This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note using the MAIL link below.

Special thanks to Kathy Barber for the transcription of the 1856 and 1878 birth records. Records after 1911 were transcribed by Sherri.

TALBOTT, Dora P., female, born 30 May 1915, mother Bulah Tabor.

TALBOTT, Mary C., female, born 10 Oct 1854, father N.M. Talbott, mother Amanda Hopkins.

TALBOTT, Nora A., female, born 14 Jul 1918, mother Daisy Crabtree.

TALBOTT, Roscoe, male, born 16 Mar 1917, mother Martha Vincent.

TALBOTT, Rubie A., female, born 23 Dec 1918, mother Bulah Tabor.

TALBOTT, Vera G., female, born 21 Oct 1912, mother Buelah Tabor.

TALLENT, Aaron, male, born 19 Nov 1913, mother Lela McWhorter.

TALLENT, Clay B., male, born 10 May 1918, mother Briney Baldock.

TALLENT, Johnie R., male, born 27 Mar 1916, mother Lela McWhorter.

TALLENT, Lillian, female, born 10 Jul 1916, mother Maude Adley.

TALLENT, Mauzee, female, born 5 Dec 1918, mother Maud Garner.

TALLENT, Mollie, female, born 4 Jun 1918, mother Lela McWhorter.

TALLENT, Myrtle, female, born 27 Jul 1912, mother Parthena Rains.

TALLENT, Norman C., male, born 27 Nov 1919, mother Ida Conner.

TALLENT, Rosa E., female, born 25 Jan 1912, mother Martha McWhorter.

TALLENT, Vertie L., born 19 Sep 1917, mother Ida Conner.

TANDY, Clifton L., male, born 31 Dec 1913, mother Hettie Long.

TAYLOR, Christine, female, born 20 Aug 1918, mother Myrtie McWhorter.

TAYLOR, Clara, b. 28 Jan 1900.

TAYLOR, Clara B., female, born 20 Oct 1911, mother Erbie Thrasher.

TAYLOR, Earl S., male, born 18 Jan 1916, mother Sallie Wray.

TAYLOR, Edward T., male, born 2 Sep 1920, mother Sallie Wray.

TAYLOR, Emma, b. 20 Oct 1893.

TAYLOR, Enola N., born 13 Dec 1913, mother Gertie Norris.

TAYLOR, Estell, b. 17 May 1892.

TAYLOR, Georgia D., female, born 9 Oct 1915, mother Irbie Thrasher.

TAYLOR, Harris, male, born 27 May 1918, mother Erbie Thrasher.

TAYLOR, Horace E., male, born 27 May 1918, mother Erbie Thrasher.

TAYLOR, James, b. 26 Jun 1896.

TAYLOR, Jess 2, female, born 20 Aug 1914, mother Erbie Thrasher.

TAYLOR, Lottie S., female, born 10 May 1908, mother Myrtie McWhorter.

TAYLOR, Louis, male, born 13 Feb 1912, mother Anie Mason.

TAYLOR, Millard E., male, born 2 Jul 1918, mother Sallie Wray.

TAYLOR, Norman R., male, born 5 May 1915, mother Lena Taylor.*

TAYLOR, Norman R., male, born 5 May 1916, mother Lena Taylor.*

TAYLOR, Samuel J., male, born 20 Aug 1914, mother Erbie Thresher.

TAYLOR, Sarah N., female, born 13 Nov 1912, mother Mary McWhorter.

TAYLOR, Stella, b. 5 Oct 1902.

TAYLOR, Thomas, male, born 18 Jan 1916, mother Sallie Wray.

TAYLOR, Walter W., male, born 5 Oct 1919, mother Emma Wood.

TAYLOR, Willie, born 1 Jul 1918, mother Ana Dobbs.

TAYLOR, Willie F., born 27 May 1914, mother Ann Mason.

TAYLOR, Zacheriah, male, black, born 11 Nov 1865, owner Solomon J., Hunter, mother not listed.

TAYLOR, Zelma I., female, born 13 Apr 1912, mother Mary Thrasher.

TELKINS, Esther M., female, born 31 Oct 1913, mother Elizabeth Hickman.

TELL, Mary E., female, born 20 Oct 1856, father T. J. Tell, mother Jane Shelly.

TERRY, John Logan, male, b. 15 Mar 1888, mother Rachel Guffy, father John A. Terry.

THOMAS, Alta J., born 10 Jan 1910, mother Ollie Davis.

THOMAS, Conley, male, born 14 Aug 1912, mother Ada Wells.

THOMAS, Ella, female, born 3 Jun 1916, mother Ollie Davis.

