1910 Clinton County Census - Albany (Microfilm Roll #T624-471)

ED# 61

Enumerated by Charles Brents April/May 1910.

Husband Arick, William 29, Tennesse
Wife Bessie 21, Kentucky
Son Hershul E NR, Kentucky
Mother Annie Arick 60, Tennessee

Husband Armstrong, Edward 63, Tennessee
Wife Rebecca 58, Indiana
Son Thomas 49, Indiana
Daughter Alamay C 29, Tennessee
Boarder Franklin, Henry L. 20, Tennessee

Husband Armstrong, Elmer T. 35, Tennessee
Wife Ada B 32, Kentucky
Daughter Pauline 10, Kentucky
Son James E 08, Kentucky
Daughter Georgia 05, Kentucky
Daughter Roukine M 03, Kentucky
Son Bennett L NR, Kentucky

Husband Armstrong, George E. 32, Kentucky
Wife Annie 28, Kentucky
Son Roy B 10, Kentucky
Son Rosco 08, Kentucky
Daughter Clara Y 05, Kentucky
Son Charles R 04, Kentucky
Daughter Bulah A 02, Kentucky

Husband Armstrong, William A. 40, Indiana
Wife Ida E 35, Kentucky
Son Delmar 17, Kentucky
Daughter Ruby A 15, Kentucky
Son Herschel D 13, Kentucky
Daughter Thelma 12, Kentucky

Husband Beckett, William L. 48, Kentucky
Wife Ella 39, Kentucky

Husband Bledsoe, Steulaw 32, Kentucky
Wife Bernice 28, Tennessee

Husband Bowlen, John 39, Kentucky
Wife Lizzie 37, Kentucky
Son Oscar 19, Kentucky
Daughter Lavea 12, Kentucky
Daughter Pauline 11, Kentucky
Son Alvis 08, Kentucky
Son James 05, Kentucky
Daughter Fannie 03, Kentucky
Daughter Ruby 01, Kentucky

Head of HH Ballenger, Tillda 40, Kentucky
Sister Caroline 38, Kentucky
Sister Dock 35, Kentucky

Husband Ballenger, Franklin M. 56, Kentucky
Son James B 21, Kentucky
Daughter-in-law Dellia 23, Kentucky
Son Robert M 12, Kentucky

Husband Ballenger, Porter 32, Kentucky
Wife Minnie 30, Kentucky
Daughter Lillian 09, Kentucky
Son Vigue 07, Kentucky
Daughter Nellie 05, Kentucky
Son Sam 03, Kentucky
Son Herbert NR, Kentucky

Husband Ballinger, Samuel 26, Kentucky
Wife Bertha 25, Kentucky
Son Walter H 03, Kentucky

Husband Blankenship, Marion 47, Tennessee
Wife Mollie J 45, Tennessee
Daughter Lillian A 20, Tennessee
Son Joseph L 17, Tennessee
Son Daniel M 09, Tennessee
Daughter Mary J 06, Tennessee
Son David E 04, Tennessee

Head of HH Beard, William E.  24, Kentucky
Mother Mary B 59, Kentucky
Sister Lea M 28, Kentucky

Husband Bertram, Alcin A. 63, Kentucky
Wife Rosa B 70, Kentucky

Husband Bertrum, Elza E. 41, Kentucky
Wife Maggie 31, Kentucky
Daughter Vivian 12, Kentucky
Daughter Beartice 10, Kentucky
Son Gordon 07, Kentucky
Daughter Louise 04, Kentucky

Husband Bertram, Prentus 31, Kentucky
Wife Caroliee 30, Kentucky
Daughter Elcie 07, Kentucky
Daughter Nina 02, Kentucky

Husband Brown, Frank 46, Kentucky
Wife Dellia 38, Kentucky
Mother Martha 66, Kentucky

