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World War 1 Draft Registrations

Surnames Beginning with "D"


tion* 2
Last Name First Name Permanent Address Age DOB Birth place Race Occupation Marital Status Nearest Relative Registration Date Notes
Dalton Ben Harrison Albany, KY 28 9/13/1888 Albany, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Dalton Geo. Washington Albany, KY 21 2/13/1897 Albany, KY   Self employed   J.L. Dalton 6/5/1918  
Dalton George Carter Chaunte, TN 41 7/31/1879   W Farmer Married Miram Dalton (wife) 9/12/1918  
Dalton Jesse B. Albany, KY 21 2/21/1896 Albany, KY W Self employed Single      
Dalton John Curtis Albany, KY 38 9/6/1880   W Farmer   Daisy Dalton 9/12/1918  
Dalton John Sam Albany, KY 30 7/13/1886 Albany, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Dalton Shelby Victor Alpha, KY 35 10/4/1883   W Farmer   Lillie Dalton 9/12/1918  
Daniel John A. Snow, KY 23 2/7/1894 Huntersville, KY W Farming Single   6/5/1917  
Davidson Charley Herlin Albany, KY 26 9/6/1891 Byrdstown, TN W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Davidson Dorsey Marion Albany, KY 20 12/3/1897   W Farm Labor   Pierson Francis Davidson 12/3/1897 Employed by Will Marshall, Nora Springs, IA
Davidson James Haden Shipley, KY 45 11/28/1873   W Farmer   Victoria E. Davidson 9/12/1918  
Davidson Jesse Arch Albany, KY 35 11/1/1883   W Barber   Jesse Davidson 9/12/1918  
Davidson Omer Chaunte, TN 21 8/20/1896 Birdstown, TN W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Davidson Virgil Savage, KY 33 9/10/1885   W Farmer Married Sallie Davidson (wife) 9/12/1918  
Davis Albert Savage, KY 18     W Farm Labor   Jas. Davis (father) 9/12/1918 Employed by Jas. Davis, father.
Davis Charles B. Seventy Six, KY 30 9/7/1886 Rowena, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Davis Claude Albany, KY 27 12/24/1889 Seventy Six, KY W Livestock Dealer, farmer & US mail contractor Married   6/5/1917  
Davis Dan Clearland Albany, KY 26 5/24/1891 Savage, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Davis Floyd Chesley Aaron, KY 18 2/25/1900   W Laborer   Maud Davis 9/12/1918  
Davis John K. Fairland, KY 27 12/20/1889 Seventy Six, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Davis John R. Nora, KY 40 3/9/1873   W Farmer   Nannie Davis 9/12/1918  
Davis John W. Savage, KY 42 3/2/1876   W Farmer Married   9/12/1918  
Davis Oliver P. Nora, KY 20 10/20/1886   W Farmer Married   7/5/1917  
Davis Porter Harrison Narvel, KY 24 2/7/1893 Monticello, KY W Farm Labor Married   6/5/1917 Employed by John Cook, Champaign, IL
Davis Virgil L. Fairland, KY 29 4/9/1888 Seventy Six, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Davis William L. Seventy Six, KY 24 6/12/1892   W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Delk Bates Albany, KY 24 12/15/1892 Palmal, TN W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Delk Oddie Cullen Albany, KY 18 1/15/1900   W Laborer   Laura Delk 9/12/1918 Employed by Laura Delk, Albany, KY
Delk Perk Albany, KY 21 9/15/1895 Palmal, TN W Farmer Single   6/5/1917 Employed by Mrs. Laura Delk, Albany, KY
Denney Henry Neat Watauga, KY 33 9/6/1885   W Trucking, farmer   Bessie E. Denney 9/9/1918 Employed by Maxwell Moter Co., New Castle IN
Denney Hiram Thomas Narvel, KY 21 3/10/1897 Watauga, KY   Self employed   J.W. Denney 6/5/1918  