THOMAS, Elma C., female, born 9 Jan 1913, mother Mattie Lawlace.

THOMAS, Inez L., female, born 5 Dec 1917, mother Ada Wells.

THOMAS, Jowley, born 10 Jan 1911, mother Jane Andrew.

THOMAS, Leleo M., born 14 Oct 1911, mother Frank Thomas.

THOMAS, Lucile M., female, born 14 Oct 1911, mother Frank Hopkins.

THOMAS, Maggie, female, born 20 Sep 1919, mother Allie Davis.

THOMAS, Ortie, born 11 Dec 1912, mother Olley Davis.**

THOMAS, Ortie M., born 11 Dec 1912, mother Ollie Davis. **

THOMAS, Pauline, female, born 13 Jun 1908, mother Lula Stokes.

THOMAS, Pernie L., born 7 Jul 1906, mother Ada Wells.

THOMAS, Quida L., born 1 May 1916, mother Ada Wells.

THOMAS, Randall E., male, born 13 Feb 1914, mother Ada Wells.

THOMPSON, Clyde W., male, born 11 Oct 1912, mother Sarah Stockton.

THOMPSON, Everet, male, born 21 Apr 1917, mother Ethie Craig.

THOMPSON, Everett E., male, born 22 Apr 1920, mother Belle Brown.

THOMPSON, Granvell J., male, born 2 Feb 1918, mother Heaster Reagon.

THOMPSON, Huel T., male, born 15 Aug 1915, mother Ester Rogan.

THOMPSON, John 1, male, born 28 Apr 1920, mother Hester Rogan.

THOMPSON, Marian 1, male, born 18 Oct 1916, mother Sarah Stockton.

THOMPSON, Marion 2, female, born 8 Sep 1919, mother Sarah Stockton.

THOMPSON, Opal Pearl, female, born 6 Jul 1917, other Nancy Rigney.

THOMPSON, Wendell E., male, born 25 Feb 1912, mother Ester Reogan.

THOMPSON, William C., male, born 24 Sep 1919, mother Nancy Rigney.

THOMPSON, WIlliam S., male, born 3 Dec 1913, mother Hester Reagan.

THORNHILL, John, b. 2 Apr 1897.

THORNHILL, Monrie A., born 22 Aug 1918, mother Laura Shelton.

THORNHILL, Onie, b. 15 Jul 1897.

THORNHILL, Willie, b. 23 Jul 1900.

THRASHER, Adrian E., born 1 Dec 1919, mother Minnie Pitman.

THRASHER, Ben H., male, born 9 Oct 1919, mother Sallie Ferguson.

THRASHER, Bonnie L., female, born 22 Jul 1916, mother Flora Roberts.

THRASHER, Caleb R., male, born 11 Jan 1913, mother Minnie Pittman.

THRASHER, Charley, born 1 Feb 1913, mother Netta Shipley.

THRASHER, Cozie D., born 13 Nov 1913, mother Clara Buck.

THRASHER, David N., male, born 12 Sep 1918, mother Lula Shipley.

THRASHER, Docia P., female, born 7 Sep 1914, mother Lula Shipley.

THRASHER, Edwin O., male, born 27 Sep 1917, mother Minnie Pitman.

THRASHER, Ezra E., male, born 14 Mar 1913, other Ota Pierce.

THRASHER, Flora A., female, born 11 Jun 1916, mother Elvany Welch.

THRASHER, Flossie E., female, born 1 Jan 1919, mother Effie Graham.

THRASHER, George R., male, born 28 Jan 1918, mother Amy Hancock.

THRASHER, Georgia, female, born 15 Aug 1912, mother Marry Griffin.

THRASHER, Glenn D., male, born 27 Sep 1917, motehr Onxioda Pierce.

THRASHER, Goldie, female, born 5 Jan 1911, mother Minnie Pitman.

THRASHER, James A., male, born 6 Mar 1916, mother Emma Hicks.

THRASHER, James D., male, born 12 Jun 1919, mother Myrtle Smith.

THRASHER, James H., male, born 9 Apr 1918, mother Cora Shipley.

THRASHER, Jesse R., born 16 Dec 1916, mother Sallie Ferguson.

THRASHER, John L., male, born 31 Oct 1916, mother Lula Shipley.

THRASHER, Leva L., born 24 Aug 1915, mother Minnie Pittman.

THRASHER, Lillie E., female, born 2 Sep 1919, mother N. Welch.

THRASHER, Lucy C., female, born 16 Jun 1919, mother Emma Hicks.

THRASHER, Martha K., female, born 1 Mar 1914, mother Amy Hancock.