Husband Brents, Charles T. 44, Kentucky
Wife Alice B 43, Kentucky
Son Aurther H 21, Kentucky
Son George O 13, Kentucky
Daughter Sammaria 08, Kentucky

Husband Brummitt, James A. 50, Kentucky
Wife Rilda J 47, Kentucky
Daughter Ermine 21, Kentucky
Son Miller C 16, Kentucky
Son Roy H 11, Kentucky
Son Lewis O 07, Kentucky

Husband Catron, John W. 47, Kentucky
Wife Minnie L 39, Kentucky
Son Edgar P 18, Kentucky
Daughter Nellie E 14, Kentucky
Daughter Willie C 11, Kentucky
Son John W 05, Kentucky
NR June Story 76, Tennessee

Husband Cole, James O. 38, Kentucky
Wife Saraah E 32, Kentucky
Son Willie L 10, Kentucky
Daughter Pearl 07, Kentucky
Son Charles T 04, Kentucky
Daughter Marie E 02, Kentucky

Husband Cowen, Olin O. 26, Kentucky
Wife Della L 20, Kentucky
Daughter Lealia NR, Kentucky

Husband Cowan, Veda E. 24, Kentucky
Wife Effie M 23, Kentucky
Son Willie V 02, Kentucky
Daughter Marie NR, Kentucky

Husband Cummings, James H. 50, Kentucky
Wife Alice A 49, Kentucky
Daughter Clarice 14, Kentucky
Daughter Georgia A 12, Kentucky
Daughter Susie 09, Kentucky
Daughter Virgie 09, Kentucky
Daughter Ruby R 06, Kentucky

Head of HH Carr, Elizabeth 77, Kentucky
NR Myrtie Sheffield 35, Kentucky
NR Sheffield, Dellia 06, Kentucky
NR Sheffield, Jommie 03, Kentucky

Husband Carr, George W. 35, Kentucky
Wife Jusie L 37, Kentucky

Husband Carr, Welby 20, Kentucky
Wife Letha 18, Kentucky

Husband Christie, Calvin W. 23, Kentucky
Wife Elizabeth 28, Kentucky

Husband Duvall, Martin M. 60, Kentucky
Wife Martha Y 51, Kentucky
Daughter Mary G 22, Kentucky
Grandson James H 08, Kentucky

Husband Dabney, Daniel 51, Kentucky
Wife Jennie 45, Kentucky
Daughter Cohen 11, Kentucky
Servant Pittman, Hattie 19, Georgia

Husband Dicken, Thomas 42, Kentucky
Wife Minnie 37, Kentucky
Son Willie 18, Kentucky
Son Chester 15, Kentucky
Son Walter 13, Kentucky
Son Luda 10, Kentucky
Daughter Robert 08, Kentucky
Son Herbert 01, Kentucky

Husband Dicken, William A. 32, Kentucky
Wife Mabel L 29, Kentucky
Son James A 09, Kentucky
Daughter Sue L 05, Kentucky
Son William C 03, Kentucky

Husband Dalton, James B. 34, Kentucky
Wife Sue B 28, Kentucky
Daughter Mary E 06, Kentucky
Daughter Annie M 03, Kentucky

Husband Dalton, Lafayette 60, Tennessee
Wife Elmary 53, Kentucky
Daughter Fannie 20, Kentucky
Servant Milun, Jennie 31, Kentucky

Husband Dalton, Porter P. 32, Kentucky
Wife Letha C 27, Kentucky
Son John L 07, Kentucky

Husband Dillon, Thomas G. 44, Virginia
Wife Mary B 29, Tennessee
Daughter Annie L 03, Kentucky
Son James H NR, Kentucky

Husband Dyer, Lewis P. 58, Kentucky
Wife Angel C 53, Kentucky
Boarder Kogaer, Alice 26, Kentucky

Husband Flowers, James A. 27, Kentucky
Wife Alice 28, Kentucky
Son Delmers 07, Kentucky

