Clinton County Marriages

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NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Clinton County, KY.

Groom's Name
Bride's Name
Marriage Date
Ayers, James S. Sarah Vianna Hopkins 29 Nov 1876  
Bell, John
Relzie Western 3 January 1886 Marriage bond dated 2 January 1886, Austin Bell as surety. Married by S.J. Hunter, in the presence of O. Hunter and Elizabeth Hunter.
Bell, John S. Margaret J. Guthrie 1 Mar 1877 From Bible of Margaret Guthrie Bell Campbell
Bell, Wade Willette I. Snow 2 Oct 1895 From Bible of Margaret Guthrie Bell Campbell
Brown, Eli Nancy Smith   Marriage bond dated 27 Jan 1878, surety by L.P. Duvall. Attest J.M. Bristow, Clerk and J.C. Hurt, D.C., Clinton Co. Clerk. Marriage Bond #148, Book 4.
Brown, Eli Lizzie Pennycuff 8 Dec 1918 Marriage Bond #22, Book 16, surety by J.L. Carver. Married at Snow, Clinton Co., KY, by L.F. Neathery, J.P.C.C.. Age of husband, 72, widowed, born Clinton Co, parents Mike & Elizabeth Brown. Age of wife, 42, widowed, born Clinton Co, parents Francis Davis and Nancy Ann.
Brown, G.W.
(George Washington)
Martha Stinson 2 Dec 1892 Marriage bond dated 2 Dec 1892, surety by G.W. Guinn. Married at George Guinn's in Clinton Co., George Guinn & Joel Bertram witnesses, marriage performed by H.H. Green, M.G. Marriage Bond #389 or #399 (the number had been written over), Book 8. In the book, the groom's name is recorded as G.M. Brown, but it's very obviously G.W. on the Marriage Certificate.
Brown, George
Ida York 1 December 1887 Marriage bond dated 30 November. Surety by W.N. Booher. Married at A.A. York's in the presence of J.C. York and Harmon Brown, by William Dicken.
Brown, M.R. Polly Summers 24 Jan 1897 Marriage Bond #362, Book 9, with J.R. Riddle as surety. Married at W.M. Shelly's in Clinton Co by W.M. Shelley, M.G., in the presence of Wm. Summers & A.G. Brown.
Brown, Sherrod
Rosina Neal 2 January 1866 Marriage bond dated 2 January 1866, surety by Barney Brumley.
Brown, W.F. Rhoda A. Stinson 31 Mar 1898 Marriage Bond #82, Book 10, with G.W. Brown as surety. Married at C.W. Asberry's in Clinton Co. by C.W. Asberry, M.G., in the presence of J.M. Wright and J.H. Guthrie.
Brumley, William
Liza Brown 11 December 1896 Marriage bond dated 10 December 1896, H.C. Starnes. Married at M.M. Starnes' in Russell County, in the presence of Annanias Malone by M.M. Starnes, MG.
Butram, Alvan Roseya Young   Marriage bond dated 7 May 1864, surety by Riley Livingston. Attest C.P. Gray, D.C. for H.M. Hurt, Clerk; marriage Bond #321, Book 1
Carter, Larkin C.
Millie Neal 9 October 1886 Marriage bond dated 7 October. Thomas R. Ridley as surety. Married at Cumberland City (Clinton County), KY in the presence of L.E. Bowlin and Anderson Malone. Married by R.M. Dick.
Campbell, Delbert C. Flora Christine McCord 20 Nov 1924 From Bible of Margaret Guthrie Bell Campbell
Campbell, Herbert C. Christine Florence 16 Dec 1924 Married in Bourbon County. From Bible of Margaret Guthrie Bell Campbell
Campbell, Johnie A. Mollie C. Bell 4 Feb 1900 From Bible of Margaret Guthrie Bell Campbell
Campbell, Rev. L.G. Margaret J. Bell 2 Jun 1890 From Bible of Margaret Guthrie Bell Campbell

This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated betweel Rev. L.G. Campbell of Albany Landing, KY and mrs. Margaret J. Bell of Cumberland City, KY on the 2nd day of June 1890 at Walnut Grove Church by Rev. Robert F. Mills of Albany, KY.