Denny James William Narvel, KY 41 6/6/1879   W Farmer   Saray J. Denny 9/12/1918  
Denton George Edd Albany, KY 20 11/15/1897   W Farmer   Mary E. Denton 9/12/1918  
Denton Hershal Albany, KY 28 5/25/1880 Albany, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Denton Sam Bell Huntersville, KY 18 12/21/1899   W Laborer   Joe Denton 9/12/1918 Employed by American Can Co., Hoopeston, IL
Denton William L. Albany, KY 25 10/10/1894 Albany, KY W Student - E.K. IN Single   6/5/1917  
Derosett Milton Seventy Six, KY 36 2/2/1882   W Farmer Married Nora Derosett (wife) 9/12/1918  
Derossette Dalton Hunter Narvel, KY 44 5/10/1874   W Farmer   Dollie Derossette 9/12/1918 Employed by Mary Owens, Narvel, KY
Dick Cyrus Menifee Narvel, KY 18 11/4/1898   W Farming   Mary C. Dick 9/12/2012 Employed by J.B. Dick, Narvel, KY
Dick Edmonund H. Cumberland City, KY 28 1/29/1889 Cumberland City, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Dick Rufus King Marlow, KY 35 6/19/1893   W Farming   Mary C. Dick 9/12/1918 Employed by Edd Dick, Marlow, KY
Dicken Addison R. Aaron, KY 25 2/8/1892 Aaron, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Dicken Ben Hubert Albany, KY 28 2/4/1889 Albany, KY W Salesman Married   6/5/1917 Not employed at the present
Dicken Chester Wilby Albany, KY 21 1/1/1896 Albany, KY W Teamster Single   6/5/1917 Employed by W.G. Armstrong, Albany, KY
Dicken Francis Alex Ida, KY 21 2/1/1897 Ida, KY       Hart Dicken, Ida KY 6/5/1918 Employed by Ed Luttrell, Ida, KY
Dicken Frank Marion Aaron, KY 34 11/2/1883   W Laborer   Mollie Dicken 9/12/1918 Employed by Frank Bell, Tercoat, KY
Dicken Isaac Almarine Aaron, KY 40 10/15/1878   W Labor   Dora Dicken 9/12/1918  
Dicken James Arthur Albany, KY 18 8/18/1900   W Student   W.A. Dicken 9/12/1918  
Dicken James Marvin Aaron, KY 19 9/5/1891   W Labor   Leantha Dicken 9/12/1918  
Dicken James Virgil Aaron, KY 18 8/26/1900   W Farmer   H.J. Dicken (father) 9/12/1918  
Dicken Johney O. Aaron, KY 21 5/13/1896 Aaron, KY W School Teacher & Farmer Single   6/5/1917 Employed by the state of KY
Dicken Lewis Allen Ida, KY 36 1/20/1882   W Farmer Married Esther Dicken (wife) 9/12/1918 Employed by W.H. Summers, Ida, KY
Dicken Lewis L. Aaron, KY 23 1/29/1894 Aaron, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Dicken Oscar Levi Aaron, KY 18 3/24/1899   W Labor   L. Dicken 9/12/1918  
Dicken Richard Alfred Aaron, KY 33 10/25/1884   W Labor   Avo Dicken 9/12/1918  
Dicken Richard Jefferson Aaron, KY 37 5/30/1881   W Farmer   Ethel Dicken 9/12/1918  
Dicken Robert Desda, KY 25 5/1/1892 Desda, KY W Farm Labor Single   6/5/1917 Employed by Granville Cash, Cumberland City, KY
Dicken Sampson W. Aaron, KY 22 2/4/1895 Seventy Six, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Dicken Walter Albany, KY 18 12/24/1899   W Panning Cane   Thomas J. Dicken 9/25/1918 Employed by Hoopeston Canning Co., Hoopeston , IL
Dicken William Arthur Albany, KY 40 11/5/1877   W Banker   Mabel Dicken 9/12/1918 Employed by Citizens Bank of Albany, Albany KY
Dicken William E. Ida, KY 22 10/28/1894 Seventy Six, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Dicken William Henry Tearcoat, KY 38 12/12/1879   W Farmer   Ressie Dicken 9/12/1918  
Dicken William Stanton Forest College, KY 39 9/17/1878   W Farmer Married Mary E. Dicken (wife) 9/12/1918  