Husband Flowers, Marshall B. 25, Kentucky
Wife Mabel L 22, Kentucky
Daughter Alleen M NR, Kentucky
Hired Hand Stockton, Sherman 18, Kentucky

Husband Frogg, Arthur B. 73, Kentucky
Wife Mary J 53, Kentucky
Daughter Ora 28, Kentucky
Son John A 20, Kentucky
Daughter Osha P 17, Kentucky
Daughter Dora B 16, Kentucky
Son Jesse H 11, Kentucky
Boarder Nunn, Willie H. 24, Kentucky

Head of HH Gibson, Josephene 46, Tennessee
Son Hunter 16, Tennessee
Son Willard 10, Tennessee
Daughter Ora I NR, Tennessee
Granddaughter Nannie Hamilton 11, Tennessee

Head of HH Guinn, Anna 53, Kentucky
Daughter Myrtle Marcun 27, Kentucky
Granddaughter Marcum, Jimmie 10, Kentucky
Granddaughter Marcum, Lillie C NR, Kentucky

Husband Gruffey, John 24, Kentucky
Wife Minnie 30, Kentucky
Son Clarence 07, Kentucky
Son Paul 04, Kentucky
Son Phillip NR, Kentucky
Boarder Lutham, Ella 27, Kentucky

Head of HH Greer, Lizzie 52, Tennessee Living Alone

Husband Huff, Charlie P. 42, Kentucky
Wife Ella B 40, Kentucky
Son Rogert A 11, Kentucky
Daughter Mira L 09, Kentucky
Daughter Roxey 06, Kentucky
Mother-in-law Susam Norris 77, Kentucky
Servant Lawson, Francis 53, Tennessee

Husband Huff, John 49, Kentucky
Wife Ella E 43, Kentucky
NR Nannie E Thompkins 37, Kentucky
NR Thompkins, Ermine 16, Kentucky
NR Thompkins, Reed 17, Kentucky
Boarder Cox, Ervah M. 33, Kentucky

Husband Hopkins, William O. 27, Kentucky
Wife Verna L 23, Kentucky
Son Willie O 03, Kentucky

Husband Higginbotham, Robert L. 47, Kentucky
Wife Lizzie 41, Kentucky
Son Hobart Y 13, Kentucky
Son Robert C 11, Kentucky
Daughter Mary E Dyer 18, Kentucky
Son-in-law Thomas H 30, Kentucky
Grandson Glenn H 01, Kentucky

Husband Hudleston, Dornt W. 27, Kentucky
Wife Ethel G 24, Kentucky
Daughter Lousee V 01, Kentucky
Brother Elam G 22, Kentucky

Husband Huddleston, Joh 38, Kentucky
Wife Lucy 40, Kentucky

Husband Hancock, James T. 38, Missouri
Wife Edna E 22, Kentucky
Son Carl W 17, Arkansas
Daughter Georgia M 13, Missouri
Daughter Jessie M 10, Kentucky
Daughter Floy T 06, Kentucky

Husband Hancock, Peato 36, Kentucky
Wife Willie May 36, Kentucky
Daughter Mary 07, Kentucky
Daughter Dora M 04, Kentucky
Son Ben C 02, Kentucky
Daughter Ruvy L NR, Kentucky

Husband Hancock, William C. 44, Kentucky
Wife Mattie 38, Kentucky
Son Gilbert 13, Kentucky
Daughter Ruth 10, Kentucky
Son Pave 08, Kentucky
Son Edgar 05, Kentucky
Daughter Arlee 01, Kentucky

Husband Honeycutt, Edward 23, Kentucky
Wife Ethel 21, Kentucky
Son James NR, Kentucky