Witness: Rev. B. Beck

Clark, Daniel Webster Mary Ryan Brown 23 Dec 1916 Married at Davis Chapel Church
Cowan, James S. Maggie Cummings 26 June 1911 Marriage recorded in Clay Co. TN.
Cross, James Wood Serena Carolyn Brown 16 Mar 1858  
Cross, William Dowell Nancy G. Guthrie 20 Jul 1880  
Davis, C.D.
Ida E. Malone 9 September 1885 Marriage bond dated 8 September 1885, surety by W.H. Woodson. Married at David Malone's in the presence of Joseph Marlow and G.M. Guthrie by L.T. York, JP.
Huddleston, Henry
Bell Brown 22 November 1907 Year could be 1902. Permission for Bell Brown to marry given by Miss Mary Brown and Fred Brown, the mother and father.
Hoover, James
Mary W. Malone 4 March 1892 Marriage bond dated 4 March 1892, surety by W.H. Woodson. Married at Angaline Malone's in the presence of Thomas Guthrie and W.H. Woodson, W.R. Woodson & others, by L.G. Campbell, MG.
Johnson, Granville D.
Matilda A. Malone 10 December 1885 Marriage bond dated 9 December 1885, William Wise as surety. Married at John W. Malone's by William Wello, J.C. York witness.
Kelsey, John Zerona Dick 11 Mar 1872 Daughter of Rufus & Perlitha Dick; Thomas Riley, Surety.
Koger, Amos Marshall Margaret E. Davidson 8 Nov 1866 Son of William Frank Koger & Elizabeth Jane Savage.
Koger, Francis Marion Thursey Jane Denny 20 Jul 1859 Son of Andrew J. Koger & Cyrena J.
Koger, William Frank Elizabeth Jane Savage 5 Aug 1860 Son of Francis Marion Koger and Thursey Jane Denny.
Lyons, Edward F. Sue Del Campbell 12 Jun 1955 Married in Bourbon County. From Bible of Margaret Guthrie Bell Campbell
Malone, Anderson
Sarah L. Marlow December 1882 Marriage bond dated 22 December 1882, Joseph Malone as surety. No marriage certificate on file.
Malone, Anderson
Caroline McGuire 3 Apr 1902 Married by John Ballinger, at David Malone's
Malone, Anderson
image of bond
image of certificate
Jessie Buster 5 Jun 1902 Married by W.H. Woodson, county not listed
Malone, Edward
Polly Shelton 13 December 1886 Marriage bond dated 13 December 1886. Anderson Malone as surety. Married by Smith Grider, MBC, in the presence of Anderson Malone and June Duvall.
Malone, J.W.
Mary E. Piercey 28 Jan 1870 Info from Marriage Bond
Malone, Jake
Mattie Vitatoe 23 July 1896 Marriage bond dated 22 July 1886, surety R.C. Vitatoe. Anderson Malone and Lewis Vitatoe as witnesses.
Malone, Joseph M.
Lettie J. Ferrell 17 August 1892 Marriage bond dated 17 August 1892, surety by Alexander Malone. Married at Jane Ferrell's, in the presence of Alex Malone and H.G. York by W.M. Dicken, MG.
Masengale, Alonzo William Upchurch, Mabel Olgia 30 November 1930  
McDermott, John R. Mollie E. Campbell 20 Sep 1920 Married in Bullitt County. From Bible of Margaret Guthrie Bell Campbell
Mogg, George W.
Miss R.P. Marlow 28 August 1890 Marriage bond dated 27 August 1890, Henry Brown as surety. Married at Joseph Malone's by L.G. Campbell.
Moyers, William Alexander Margaret Ann "Maggie" Smith 5 Feb 1891  
Neal, Aaron
