Clinton County Death Records

Surnames beginning with I

This collection of records was compiled from mostly the Social Security Index and the Kentucky Vital Records Department Index. Deaths recorded prior to 1911 have been moved here.

I have added notes in the comment section if the death or residence was listed as having occurred in counties other than Clinton County.  This information was not included in all sources so don't automatically assume that these comments are a complete list.  For example, the Social Security Death Index gives the last home of reference on file - not necessarily where they were when the death occurred.  As my grandmother would have said, "Take it with a grain of salt." Remember, too, that the transcriptionist is not infalable. Always verify information found online against the original records before declaring it "fact".  If you have records to add to this list, please email me and I'll be glad to add them to this list. Likewise, if there are errors in the list, I'll be more than happy to add a note with the correction to the info listed here.


INMAN Norma L. 93 11 May 2001  
INMAN William T. 55 28 May 2006  
IRBY Isabell 30 4 Feb 1933  
IRBY Minnie L. 101 12 Jan 2007  
IRBY Roy A. 84 1 Sep 1986  
IRVIN Elmer B. 69 31 Jan 1966  
IRVIN L.E. 47 6 Nov 2000  
IRVIN Lathas B. 25 28 Apr 1947 Usual residence Russell Co
IRWIN Allen 86 9 Mar 1937  
IRWIN Betty 67 2 Aug 1968 Usual residence Adair Co.
IRWIN Beulah 86 Aug 1993  
IRWIN Burnell 80 Nov 1981  
IRWIN Cameron A. 92 7 or 8 Jul 1992  
IRWIN Dollie 64 Apr 1980  
IRWIN Fount G. 74 14 Mar 1989  
IRWIN Golda L. 79 19 Jan 1981  
IRWIN Ham 84 9 Dec 1966 Usual residence Russell Co
IRWIN Mary E. 78 11 May 1958  
IRWIN Raymond 85-86 23 Sep 2008  
IRWIN Thias 11 25 Apr 1921  
IRWIN Windell C. 60 2 Apr 1986  


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