Head of HH Hunt, Charlie W. 35, Kentucky
Brother John S. 27, Kentucky

Husband Hunt, Chester A. 28, Kentucky
Wife Elizabeth F 26, Kentucky
Daughter Mary B 03, Kentucky
Son Etelka B 01, Kentucky
Brother-in-law John Dalton 29, Kentucky
Sister-in-law Dalton, Daisie D 23, Kentucky
NR Dalton, Mary C NR, Kentucky

Husband Hurst, John C. 52, Tennessee
Wife Sulina 41, Kentucky
Son John M 22, Tennessee
Son Benj M 15, Tennessee

Husband Jonis, John B. 26, Kentucky
Wife Georgia L 25, Kentucky
Daughter Hettie L 06, Kentucky
Son Walter S 05, Kentucky
Son Alvis R 03, Kentucky
Son Carmel NR, Kentucky

Husband Jarvis, Millard G. 28, Kentucky
Wife Arizona C 28, Kentucky
Daughter Hattie B 06, Kentucky
Daughter Elhie J 04, Kentucky
Son Marvin C 01, Kentucky

Husband Jarvis, Sherrod L. 36, Kentucky
Wife Eorettia 38, Kentucky
Son Otis E 09, Kentucky
Daughter Wilma A 07, Kentucky
Son E Reed 04, Kentucky

Husband Lee, James I. 53, Kentucky
Wife Margaret A. 65, Kentucky

Head of HH Leslie, Elison 86, Kentucky
Son Taylor Z 50, Kentucky
Daughter Caprum 48, Kentucky
Daughter Nannie 46, Kentucky

Husband Lithrell, Thomas M. 56, Kentucky
Wife Nannie B 41, Missouri
Son Moses H 17, Kentucky
Daughter Jessie D 12, Kentucky
Daughter Nila M 11, Kentucky
Daughter Martha 09, Kentucky
Daughter Ruth 06, Kentucky
Daughter Alma 03, Kentucky

Husband Long, Joe G. 42, Kentucky
Wife Ida M 39, Kentucky
Daughter Lucille 17, Kentucky
Son Ed H 11, Kentucky
Son Crit 07, Kentucky
Father-in-law Ben J P Harrison 68, Tennessee

Husband Leanord, Joseph 41, Virginia
Wife Nora B 31, Tennessee
Daughter Thelma V 11, Kentucky
Daughter Pearl W 09, Kentucky
Daughter Mary R 08, Kentucky
Daughter Emma 04, Kentucky
Daughter Louise A 02, Kentucky

Head of HH Leanord, Susan 62, Virginia
Son Ransom 44, Kentucky
Daughter Dellia 26, Kentucky
Granddaughter Lena 13, Kentucky
Granddaughter Bertie 11, Kentucky
Grandson Vanela 05, Kentucky

Husband McKay, Walter R. 28, Pennsylania
Wife Marie E 28, Kentucky
Son Vivian 03, Kentucky

Husband Miler, Benjamin 58, Kentucky
Wife Julia 51, Kentucky
Daughter Fannie E 07, Kentucky

Head of HH Miller, William 62, Kentucky
Son John R 16, Kentucky
Boarder Travis, Ambros 40, Kentucky

Husband Means, Alvis 49, Kentucky
Wife Alcie 37, Kentucky

Husband Muncey, Reubin 73, Virginia
Wife Caroline 43, Tennessee
Daughter Rosa E 06, Kentucky

Husband Moles, George W. 21, Kentucky
Wife Nina 22, Kentucky
Son William P NR, Kentucky

Husband Moles, Lewis J. 30, Kentucky
Wife Emma 19, Kentucky

Husband Mills, Robert H. 84, Kentucky
Wife Bethana 52, Kentucky
Daughter Lena 22, Kentucky
Daughter Gladys 15, Kentucky

Husband Moles, William 28, Tennessee
Wife Della 24, Kentucky
Daughter Ethel 05, Kentucky
Daughter Bulah 04, Kentucky
Son Jesse 02, Kentucky
Daughter Cora NR, Kentucky