Margaret Brown 4 September 1868 Mariage bond dated 4 September 1868, Sherrod Brown as surety. Permission by ELizabeth Neal for Aaron Neal to marry Margaret Brown attested to by Sherrod Brown.
Neal, Eli Garner, Lue Gertrude 2 Mar 1876 Married in Jamestown, KY (Russell County) at W.H. Garner's.
Neathery, Edward Pernie Thomas 25 Jan 1925  
Flowers, J.W. Perdue, Charlotte   Daughter of Ezekiel Perdue
Rathburn, James A. Julia Alice Campbell 21 Jan 1909 From Bible of Margaret Guthrie Bell Campbell
Shelton, Mark Cora Bell 30 Aug 1908 From Bible of Margaret Guthrie Bell Campbell
Shoopman, Wm. Arlena Brown 10 Apr 1910 Marriage Bond #252, Book #13, with surety by J.D. Pitman. Wm. Shoopman born Clinton Co., son of John Shoopman, mother Nancy Moles. Married at Albany, Clinton Co., by J.D. Pitman, J.P., in the presence of Woodson(?) Parrigin, Bessie Piercey, Edna Thrasher and others.
Smith, Lewis E. Malvina Miller 25 Nov 1853  
Starnes, James
Sallie Malone 3 March 1897 Marriage bond dated 3 March 1897, Sampson Starnes as surety.
Tobin, Jim Barbara C. Campbell 7 Apr 1948 Married in Bourbon County. From Bible of Margaret Guthrie Bell Campbell
Upchurch, William Sherman York, Margaret Evelyn 9 Feb 1908  
Wallace, G.W. S. Lusler Ellen Brown 2 Sep 1894 Marriage Bond #74, Book 9. Bond dated 1 Sep 1894, with William Whitehead as surety. Married by Alvin Bertram, M.B.C. (Minister of the Baptist Church), in the presence of James Wallace and Martha Stockton.
Wallace Tommy Wallace 12 Jun 1943 Married in Bourbon County. From Bible of Margaret Guthrie Bell Campbell
Watson, Larkin Edna H. Bell   From Bible of Margaret Guthrie Bell Campbell
Wheeler, Joel Elizabeth Ermine Dick 8 Feb 1872 Elizabeth Dick was daughter of Rufus & Perlitha Dick; his second marriage, her first. He a farmer and born VA, she a school teacher, born KY. Surety: John Stockton
Wray, Daniel
image of bond
image of permission slip
image of certificate
Adaline F. Pennycuff 26 Jul 1860 Bond dated 26 Jul 1860, surety as S.P. Wray (Samuel P. Wray). Permission given by Sarah Wray, mother. Married at John H. Kelsey's, witnessed by I.M. Givins & A.M. Young; married by Wm. Vann and attested by C.P. Gray.
Wray, F.M. (Floyd)
image of bond
Artemy Wheeler 24 Mar 1866 Marriage bond dated 24 Mar 1866, J.C. Crawley as surety. Floyd was the last child of Solomon Wray & Sarah Chapman, Artemy was the daughter of Madison P. Wheeler & Susannah Polston.
Wray, William
image of bond
image of permission slip
image of certificate
Dora Ann Wright 6 Sep 1860 Marriage bond dated 6 Sep 1860, A.J. Latham as surety. Permission given for William C. Wray given by his mother, Sarah Wray. Married at George Brnaham's (Dora Ann's grandfather); witnessed by J.C. Parson and J.R. Wright; married by Wm. Vann, attested by W.A. Russell. (Interestly, the certificate says Dora Ann was about 15, actually she was 1 1/2 months shy of being 14.)
York, Reuben S.
Ida Perdue 12 March 1885 Marriage bond dated 9 March 1885, W.S. Morrison as surety. Married by L.T. York, W.A. Clark and A.M. York as witnesses.

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