Clinton County Civil War Veterans Burial Locations

This compilation was prepared and submitted by Lisa Perry from “Rocks of Ages” by Gary Denton Norris, 1999; Adjutant General’s Report, provided by Bobby Priest; and “A Military History of Clinton County, Kentucky” by the Clinton County Historical Society, 2001. Additional info on Eli Brown provided by Chris Penwell.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death CO Rank Cemetery
Agee, Joseph A. 12-24-1868 1-12-1920 H PVT Agee, Joe
Beck, Lewis 5-?-1828 Aft. 1910 F SGT Davis Chapel
Brown, Claborn 2-24-1833 12-14-1897 H SGT Vitatoe
Brown, Eli 5-10-1811 5-24-1869 H PVT Freedom/Warriner Family
Brown, Ellison 5-?-1850 ?-?-???? H PVT Witham
Brown, Harmon B. 2-?-1828 Aft. 1910 H PVT Witham
Brown, Henry ?-?-???? ?-?-???? H Farrier Cave Springs
Brumley, H.R. ?-?-???? 11-27-1895 E PVT Brumley
Brumley, Robert D. ?-?-???? ?-?-???? E PVT Brumley
Cooksey, James A. 7-9-1844 3-17-1913 F PVT Boils
Davis, Absalom B. 5-2-1841 12-29-1923 E PVT Davis Chapel
Denney, Hiram 12-?-1841 10-7-1888 E PVT Owens, Sam
Dicken, Abner B. 2-?-1844 ?-?-???? H PVT Cave Springs
Dicken, Richard ?-?-???? ?-?-???? F CPL Cave Springs
Dicken, William M. 1-?-1843 Aft. 1870 H PVT Cave Springs
Dickerson, Newton L. ?-?-???? ?-?-???? C PVT Cave Springs
Farr, Martin ?-?-184? Aft. 1910 F PVT Green Grove
Gibbons, Campell M. 5-13-1838 7-30-1904 F SGT Irwin
Goodman, John A. Abt. 1842 3-13-1907 E CPL Pine Grove
Guffey, Jon ?-?-???? ?-?-???? H PVT Cave Springs
Guffey, N.W. ?-?-???? ?-?-???? C PVT Davis Chapel
Guthrie, John 3-?-1838 Aft. 1910 E SGT Guthrie
Hancock, Benjamin F.T. 9-19-1832 4-9-1909 H SGT Albany
Hicks, William W. ?-?-18?? ?-?-???? H PVT Hicks
Hurt, John H. 10-25-1846 4-27-1865 E SGT Hopkins, George
Kilpatrick, William Abt. 1819 ?-?-???? A PVT Lawson
Lawhorn, Noah ?-?-???? ?-?-???? F SGT Lawson
Leslie, Vatchill 7-11-1848 1-6-1929 C PVT Tuggle
Looper, John M. 10-14-1844 3-16-1929 E SGT Albany
Parrigin, Cyrus Booher 10-14-1847 3-13-1941 F PVT Albany
Parrigin, Joseph ?-?-18?? ?-?-???? F PVT Albany
Perdew, James ?-?-???? ?-?-???? E PVT Davis Chapel
Polston, James ?-?-183? Aft. 1910 C   Cave Springs
Ray, Floyd M. 7-13-1844 12-18-1920 G PVT Irwin
Riddle, Fountain R. ?-?-18?? ?-?-???? C PVT Rose of Sharon (Cumberland Co.)
Rigney, Martin 6-4-1843 1-23-1924 D PVT Oak Grove
Rowe, William G. ?-?-???? ?-?-???? H PVT Lawson
Shipley, John F. 12-28-1841 9-30-1920 F PVT Cedar Hill
Sidwell, Jesse 3-?-1832 ?-?-???? H PVT Albany
Smith, William R. 5-15-1844 1-13-1911 F PVT New Bethel
Stearns, Issac C. ?-?-???? ?-?-???? E CPL Cave Springs
Wise, William 1847 Aft. 1910 H PVT Thurman
Witham, John 12-20-1832 9-22-1896 C PVT Grider Dock
Wray, William C. 7-28-1842 2-13-1903 E CPL Albany
Zachary, T.T. 2-21-1847 12-29-1903 H Unk Savage

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