THRASHER, Mary E., female, born 9 Oct 1909, mother Emma Hicks.

THRASHER, Mary L., female, born 5 Mar 1914, mother Sallie Ferguson.

THRASHER, Mattie A., female, born 4 Nov 1912, mother Emma Hicks.

THRASHER, Ora M., born 14 Apr 1911, mother Sallie Ferguson.

THRASHER, Oren D., male, born 10 Mar 1915, mother Vina Thrasher.

THRASHER, Preston G., male, born 15 Jun 1915, mother Mangy McGill.

THRASHER, Raymond N., male, born 19 Apr 1920, mother Lula Shepley.

THRASHER, Reba T., female, born 2 Jan 1909, mother Minnie Pitman.

THRASHER, Reed S., male, born 19 Apr 1920, mother Lula Shepley.

THRASHER, Valeria Ellen, female, born 10 Dec 1917, mother Emma Hicks.

THRASHER, William R., male, born 13 Jun 1914, mother Emma Hicks.***

THRASHER, WIlliam R., male, born 13 Jun 1914, mother Emma Hicks.***

THURMAN, Buddy R., male, born 4 May 1919, mother Pearl Dicken.

THURMAN, Charles G., male, born 10 Apr 1916, mother Rose Simpson.

THURMAN, Delia, female, born 21 Mar 1919, mother Martha Dicker.

THURMAN, Delmar O., male, born 18 Mar 1918, mother Mallie Madison.

THURMAN, Edna, female, born 3 Jul 1913, mother Martha Dicken.

THURMAN, Elmer F., male, born 17 Nov 1914, mother Mary Madison.

THURMAN, Imow S., born 18 Mar 1914, mother Ellen Sell.

THURMAN, James E., male, born 27 Feb 1912, mother Alice Dicken.

THURMAN, Mary L., female, born 19 Jun 1918, mother Fannie Cox.

THURMAN, Sally, female, born 20 Nov 1914, mother Mollie Madison.

THURMAN, Waymon, male, born 14 Oct 1911, mother Ellen Sells.

THURSTON, Bill M., male, born 12 Jun 1912, mother Jill York.

TIDROW, Greta M., female, born 14 Jun 1911, mother Mary Allen.

TIDROW, Hobart L., male, born 5 Jun 1914, mother Mary Allen.

TIDROW, Reba W., female, born 18 Jun 1919, mother Mary Allen.

TIDWELL, Dorothy L., female, born 25 Jan 191u, mother Ruth Raines.

TINCH, Mattie E., female, born 26 May 1915, mother Maggie Reese.

TOBEN, John O., male, born 2 Jul 1915, mother Pearl Duncan.

TOBIN, Carrie M., female, born 17 Jun 1920, mother Nannie Redmon.

TOBIN, CHarlie S., male, born 0 Jun 1920, motehr Ethel Tobin.

TOLLENT, Henry J., male, born 29 Feb 1916, mother Brina Baldock.

TOMPKINS, Donna, female, born 2 Aug 1912, mother Ethel Craig.

TOMPKINS, Dorothy E., female, born 22 Apr 1915, mother Ethie Craig.

TOMPKINS, Lucille, female, born 26 Oct 1919, mother Ethie Craig.

TOMPKINS, Polly, female, born 3 May 1912, mother Salley McDonald.

TOMPKINS, William 2, female, born 28 Feb 1916, mother Sarah Brown.

TRUITT, James R., male, born 13 Jul 1919, mother Lora Dempsey.

TUGGELL, Hiller Y., born 10 May 1918, mother Laura Davis.

TUGGLE, Cornettie N., born 14 Jul 1914, mother Laura Davis.

TUGGLE, Ira E., born 4 Sep 1912, mother Naomia Carr.

TUGGLE, James O., male, born 29 Jan 1910, mother Naomi Carr.

TUGGLE, Lillian I., female, born 10 Mar 1918, mother Fannie Dyer.

TUGGLE, Minnie L., female, born 3 Feb 1920, mother Nannie Dyer.

TUGGLE, Mollie E., female, born 24 Mar 1916, mother Laura Davis.

TUGGLE, Oliver I., male, born 17 Sep 1911, mother Monta Crickett.

TUGGLES, Wayland M., male, born 7 Dec 1919, mother Laura Davis.

TWEEDY, Cloyd, born 18 Feb 1912, mother Edna Tweedy.

TWEEDY, Floyd, male, born 18 Feb 1912, mother Edna Tweedy.

*, **, *** These two records appear to be the same person, with different spellings either the child's name and/or mother's name. There were two birth certificates issued, one apparently a correction to the original, incorrect certificate.


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