Head of HH Marsh, Caroline 48, Kentucky
Son Riley 19, Kentucky
Son Garland 11, Kentucky
Daughter Nora 09, Kentucky
Daughter Fannie 06, Kentucky
Son Curtis 03, Kentucky
Daughter Litha D Wright 16, Kentucky
Granddaughter Lizzie Crabtree 02, Kentucky

Husband Marsh, Finnis 25, Kentucky
Wife Norma 19, Kentucky

Husband Marcum, Ambrose 54, Kentucky
Wife Ora B 36, Kentucky
Daughter Antha 26, Kentucky
Son Willie 13, Kentucky
Son Charlie 11, Kentucky
Son Paul 09, Kentucky
Daughter Ima 03, Kentucky
Son Walter 01, Kentucky
Daughter Mildred NR, Kentucky

Husband Pittman, John D. 32, Kentucky
Wife Minervia 22, Kentucky
Daughter Annadena 03, Kentucky

Head of HH Pittman, Nannie A. 69, Kentucky
Servant Thrasher, Edna 11, Kentucky

Husband Pierce, Elihu G. 34, Kentucky
Wife Luda A 27, Kentucky
Daughter Susan E 02, Kentucky
Mother Susan E 76, Kentucky

Husband Pierce, Frank 52, Kentucky
Wife Margaret 41, Kentucky
Son Belden P 22, Kentucky

Husband Piercy, Granvill H. 62, Kentucky
Wife Mary L 56, Tennessee
Daughter Susan D 21, Washington

Husband Pierce, Guy 25, Kentucky
Wife Etta 26, Kentucky
Son Jesse 05, Kentucky
Son Clifford 03, Kentucky
Son Virgie NR, Kentucky

Husband Piercey, John B. 32, Kentucky
Wife Girtie L 26, Kentucky
Son Robert E 01, Kentucky
Father-in-law David Moles 56, Kentucky

Head of HH Perchie, Sally 62, Kentucky
Daughter Edna 19, Kentucky
Daughter Jennie E 16, Kentucky

Husband Perkins, John F. 32, Kentucky
Wife Sue E 31, Tennessee
Son Lewis W 04, Tennessee
Daughter Ruby N 01, Kentucky

Husband Perkins, William L. 34, Kentucky
Wife Lena K 32, Kentucky
Son Kindrick 12, Kentucky
Daughter Elizabeth L 10, Kentucky
Daughter Virginia T 07, Kentucky
Daughter Ida D 04, Kentucky
Daughter Dorothy 02, Kentucky
Daughter Mary L NR, Kentucky

Head of HH Perdue, Lea A. 58, Kentucky
Daughter Maud Sheffield 33, Kentucky
Granddaughter Monta 13, Kentucky

Husband Stephenson, Marshall 31, Kentucky
Wife Pearl 31, Kentucky
Son Gordrich 07, Kentucky
Son Van 02, Kentucky

Husband Stephenson, Sam F. 34, Kentucky
Wife Burcie 31, Tennessee

Head of HH Stephenson, Thomas 76, Kentucky
Daughter Izora Pigg 26, Kentucky
Son-in-law James H 33, Kentucky
Servant Hopkins, Myrtle 21, Kentucky

Husband Stockton, Colonel 22, Kentucky
Wife Sudea 25, Kentucky
Daughter Lucy NR, Kentucky

Head of HH Story, William L. 60, Kentucky
Sister Amanda J 66, Kentucky
Brother Charles N 70, Kentucky

Husband Sloan, John A. 41, Kentucky
Wife Eula M 36, Kentucky
Daughter Leah E 13, Kentucky
Son John P 11, Kentucky
Son Bruce P 04, Kentucky

Husband Sloan, John 47, Kentucky
Wife Sallie E 30, Kentucky
Son Frank R 18, Kentucky
Son Willie E 16, Kentucky
Son Herbert A 14, Kentucky
Son John M 10, Kentucky
Daughter Munervie 05, Kentucky
Daughter Dora D 03, Kentucky
Son Hansford A NR, Kentucky

