South Central Kentucky Surname Registry
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Submissions to the South Central Kentucky Surname Registry will not be linked directly to the researcher's email address. Rather, it's requested that all participants register their email addresses with The Registry where they are encrypted to make it more difficult for the spam mailbots to obtain and use, and where it makes it easier for your email address to be kept updated. If you have not yet registered your email address, please do so by clicking here where you can read all about The Registry and register your email address now. When you receive your Registry #, return to this page to complete this form.


All submissions for the SCKY Surname Registry should be made by completing the form below. Using this form will ensure that all required info is sent, and that I can identify which Surname Registry you want your names listed in. All entries will be listed as ONLY surnames, not specific individuals. If you want the surnames listed for more than one county, please list them on separate lines. If you need more than the 10 entries below, complete another submission form. Please do not duplicate info that you've already entered on one form, as it only slows down the process of getting the names added.

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Thanks for participating. I hope this will aid you in your search for family.