A., female, born 4 Jul 1919, mother Venia Thomas.

NEATHERY, Ralph, male, born 27 May 1919, mother Crissie McWhorter.

NEATHERY, Vida P., female, born 27 Aug 1913, mother Nancy Tallent.

NEATHERY, William A., male, born 29 Apr 1909, mother Cintha Irwin.

NEATHERY, Wilma K., female, born 11 Mar 1920, mother Rosa Peircy.

NEATHORY, Otha 1, male, born 21 Mar 1912, mother Gertrude Piercey.

NELSON, Andrew, male, b. 30 Jun 1894.

NICHOLAS, Alma E., female, born 25 Mar 1917, mother Ida Nicholas.

NIELEN, John 1, male, born 25 Oct 1912, mother Laura Smith.

NITHINY, Kenneth, male, born 14 Feb 1917, mother Vena Thomas.

NOLAND, Edwin K., male, born 12 Sep 1915, mother Maud Shipley.

NORRIS, Bennie, male, born 5 May 1912, mother Lizzie Craig.

NORRIS, Colean, female, born 13 Mar 1917, mother Sarah Craig.

NORRIS, Cordell, male, born 7 Jul 1920, mother Sarah Craig.

NORRIS, Delta E., female, born 29 Jul 1918, mother Verna Delk.

NORRIS, Dorothy M., female, born 4 Dec 1916, mother Lizzie Craig.

NORRIS, Eddie 2, male, born 9 Nov 1912, mother Josie Ferguson.

NORRIS, Gertrude, female, born 20 May 1912, mother Maggie Moles.

NORRIS, Herschel M., male, born 19 Feb 1914, mother Lu Deck.

NORRIS, James, male, born 28 Mar 1915, mother Josephine Ferguson.

NORRIS, Joe B., male, born 4 Mar 1911, mother Lizzie Craig.

NORRIS, Mildred L., female, born 9 Jan 1920, mother Lizzie Craig.

NORRIS, Odell, male, born 7 Jul 1920, mother Sarah Craig.

NORRIS, Raymon, male, born 17 May 1915, mother Vernie Deek.

NORRIS, Robert D., male, born 11 Aug 1915, mother Minnie Lucy.

NORRIS, Vester 2, born 13 Oct 1915, mother Sarah Craig.

NORRIS, W.L., male, born 5 Dec 1878, father John Norris, father's place of birth Cumberland Co., Ky, mother M. H. Smith, mother's place of birth Clinton Co., Ky.

NUNN, Walter A., male, born 16 Jan 1912, mother Minnie Smith.


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