This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note using the MAIL link below.

Special thanks to Kathy Barber for the transcription of the 1856 and 1878 birth records. Records after 1911 were transcribed by Sherri.

YANG, Tonas M., born 2 Mar 1920, mother Trillie Renow.

YORK, Alma, female, born 9 Aug 1917, mother Angie Branham.

YORK, Anie Z., female, born 7 Aug 1913, mother Lou Agee.

YORK, Anna E., female, born 15 Jun 1911, mother Nannie Ferull.

YORK, Arthur L., male, born 15 Jun 1918, mother Thursey Scott.

YORK, Ava J., female, born 9 Dec 1913, mother Thersa Scott.

YORK, Bessie, female, b. 1 Apr 1903.

YORK, Clifton O., male, born 16 Dec 1914, mother Tilda Malone.

YORK, Daniel, male, born 12 May 1914, mother Irena Thurston.

YORK, Earl J., male, born 12 Nov 1911, mother Sallie Bell.

YORK, Edwain M., male, born 5 Nov 1915, mother Omega Swift.

YORK, Elva A., born 5 Jan 1911, mother Theresa Scott.

YORK, Eugean C., male, born 11 Oct 9113, mother Della Pennycuff.

YORK, Eva W., female, born 13 Apr 1919, mother Hattie Bell.

YORK, Faney 1, male, born 3 Mar 1913, mother Faney York.

YORK, Florence, female, born 12 Apr 1915, mother Mallie Rowe.

YORK, Flossie E., female, born 22 Apr 1915, mother 22 Apr 1915, mother Vie Parrigen.

YORK, Geneva, female, b. 13 Mar 1898.

YORK, Geneva E., female, born 28 May 1916, mother Hattie Bell.

YORK, James P., male, born 18 Nov 1918, mother Alice Swift.

YORK, Lacie M., female, born 4 Nov 1918, mother Morle Huddleston.

YORK, Layne, born 7 Jun 1916, mother Della Penticuff.

YORK, Lester T., male, born 11 Nov 1912, mother Omega Srenft.

YORK, Leta W., female, born 29 Aug 1914, mother Mary Penticuff.

YORK, Leva I., born 19 May 1917, mother Daisey Guffey.

YORK, Lewis J., male, born 3 Oct 1911, mother Vie Parrigan.

YORK, Lewis T., male, born 6 Feb 1915, mother Daisy Guffey.

YORK, Lillie, female, born 8 Dec 1920, mother Taresa Scott.

YORK, Lonnie, male, born 11 Mar 1912, mother Ethel More.

YORK, Loudella C., female, born 16 Sep 1920, mother Minnie Catron.

YORK, Lucile, female, born 8 Aug 1915, mother Laura Walden.

YORK, Margaret Evelyn, female, born 23 June 1889, father Lewis Thomas York, mother Rachel Matilda Wright.

YORK, Mary E., female, born 7 Aug 1918, mother Vie Parrigin.

YORK, Oletto S., born 29 Oct 1911, mother Mary Penticuff.

YORK, Oliver C., male, born 16 Dec 1914, mother Tilda Malone.

YORK, Otha R., male, born 12 May 1917, mother Mollie Rowe.

YORK, Pearl F., female, born 20 Dec 1911, mother Tilda Malone.

YORK, Reba, female, born 13 Feb 1914, mother Angie Branhouse.

YORK, Rollin A., male, born 18 Jun 1918, mother Daisey Guffey.

YORK, Ruby I., female, born 16 Mar 1916, mother Marlle Huddleson.

YORK, Sadie M., female, born 3 Jan 1920, mother Nanie York.

YORK, Stanley, male, born 18 Mar 1913, mother Laura Walden.

YORK, Syrine C., born 25 Apr 1917, mother Mary Pennycuff.

YORK, Walter A., male, born 24 Mar 1911, mother Laura Walden.

YORK, Walter E., male, born 9 Mar 1919, mother Mary Bell.YORK, Weltha I., born 20 Jan 1916, other Daisy Guffey.

YORK, Wilburn J., male, born 16 Jan 1914, mother Daisy Guffey.

YORK, William 1, male, born 17 Sep 1920, mother Minnie Lathan.

YORK, William 2, female, born 19 Sep 1920, mother Minnie Lathan.

YOUNG, Prentice L., male, born 4 Mar 1918, mother Trillei Reno.


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