Dicken Willie Lee Albany, KY 24 9/30/1892 Albany, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Dickerson Jasper Aaron, KY 22 3/19/1895 Aaron, KY W Farm Labor Single   6/5/1917 Employed by R.I. Luttrell, Clinton Co., KY
Dickerson Joe B. Osco, KY 27 10/1/1889 Mullentown, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Dickerson Vernon L. Osco, KY 21 7/9/1896 Osco, KY       James Dickerson 6/5/1918 Employed by W.P. Cook, Osco KY
Dickerson Walter Aaron, KY 19 10/15/1898   W Laborer   Frank Dickerson 9/12/1918  
Dishman James Smiley Forest College, KY 18 5/10/1900   W Farming   C.W. Dishman (father) 9/12/1918 Employed by C.W. Dishman, Forest Cottage, Cumberland Co., KY
Dowell James Henry Albany, KY 18 11/18/1899   W Laborer   S.W. Dowell 9/12/1918 Employed by S.W. Dowell, Albany, KY
Dowell Scott Winfrey Albany, KY 33 1/28/1884   W Farmer Married Olda Dowell (wife) 9/12/1918  
Dowell Thomas Albany, KY 26 5/15/1891 Albany, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Dowell Ulysses Grant Albany, KY 42 12/25/1875   W Farmer   Martha E. Dowell 9/12/1918  
Dowell William Garnett Albany, KY 41 10/16/1877   W Farmer Married Ada Dowell (wife) 9/12/1918  
Dowell William McKinley Albany, KY 18 2/2/1900   W Farm Labor   Grant Dowell 9/12/1918 Employed by Grant Dowell, Albany, KY
Dullaney Martin Leo Huntersville, KY 21 4/15/1896 Byrdstown, TN W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Duncan William Hays Watauga, KY 41 11/29/1876   W Farm Labor   Dakota Duncan 9/12/1918 Employed by O.O. Anderson, Watauga, KY
Duvall Charlie Perkins Browns Crossroads, Ky 33 4/18/1885   W Farming   J.S. Duvall 9/12/1918 Employed by Ada Snow, Tearcoat, Ky
Duvall Edmon W. Savage, KY 45 3/7/1873   W Farmer Married   9/12/1918  
Duvall Frank Shelby Browns Crossroads, Ky 24 9/10/1892 Brown's Crossroads, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Duvall Glouis Perry Savage, KY 30 6/23/1887 Savage, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Duvall John Alexander Wago, KY 26 7/9/1890 Brown's Crossroads, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Duvall Porter B. Savage, KY 19 5/1/1899   W Farm Labor   Ed Duvall 9/12/1918 Employed by Ed Duvall, Savage, KY
Duvall Porter L. Savage, KY 36 4/25/1882   W Farm Labor Married   9/12/1918 Employed by Lewis P. Duvall Clinton Co., KY
Duvall Sam Preston Savage, KY 37 4/8/1881   W Farmer Married Rosa Duvall (wife) 9/12/1918  
Duvall Will Ed Savage, KY 33 4/16/1885   W Farm Labor Married   9/12/1918 Employed by J.T. Owens, Clinton Co., KY
Duvall William J. Savage, KY 33 12/8/1884   W Farm Labor   Betty Duvall (mother) 9/12/1918 Employed by L.P. Duvall, Savage, KY
Duvall William Perry Browns Crossroads, Ky 29 1/10/1888 Brown's Crossroads, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Dyer James Franklin Albany, KY 26 6/27/1891 Savage, KY W Pharmacist Single   6/5/1917  
Dyer Joseph Pleas Albany, KY 34 3/9/1884   W Practicing Physician   Mrs. Bettie Dyer 9/12/1918  
Dyer Oscar Lee Albany, KY 23 4/13/1895 Savage, KY W Salesman Single   6/5/1917 Employed by Armstrong & Miller, Clinton Co., KY
Dyer Thomas Harlen Albany, KY 38 10/21/1879   W Head Cashier   Mary E. Dyer 9/12/1918 Employed by Citizens Bank of Albany, Albany KY



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