Husband Sloan, Leo 37, Kentucky
Wife Ellen 34, Kentucky
Son Alvin 13, Kentucky

Head of HH Sloan, Nannie 64, Kentucky
Daughter Ermma 26, Kentucky

Husband Sloans, Dudley T. 31, Kentucky
Wife Cora 22, Kentucky

Husband Smith, Bennie 53, Kentucky
Wife Elizabeth 55, Kentucky
Granddaughter Lelia Howard 12, Kentucky
Son-in-law John Cowan 27, Kentucky
Daughter Lora 28, Kentucky
Grandson Bennie A 07, Kentucky
Grandson Verbue H 04, Kentucky
Grandson Teddy C 01, Kentucky

Husband Smith, Everett W. 30, Kentucky
Wife Nellie 25, Kentucky
Son Willie H 03, Kentucky
Son Vida R 01, Kentucky

Husband Smith, John I. 29, Kentucky
Wife Bessie I 23, Kentucky
Daughter Opal 02, Kentucky

Husband Smith, Leland 39, Kentucky
Wife Bertha D 26, Kentucky
Son Willard 01, Kentucky

Head of HH Smith, Rinnick 86, Kentucky
Daughter Nannie W 51, Kentucky
Daughter Angie Guthrie 54, Kentucky
Boarder Levis, William E. 30, Kentucky

Husband Smith, Reubin A. 62, Kentucky
Wife Julia R 56, Kentucky
Boarder Campbell, Ella 20, Kentucky

Husband Smith, Simeon G. 43, Kentucky
Wife Mary E 44, Kentucky
Son James Y 20, Kentucky
Daughter Bertha A 18, Kentucky
Daughter Montu E 15, Kentucky
Daughter Nellie E 13, Kentucky
Son Shelby G 09, Kentucky
Daughter-in-law Alzora 20, Kentucky

Husband Smith, Willie 30, Kentucky
Wife Lou R. 22, Tennessee

Husband Travis, Jacob 47, Kentucky
Wife Nannie 48, Kentucky
Daughter Sarah 21, Kentucky
Daughter Wonnie 17, Kentucky
Son Onnus 15, Kentucky
Son Ungene 11, Kentucky
Daughter Ellen 09, Kentucky

Head of HH Thornhill, Sarah 56, Kentucky
Son John H 18, Kentucky
Daughter Willie Ann 10, Kentucky
Father Parker Moles 77, Tennessee
Boarder Brents, Clauda M. 31, Kentucky

Head of HH Vincent, James A. 92, Kentucky
Son Thomas J 71, Kentucky
Daughter-in-law Ida A 46, Kentucky

Husband Wisdom, Elijah 24, Kentucky
Wife Etta 19, Tennessee
Son Kenneth 02, Tennessee
Son Archie G NR, Tennessee

Husband Wallace, James S. 34, Tennessee
Wife Adel D 32, Kentucky
Daughter Dora 14, Kentucky
Son James 11, Kentucky
Son Robert 07, Kentucky
Son Joe 04, Kentucky
Son Claud 02, Kentucky

Husband Wallace, Joseph 24, Kentucky
Wife Susan 18, Kentucky
Daughter Hattie 02, Kentucky
Daughter Alonie NR, Kentucky

Husband Wells, William 67, Kentucky
Wife Virginia B. 65, Kentucky

Head of HH Williams, Thomas B. 50, Kentucky
Son Joe E W 18, Kentucky
Daughter Eula J 15, Kentucky
Daughter Ida G 11, Kentucky
Son Chester M 08, Kentucky
Daughter Minnie A 07, Kentucky
Son Thomas E 04, Kentucky
Servant Branham, Elizabeth 50, Kentucky

Head of HH York, Permelia 57, Tennessee Living Alone

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