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Case of Sarah Brown , No. 253.142


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On this 5th day of November, 1887, at Seventy Six, County of Clinton, State of Kentucky, before me, W. H. Egleton a Special Examiner of the Pension Office, personally appeared W.S. Taylor ~, who being by me first duly sworn to answer truly all interrogatories propounded to him during this Special Examination of aforesaid Pension Claim, deposes and says: : his age is 48, P. O. Rowena, Russell County, Ky., Occupation - Farmer. Was Private of Co. C 32 Ky. Infantry and Private of Co. C 13 Ky. Cavalry.

About the last of December 1864 and Jan. 1865 at Camp Nelson, Ky. Eli Brown was sick and confined to his tent. I went to his tent to see him and he was suffering greatly from a dry cough and fever. I supposed the source to be pneumonia fever. His face was very much flushed indeed, and at times he would spit up considerable matter, then at other times his cough would be a dry hard cough.

I don’t know whether he was discharged at the same time I was or not, but I know he did not come home at the same time I did.

After our discharge I did not see him for about 18 months. But at the end

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of about that period I noticed him and he seemed to be a weakly man. I don’t know that he complained to me but he had a feeble appearance.

Along the fall and winter of 1867 I worked on the Rail Road with him but I don’t know what wages he got, but I know he did not do as much work as some of the men. And I did not consider him able to either. It was in the fall of 1867 that the train run off the track that Eli Brown was on. And although I was not on the same at the time I was on the same a few minutes afterwards. They were running some flat cars down grade and the same run off the track. So I learned but I don’t know whether any of them were thrown off or not. But I got to them just after they got them back on the track and I rode on with them.

I saw Eli Brown setting on one of the cars and I did not see or hear that he or anybody else got injured. They said that it shook them up some but that was all I heard them say about it. I don’t remember that he was laid up and I think he worked on the road right after the accident.

From the time I noticed

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after the war he appeared to be a weakly man and not able to do much, but I don’t remember of his making any particular complaints.

The cause of his death, I understood to be consumption caused by pneumonia fever, which he had while in the service.

The exact date of his death I could not state. But from heresay I understood it was about in 1869 or 1870.

I am not related to the client and I am not interested or biased in the case.

I have testified in the case before and I think that is my handwriting.

~ Please Explain ~

At the time I made that affidavit I remembered the date of Eli Brown’s death and I know the same was put in the affidavit. I had nothing to go by – by which

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to fix the date that I remembered. But you must remember that a man has had time to forget some things since I made that affidavit.

I had nothing by which to fix the date when I made that affidavit that I remember of now.

Q: Have your understood the questions asked you and are your answers to them correctly recorded in this deposition?

A: Yes Sir.


W.S. Taylor


Sworn to and subscribed before me this 5 day of November 1887, and I certify that
the contents were fully made known to deponent before signing.

W. H.Egleton
Special Examiner.


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