Rector Cemetery

Contributed by Robin Poindexter for Vanessa Winans

This small graveyard lies on a mound under a thicket of trees, on a farm just west of Static. It's about 100 yards south of the road, on the state line.

I found many broken markers, and most of the ones with engraving had fallen over. Vegetation has grown over the area, so I may have missed some, although I tried very hard not to. I copied and photographed the ones with words. The following are verbatim transcriptions (including misspellings), and indicate if any other images were carved at the tops of the stones. (And if anyone can tell us the meaning of the numbers and letters carved on John and Malinda Wels' gravestones, just after their ages, I would appreciate it.)

1. Infant son of CH and SD Poe Born May 7 1887 Died May 8 1887 (Lamb)

2. Lucy B. Poe Born Feb 12 1821 Died Sep 14 1892 (Two hands shaking/clasping)

3. Nancy Selby was born Jan 28 1824 Died June 22 1854

4. Susan Crouch Born Jan 4 1833 Died Jan 11 1863 (Two hands shaking/clasping)

5. EA Selby Born Mc 31 1851 Died Oct 12 1875 (One hand holding an open book)

6. Sopronia Rector born Aug 6 1870 Died Oct 15 1877 (Lamb) "The rose may fade, the lilly die, But flowers immortal bloom on high"

7. SW Rector Born Nov 2, 1852 Died May 28 1910 (Two hands shaking/clasping) "A father dear lies buried here"

8. Mary wife of SW Rector Born Mar 2 1859 Died Feb 22 1900 (Hand with index finger pointing skyward) "A loving wife, a mother dear lies buried here"

9. M R (small marker)

10. J R

11. M C R

12. Alford Evans Oct 21 1848 Dec 21 1924 ______ Martha Evans Apr 2 1884 "We will meet again"

13. D S

14. Della wife of HD Story Born June 27 1886 Died Sep 5 1912 (Two hands shaking/clasping)

15. John Wels Born Jn 18 1803 Died No 24 1886 Age 83 Y

16. Malinda Wels Born August 12 1805 Dide August 29 1887 Age 82

17. t 12 1805 Dide August 29 1887 Age 82

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