Deed Book Number "x", April 1877

Pages 499-500.  Special thanks to Robin Poindexter for the transcription of these pages.  She has put all surnames in capital case and left all misspellings as appear in the book.  Anything in parenthesis is a estimate of the actual writing.

Articles of agreement Entered into this 29th day of Nov A.D. 1876. between George SELL of Clinton County and State of Kentucky, of the first part and W. M. WHITE of New Haven, Conn of the second part' Witnesseth; That the part first named in consideration of the sum of one dollar paid by the party second named, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledges; the party first named hereby leases to the party second named his heirs or assigns a certain tract or parcel of land, situated in Clinton County in the State of Kentucky, lying on the waters of Illwill, adjoining the land if Mary DALTON GIBSON vis. (Lum/Lin?) CARTER other. Supposed to contain too [sic] hundred acres, more or less for the term of fifty years from this date and grants the parties second named their heirs or assigns the exclusive right to sink, bore, dig, and mine for oil, salt water, iron, coal, and any precious metals for said term of years and for no other purposes, The party second named are to give to the party first named the one tenth part of any oil, salt water, iron, coal, or precious metals contained therefrom, the party second named their heirs and assigns shall have the right to pass to and from said lands and the use of enough land to preserve the products and shall be at liberty to receive any machinery tools or houses they may need placed thereon when they abandon the same or the lease expires and the right to pay pipe lines the part of the second part further agree to commence operations for oil within one year from the date hereof on at least one well in the county and at no time to have less than one well drilling and prospecting for oil in the county for a space of six months after the first year untill [sic] the territory is fully tested or abandoned or to pay a yearly rental in cash on demand equal to the taxes on said farm and if failing herein the part of the first part may reenter and take possession of the premises by giving thirty days notice in writing to the part of the second part or their assigns as effectually and to all interest and purposes is if this lease had not been granted except the right to lay and operate pipes for the transportation of oil or natural gas on land hereby leased which privilege is hereby granted for and during the term of fifty years from this date, and the party of the second part agree not to operate in one hundred yard of the house now occupied by the party of the first part without his consent. In witness whereof the parties have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written. George SELL {GS} Wm. M. WHITE {GS} Att. R. Y. THRASHER D. J. THRASHER
Kentucky Clinton County Sct. I Jells BURTON clerk of the Clinton county court certify that on the 4th day of April 1877 the foregoing agreement between George SELL and Wm. M. WHITE was produced to me in my office and fully proven before me by the oath of D. J. THRASHER one of the subscribing witnesses thereto who also proven the attestations of R. Y. THRASHER the other subscribing witness hereto to be the act and deed of the said George SELL and Wm. M. WHITE for the purposes therein mentioned, and I have only recorded the same together with their certificate in my office. Given under my hand this 7th day of April 1877.

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