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World War 1 Draft Registrations

Surnames Beginning with "F"


Last Name First Name Permanent Address Age DOB Birth place Race Occupation Marital Status Nearest Relative Registration Date Notes
Fairchild Eugine Vasco Savage, KY 24 6/14/1891 Sunny Brook, KY W Farming Married   6/5/1917  
Fairchild Joel Herbert Rolan, KY 21 8/26/1897   W Farmer Married Nora Fairchild (wife) 9/12/1918  
Farmer Edy T. Shipley, KY 21 6/9/1895 Shipley, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Farmer Frank   29 8/8/1889 Shipley, KY W Teamster Married   6/5/1917  
Felkins Nathan Sherdy Albany, KY 23 1/5/1894 Albany, KY W Farmer Married   6/./1917  
Felkins Olney Allen Albany, KY 19 9/25/1898   W Laborer   J.W. Felkins 9/12/1918 Employed by J.W. Felkins, Albany, KY
Ferell William Albert Savage, KY 27 8/7/1890 Ilwill, KY W Farming Married   6/5/1917 Employed by L.P. Duvall, Savage, KY
Ferguson Charles Hamilton Hegira, KY 42 9/10/1876   W Gun Smith   Mary Francis Ferguson 9/12/1918  
Ferguson Chester Blain Seventy Six, KY 18 2/5/1900   W Farming   J.A. Ferguson (father) 9/12/1918  
Ferguson Daniel Boone Albany, KY 33 9/4/1885   W Farmer   Lucy Ferguson 9/12/1918  
Ferguson Frank C. Wago, KY 27 4/30/1890 Wago, KY W Laborer Single   6/5/1917 Employed by Maxwell Motor Co., New Castle, IN
Ferguson George Granville Snow, KY 21 2/5/1897 Snow, KY   Self employed   Zula Estil Ferguson 6/5/1918  
Ferguson George Hamilton Wago, KY 35 7/4/1883   W Farmer   Ellen Ferguson 9/12/1918  
Ferguson James Elijah Ida, KY 33 5/6/1886   W Farmer Married Mary Ferguson (wife) 9/12/1918  
Ferguson Jessie Herbert Albany, KY 27 9/10/1889 Albany, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Ferguson John Allen Seventy Six, KY 44 2/16/1874   W Farmer Married Sarah F. Ferguson (wife) 9/12/1918  
Ferguson John Pitts Frogue, KY 45 7/15/1873   W Farmer Married Parlie Ferguson (wife) 9/12/1918  
Ferguson Richard Desda, KY 41 3/15/1877   W Laborer   Martha Agee 9/12/1918  
Ferguson Richard L. Ida, KY 22 1/18/1895 Ida, KY W Farming Married   6/5/1917  
Ferguson Samuel P. Upchurch, KY 18 4/27/1894 Upchurch, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Ferguson William Albany, KY 19 5/./1899   W Farmer   Rebecca Ferguson 9/12/1918  
Ferguson William Brooks Albany, KY 30 7/27/1889 Albany, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1918  
Ferguson William Edgar Wago, KY 41 9/9/1877   W Farmer   Mary Ferguson (daughter) 9/12/1918  
Ferguson William L. Upchurch, KY 26 12/14/1891 Upchurch, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Ferrel Ed Savage, KY 19 9/9/1899   W Farm Labor Married   9/12/1918 Employed by Lewis P. Duvall, Savage, KY
Ferrel Homer O. Albany, KY 19 10/27/1898   W Telegraph Lineman   Leona Linsey (mother) 9/12/1918 Employed by Illinois Central Rail Road Co., Gilman IL
Fitzgerald James E. Chaunte, TN 22 7/14/1895 Albany, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Fitzgerald Lonal Delmer Chaunte, TN 19 9/7/1899   W Farmer   Alice Rigney (mother) 9/12/1918  
Fitzgerald Peter Chaunte, TN 37 5/1/1881   W Laborer   Alice Rigney (sister) 9/12/1918  
Flowers Bryson Rolan, KY 19 8/20/1899   W Farmer   Will Flowers (father) 9/12/1918 Employed by father, Rolan, KY
Flowers Columbus C. Rolan, KY 32 3/15/1886   W Farmer Married   9/12/1918  
Flowers Curtis Everett Rolan, KY 24 7/2/1893 Roland, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Flowers George Albert Savage, KY 28 5/13/1889 Roland, KY W Farmer Single   6/5/1917  
Flowers Henry Landen Hobart, KY 32 1/24/1886   W Farmer Married Myra Lena Flowers (wife) 9/12/1918  
Flowers James Albert Albany, KY 36 5/11/1882   W Circuit Court Clerk Married Alice Flowers (wife) 9/12/1918  
Flowers Jerry Wilson Hobart, KY 36 4/5/1882   W Farmer Married Nettie Lela Flowers (wife) 9/12/1918  
Flowers Mint Harrison Savage, KY 29 9/9/1888 Savage, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Flowers Oplis Rolan, KY 21 11/28/1896 Roland, KY   Self employed Married Florrie Flowers (wife)    
Flowers William Sherman Rolan, KY 39 11/3/1878   W Farmer Married   9/12/1918  
Foster Henry Ted Savage, KY 21 11/2/1896 Upchurch, KY   Self employed   John B. Foster 6/5/1918  
Fowler James Allen Watauga, KY 19 4/23/1899   W Farm Labor Married Ellen Fowler (wife) 9/12/1918 Employed by A.L. Upchurch, Upchurch, KY
Franklin George Washington Cartwright, KY 43 6/17/1875   W Farm Labor   Netha Franklin 9/12/1918 Employed by Lewis Vitatoe, Cartwright, KY
Frogge Jesse Hobart Albany, KY 20 7/1/1898   W Clerk   A.R. Frogge 9/12/1918 Not employed at the present
Frogge John Andrew Albany, KY 27 10/21/1889 Savage, KY W Civil Engineer Married   6/5/1917 Employed in McCracken Co., KY
Frogge William Arthur Seventy Six, KY 33 7/6/1885   W Physician Married Laura Frogge (wife) 9/12/1918  
Frost James Thompson Albany, KY 32 3/28/1886   W Tool Dresser   Lila Frost 9/9/1918 Employed by Winn & Walton, Lee Co., KY
Frost Lafe Gap Creek, KY 24 2/28/1893 Gap Creek, KY W Farmer Married   6/5/1917  
Frost Willie Gap Creek, KY 34 9/28/1883   W Farmer Married   9/12/1918  



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